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“a new world”

“A new world” 20-13 is an experimental artwork/illustration from Tobias van Schneider with some free additional wallpapers for your mobile devices.

You can see the full project here.

You can see the full project on Behance.

“I love the quiet of the nighttime” Mixtape

Part II of “I love the quiet of the nighttime” Mixtape by Tobias van Schneider is now online at
Listen to it here on Mixtape – I love the quiet of the nighttime

New Mixtape from Tobias van Schneider is now online.

the cake is a lie

in memory of the game “portal” – this poster

Montan University Leoben Building

The 1970’s lecture hall building of the Montanuniversity Leoben has been extensively refurbished to meet current standards. In addition to an enrgy refit, the uprading of the whole building technology and adaption to suit the needs of the physically disadvantaged the building’s range of functions was extended.

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Office Loft F27 by Schlosser + Partner

WoW, this is a really nice office architecture from Schlosser + Partner – Check this out:

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Designcontest Springfestival – Festival for electronic art & music

For all awesome Designers out there who love electronic art & music – This is really cool!

Win Trip to Graz (from EU) + 3 nights in a hotel (breakfast included) + Festivalticket
+ 1 T-Shirt (your design) + 5x discount coupons for bio cotton tees on
(19.00 Euro instead of 29.00) and more!

Get more Information here:

The building NIK

Really nice project from Atelier Thomas Pucher & Alfred Bramberger
Based on the clear steel framed structure with light weight wall panels, a multifaceted playful facade with clear vertical alignments appears. The closed elements on the façade have a gold glimmering appearance and can accommodate shelves or archives on the interior. The height of the building adapts with the surrounding buildings and mediates between a high -density area and an open space.

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MP09 Black Panther Architecture

Really nice project from austrian/graz architects GSarchitects.

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The new Gerngross!


a color-changing wall graphic
Colors of light (RGB) interact with colors of print (CMYK). Careful combination of these two color systems can transform static printed graphic elements into an animated, dynamic interaction. New structures and visual coherences are created by the interplay of light color and surface / object color.

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Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra in Warsaw

ATELIER THOMAS PUCHER has won the international competition for the new seat of the world renowned Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra in Warsaw. The 20.000m² cultural centre is housed on the site of a former Veterinary Institute with existing – yet asleep – buildings and a fairy tale park. The centre inhabits a 1.800 seat symphonic hall with world class acoustic properties, large rehearsal areas, merchandise facilities, musical workshops and a small hotel for artists in residence and music lovers on vacation.

Splitterwerk FrogQueen Architecture

The Graz-based design collective SPLITTERWERK was commissioned to design this headquarters building for PRISMA Engineering, a machine and motor technology company also located in Graz(Styria) Austria.

The building form approximates a cube, measuring 18.125 x 18.125 x 17m, wrapped on all four elevations with a pixilated pattern of square panels. From a distance, these panels appear to be painted in a range of ten values of grey tone, together dematerializing the volume of the building against both the trees of the surrounding site and the clouds and sky. Thus the cubic building is at once monumental in its objecthood in the open landscape – scale-less and immaterial – and yet utterly non-iconographic in its overall form.

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les Avignons ImageCards

les Avignons ImageCards – Part of a Stationery
Printed on Gmund Black Paper (silk screen, Pantone Cool Grey + a bit white)

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Baufeld10 Harbourcity Hamburg by LOVE architecture

nice project from LOVE architecture – See Pictures >
Architects: LOVE architecture & urbanism ZT GmbH from Graz / Austria #cisae

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