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Hyper-realistic Paintings of Delicious Food

Painted by American artist Mary Ellen Johnson. More photos here.

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A Tribute to all Super Moms

A fine art photography project by Heidi Lender titled “She Can Leap Tall Buildings” in which she carries out the traditional tasks and roles a woman takes on. More photos here.

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If Twitter and Facebook were Dresses

They would look something like this. Specially designed by 19-year old Italian Victor Faretina. More of the web fashion series here.

Google, YouTube, Yahoo and Megaupload have also been turned into dress designs. Check them out here.

Cloud Series by Carolyn Marks Blackwood

We should all look up more often. Nature treats us with a constant art show. Photographer Carolyn Marks Blackwood’s Cloud Series captures the floating jewels over the Hudson River in New York during sunset. More here.

Complete gallery here.

8-Bit Blockbuster Movie Posters by Eric Palmer

A set of movie posters designed using 8-bit characters like classic video games.

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Shitter: App Prints Your Tweets on Toilet Paper

Talking about crazy technological inventions… More photos and information here.

The Most Awesome Tights of This Moment

Made by fashion designer Tiffany Ju from Atlanta.

More designs and details here.

36-Foot Tall Tornado of Plastic Garbage

Chinese artist Wang Zhiyuan shows us a colorful piece of art with a serious message: trash won’t dissapear in the air like a whirlwind. We have to deal with it.

More photos here.

Pixel Monsters Invade Brussels

Secretive artist Invader has left his mark yet again, this time in the capital of Belgium.

More photos here.

Heavenly Island Resort on the Maldives

Island Hideaway Spa Resort & Marina on Dhonakulhi Island.

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Street Art: The Largest Knife Ever

It’s made out of cardboard, as big as a human and bloodthirsty. A street art project by Spanish artist Maria Lujan.

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Abbi by Kelli Mallory

Spotted on art, culture and technology blog BREKEND. Complete shoot here.

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Top 20 Strangest and Most Brilliant Buildings in the World

Spotted on art, culture and technology blog BREKEND.

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Microwhat: Before and After Shots of Things You Shouldn’t Microwave

Microwhat documents before and after shots of food and other objects that shouldn’t be microwaved.

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Bow Tie Reinvented by Nicholas Tee Ruiz

Nicholas Tee Ruiz makes awesome bow ties inspired by MoMA (Museum of Modern Art in New York, his employer) exhibits. Spotted on art, culture and technology blog BREKEND.

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