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25+ Photography WordPress Themes

This is a collection of 25+ high-quality photography WordPress themes for photographers, photo bloggers and artists. The themes have been designed to serve the specific needs of the photographer. Some of them are fully-featured website solutions, while others are more lightweight and allow you more flexibility to add your own functionality with plugins as you see fit. All the themes are from well-established theme shops and authors.


Best Magazine WordPress Themes

This collection represents the best magazine style WordPress themes. Although there are plenty of such themes on the market, some of them are better than others. A few are outstanding; the majority are not. In order to make finding a great magazine WordPress theme easier we have created this gallery. It is important to note that the themes are not listed in any particular order; rather, they are the best you can buy at the time of writing.


20+ Parallax Scrolling WordPress Themes

Parallax scrolling WordPress themes, a little like one page themes, are hot right now in the world of theme design. Will they still be hot next year, which isn’t so far away now? Who knows. All we know is, at this moment in time, there isn’t a design that packs more of a ‘wow’ factor than a parallax scrolling one. Combine the parallax trend with the one page trend, as some of the themes in this collection do, and you have a cool theme indeed. So if you need to impress with your design skills: if you’re a web designer, creative agency, artist or photographer, for example, we would urge you to consider a parallax scrolling theme.


30+ Tumblr-Style WordPress Themes

Tumblr, for those of you who don’t know, is a microblogging platform that allows users to post micro-blogs in a wide variety of multimedia formats, such as video and audio. Tumblr is also a social network of sorts. Users can follow each other as well as comment on people’s content.

This collection of Tumblr-style WordPress themes is for those who want to combine the look and feel of Tumblr with the ease of use and versatility of WordPress, the most popular CMS on the planet. There should be something here for all tastes. Enjoy!


22 of the Best Pinterest-Style WordPress Themes

This collection of 22 of the best Pinterest-style WordPress themes, premium and free, will help you create a website that mimics one of the biggest social networks online in a matter of minutes. Whether you want to re-create just the look and feel of Pinterest, with its grid layout and long pages of posts, or the community functionality as well, by allowing users to login and create their own boards, you’ll find something among the themes listed to suit your needs. Enjoy!

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10 of the Best Landing Page WordPress Themes

Landing pages, also known as sales pages, are used by marketers to promote and sell a single product (app, ebook, etc.) or service. Sometimes they are used to promote an event. Traditionally, landing pages have been coded in HTML, which makes sense because the content has tended to be static, but now more and more WordPress landing page themes are appearing, which are capable of so much more. Here are 10 of the best.

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10+ Event WordPress Themes

Creating a website you can use to manage events has never been easier. We’ve put together a collection of 13 of the best event WordPress themes which not only look great, but come with useful features such as the ability to sell tickets to your event from your website or collect email addresses to keep people informed about changes to the schedule.

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10 of the Best Web Hosting WordPress Themes

The reseller hosting industry is a lucrative one to get into, but attracting clients can be tricky if you don’t have a professional-looking website. Here are 10 of the best web hosting WordPress themes to help you turn more visitors into customers.

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27 Restaurant WordPress Themes

This is a collection of 27 of the best restaurant WordPress themes. If run a business today, it goes without saying that you need a website. This applies especially if you own a food business such as a restaurant because it’s the type of business people will search for online before visiting. When choosing a template, look out for restaurant-specific features such as reservation systems (so customers can book tables online), Google maps support (so customers can find you), menu page templates (for displaying your menus), and more.

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20 of the Best One Page Portfolio WordPress Themes

This is a collection of 20 of the best one page portfolio WordPress themes. If you’re a web designer or design agency, there’s no easier way to say ‘on trend’. They provide an engaging user experience, too. Continue »

Best WordPress Themes for Food Blogs & Recipes


If you love good food and want to start your own food blog, then this post is for you because we’ve compiled a list of the best WordPress themes for food blogs and recipes. Many of the themes have features which will help you run your food website, such as recipe templates and plugin support. Picture galleries and sliders for displaying photos of your delicious dishes also feature heavily. Bon appetit!


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Best WordPress Themes for Architects

Architecture WordPress themes tend to have a few things in common. One of them is the presence of a portfolio, which makes sense: architects want to impress potential clients with examples of their best work. Another is a minimalist design. Here we present a collection of the best WordPress themes for architects, any of which would make a great choice for you or your client.



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10 of the Best Salon & Spa WordPress Themes

Many of the themes in this niche, the health & beauty niche, come with special features designed to make managing your website (spa or salon website, in this case) easier. Features such as booking systems and staff pages. Have a browse through our list of the best salon & spa WordPress themes and see if anything catches your eye. Enjoy!

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11 Best WordPress Review Themes

review it elegant themes

Review sites are very popular, and when done properly, they can add a lot of value. No matter what it is you wish to review, whether it’s music, books, movies, restaurants, TV shows, or something else entirely, this list of the best WordPress review themes should help you get your site started.

the reviewer theme

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12 of the Best Health & Medical WordPress Themes


Maybe you’re a web designer and you have a client who is a doctor or dentist, or other health professional. Maybe you work in the medical industry yourself or maybe you have an interest in a medicine that you want to blog about. Whatever the reason you want to start a health and medical website, picking a theme for the right price and with the right features, look and feel is critical. Which is why we’re brought together the best medical WordPress themes in one post. Enjoy!



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