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Sewing thread card style handmade business card


Limited Edition Sewing Thread Card style handmade business cards designed by Burak Kaynak for Montreal-based fashion label Matière Noire Studio.

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Wang2Mu is a Guangzhou-based illustrator known for his signature ballpoint pen style. Using only the colors red and blue, Wang2Mu commonly explores themes of childhood nostalgia, as well as Guangzhou’s domestic culture.

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Salami Notes by Doiy

Salami notes is 1.000 notes memo block composed with the paper slices of salami. A real visual delicacy for gastronomy lovers.

Colorful Socks with Geometric Designs

Inspired by the colours and free spirit of balloons, Ballonet Socks is here to uplift your soul and mood with striking colours!

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PLAYWHO – Social Discovery and Design Sales

The has been completely redesigned and now features daily design sales with hand-picked products from grea designers. Every day Playwho will feature a number of designers with a wide range of products from different categories.

El Turco Digital – Business Cards

El Turco Digital is an Istanbul based creative studio. They’re “Analogue people in a Digital World.”. They cut, paste, draw, hack, and create really inspiring stuff. Check out how they designed their new business card.

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Sunnyside – Egg Shaper by Avihai Shurin

If you are looking for a new way to prepare sunny side eggs, say hi to designer Avihai Shurin who designed this awesome Egg Shaper that lets you create a shining sun through clouds.

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Free Responsive WordPress Theme for Creative People

Workality Free WordPress Theme
Workality is a free responsive wordpress theme that provides a powerful way to showcase creative portfolios. It’s ideal for any creative person or digital agency. It’s a responsive theme that images, videos, and text will scale down gracefully to iPad, iPhone and all mobile devices.

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NoteEco – Organic Notebooks

Arwey – Looks & Books

Arwey hand-picks the most matching looks with their notebook collection.

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Instagram Logo Mascot Toy Design

Mosstika Urban Greenery

Mosstika Urban Greenery is a NYC based collective of eco-minded street artists, using gorilla tactics to evoke the call of man back to nature.

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Sliced Bread Notebook

It’s a set of 12 notepads all packaged together to look like a loaf of bread. You can use a different notebook each month for one year. Each delicious slice has number on it. (1 to 12). The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!

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Magda Sayeg – Knit Graffiti

Magda Sayeg has been knitting since she was a kid, but it wasn’t until 2005 that she knit her first graffiti: a small cozy for the door handle of her Houston boutique, Raye. Soon after, she founded Knitta Please, the knit graffiti group credited with spawning the international yarn bombing movement.

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Product Design of the 60’s and 70’s