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Concept Art by Tekkoontan

001 concept art tekkoontan Concept Art by Tekkoontan

Dose of brilliant concept illustrations by Tekkoontan, an artist from Brunei.

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Torcasso Residence by Page

006 torcasso residence page 650x433 Torcasso Residence by Page

Situated in Santa Fe, New Mexico, this inspiring private residence was designed in 2013 by Page.

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Breathtaking Paintings by Christophe Vacher

003 breathtaking paintings christophe vacher Breathtaking Paintings by Christophe Vacher

Christophe Vacher is a 2-time Emmy Award winner and Annie Award Nominee French artist who has provided Backgrounds, Visual Development and Art Direction for Disney, Dreamworks, Universal Studios and the film industry since 1989. He worked in many small animation studios before joining Disney’s Paris-based animation unit for three years, where he painted backgrounds for such animated films as “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, “Runaway Brain” and served as head of background for the 1995 feature, “A Goofy Movie”.

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Noosa Holiday Home by Carole Tretheway Design

010 noosa holiday home carole tretheway design 650x433 Noosa Holiday Home by Carole Tretheway Design

Designed by Carole Tretheway Design, this contemporary ocean side holiday home is situated in Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia.

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La Vie En Rose by Frederico Martins

Portrait Illustrations by Xiao Ji

001 cool digital illustrations xiao ji Portrait Illustrations by Xiao Ji

Collection of creative female portrait illustrations by Xiao Ji, a young digital artist based in China. Make sure to scroll through … definitely worth it!

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Digital Art by Skymint

005 digital art skymint Digital Art by Skymint

Collection of creative digital illustrations by a 20-year-old Natalija aka Skymint.

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Revello Residence by Shubin + Donaldson Architects

002 revello residence shubin donaldson architects 650x433 Revello Residence by Shubin + Donaldson Architects

Amazing ocean front residence designed by Shubin + Donaldson Architects located in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, California.

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Creative Illustrations by Kajoi

001 creative illustrations kajoi Creative Illustrations by Kajoi

Set of inspiring digital illustrations by a Finland-based 25-year-old female artist, Kajoi.

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Trousdale House by Paul Brant Williger

001 trousdale house paul brant williger 650x432 Trousdale House by Paul Brant Williger

Designed by Paul Brant Williger, this modern single family residence is situated in Trousdale, Beverly Hills.

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Reborn by Jesus Sotes

003 reborn jesus sotes Reborn by Jesus Sotes

Set of amazing magazine illustrations by Jesus Sotes.

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El Hierro by Mads Berg

001 el hierro mads berg El Hierro by Mads Berg

#onthedraw is an alternative artistic project by Mads Berg where The Canary Islands Tourism Board enlisted me and six other renowned illustrators from seven different countries in order to help capture the Canary Islands archipelago through our own experiences and artistic medium.

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Living Sculptures #2 by Mike Campau

005 living sculptures 2 mike campau Living Sculptures #2 by Mike Campau

A continuation from the original “Living Sculpture” series by Mike Campau, but this iteration takes a more dramatic and sophisticated approach to the concept. With classic portrait lighting and subtle color tones, this series gives the otherwise nondescript objects a sense of sophistication and intrigue.

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Crafthouse by Symbolics Architecture + Design

003 crafthouse symbolics architecture design 650x461 Crafthouse by Symbolics Architecture + Design

Designed in 2014 by Symbolics Architecture + Design, Crafthouse is a multiple single-family infill housing project located in Toronto, Canada.

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Photo Manipulations by Methyss

002 photo manipulations methyss Photo Manipulations by Methyss

Rux aka Methyss is a female digital artist / photo manipulator based in the Romanian capital of Bucharest. Currently she’s studying at the SAE Inistitute of Animation and Game Design. Let’s take a look at some of her artworks.

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