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Breathtaking seaside art gallery thinks differently

You may be forgiven for thinking that the extent of Llandudno’s cultural offerings are a session of Punch and Judy on the promenade or a festive pantomime, but this is all about thinking differently – and rest assured, that is exactly what this Welsh arts venue are very good at. Behind the exquisite terracota façade of an imposing turn of the 20th century building lies MOSTYN, Wales’ leading contemporary art gallery and – thanks to a 2010 extension by EllisWilliams Architects – one of the UK’s most architecturally alluring.

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Ubiquitous garden furniture with bags of personality

Bert Loeschner is another designer imbuing chairs with human characteristics – but for Bert, it’s less about what they are like and more about what they might do: “The Monobloc Project is about the question of what the ubiquitous garden chair would do if it could.

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Artists blow hot air at temporary Hong Kong sculpture park

Mobile M+: Inflation! is only around until 9th June but is part of Mobile M+, a wider programme of ‘nomadic’ exhibitions and events curated by the city’s major new arts venue M+, which is scheduled to open late-2017. Catch them while you can.

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Photographer making the very most of his unique collection

Everyone collects something, no matter how menial – and yes, your bottle top collection is menial. But then most collections would seem humble in comparison to London-based photographer Antony Nobilo‘s stockpile of over 300 (and counting) vintage cameras. And probably a lot less relevant; Nobilo’s fixation seeing the light of day in a contemporary climate where analogue photography holds much significance.

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Cover Story

It’s a popular criticism of art that it takes itself too seriously – not a charge that can be levelled at illustrator Jack Hudson and set/prop-design magicians Lord Whitney regarding their project Mock ‘N’ Roll. Inspired by famous album covers from the hallowed library of rock greats, the trio has produced its own pastiche covers, which have in turn provided the inspiration for a collection of modern bands and musicians to write new music for the fictional albums.

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Scorsese: A Tribute Art Show

Curated by San Francisco’s Spoke Art gallery but (don’t panic) set, naturally, in New York; Scorsese: A Tribute Art Show runs this weekend only, 19th – 21st April, at Chelsea’s Bold Hype Gallery. If you’re in town, get yourselves along this weekend. Capisce?

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Catch a dose of Lynnie Zulu’s Jungle Fever

One can almost taste the flavours, feel the heat, hear the pulsating beat of the exotic climes from which Lynnie Zulu‘s art takes it’s inspiration – Jungle Fever is a collection rich in tribal imagery, fruit and flowers, bold colours and shapes frame emerging faces with their enigmatic expressions, some laconic, some energetic. The African queen of jazzy graphics, whose ties with Tanzania strongly influence her work, will show her latest offerings at the London pop-up gallery Something in the Attic, accompanied by a live soundtrack especially programmed by DJ Nick Hadfield for the two-day event.

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Artist toying with cartoons, comic books, soft porn and gore

Mark Mulroney is an artist who dances through genres of comic book art, runs naked through your most disturbed fantasies and exposes himself to you like a dirty old pervert in a mac. An eclectic vision of rudeness, bloodied scenes of cartoon-violence and dextrous skills – Mulroney manages to subvert the mediums he draws from, whilst still contributing to their heritage; it’s dizzying stuff and utterly brilliant at every surprising turn.

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Historical capital shows its progressive side

The building stretches from the Aniene river to Via di Pietralata covering 3,500sqm, and the space is far more multifunctional and versatile than its vast area suggests. Offering a music venue of the most contemporary kind, and a performing arts centre, the mill introduced the impressive Lanificio Cucina restaurant in 2011 and most recently unveiled an exhibition centre and an urban garden; the latter will feed back into the Cucina as part of its efforts to maximize zero-kilometre produce – even edible Roman flowers are being used in some dishes. Our pictures show that Lanificio, while boasting impressive modern design, has also not forgotten that sense of history and classic elegance which makes Rome such a special place.

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Dizzying fusion of styles strung together with non-conformist swagger

Toronto-based artist Thrush Holmes bounces from medium to medium like the pretty but drunk girl at a party; unsteady on her shiny designer stilettos she crashes through a table full of drinks with all the grace of a baby’s first steps – but still manages to carry off her beauty. Holmes’ array of styles and practices are the unfortunate drinks, cascading into the laps of the sober party-goers. In short, this artist’s multidisciplinary work is frantic, dizzying, eclectic… beautiful.

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Workaholic designer-cum-artist crafts elegant melancholy

London-based Toronto kid Anthony Gerace may well be able to keep a small South American country’s economy alive single-handedly through coffee consumption alone, such is the magnitude of this inspiring creative’s work addiction. Seemingly of the same belief as a certain Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, that sleep is indeed the cousin of death – Gerace combines graphic design with prolific collage-making and stunning, plaintive photography to form a creative arsenal that fire’s on many fronts.

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Restoration project gives new life to traditional beach bungalow

CasasNaAreia, under the Welcome Beyond luxury accommodation umbrella, now has a more natural feel thanks to the addition of local wood and other materials to the original stone. Among the surrounding features the authorities are so keen to protect are panoramic rice paddies, a pine forest, and an estuary boasting flamingos and dolphins. A castaway idyll just a stone’s skim from a European capital city? A natural choice.

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Visiting the extraordinary world of a salvage-art superman

When, at age 14, you are enticing birds onto your property with your own hand-built houses and performing your own taxidermy, there’s probably only three likely paths your professional life will take. Multi-faceted artist, taxidermist or serial killer – luckily for humanity, Butch Anthony chose the former.

Despite the laid-back southern drawl and easy manner, Anthony is a whirlwind of creative energy. The first house he built on his grandfather’s property, a small log-cabin in Seale, Alabama, later became his shop. He knocked together his current home from stone and the timber from an old cotton mill, as well as salvage from dumpster and forest alike, over 20 years as an escape space from the myriad creations which have accumulated and now threaten to overwhelm the shop-cum-museum. Black Rat Projects in London recently held an exhibition of his faux x-ray painting series, called Interwangleism, representing just one branch of his prolific output.

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Image-terrorists mock corporate tedium with brilliant results…

Well, those painfully glossy interpretations of modern living are the stuff stock library proprietors’ dreams (and young graphic designers’ nightmares) are made of. Enter the image-terrorists behind DIS Magazine, an influential ‘post-internet’ publication/website that serves as a provocative sneer towards modern product and image making; the subversive agitators turning their inciting attentions to the world of image libraries with the launch of DIS Images.

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Dynamic set of vintage posters celebrates 150 years of The Tube…

As well as the obvious visual style of the poster artwork, another aspect of interest to students of graphic design and language is the latter’s changing use over the years. We see instructions on etiquette move from pleading politeness to the bluntness of imperative verbs. Older posters credit their readers with a greater attention span too, generally using more words and greater complexity of grammar. See Poster Art 150 at London Transport Museum before 27th October. Please.

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