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Amelia’s Magazine Gold Foil Artists’ Book & Gold Leaf Prints


That Which We Do Not Understand: 10th anniversary limited edition book and fine art prints from Amelia’s Magazine. Amelia’s Magazine is 10 years old!
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Italian Ghosts stories, the true story of Bema. An illustrated mesemerizing project.

There’s a romantic mystery beneath the towers of the Castello di Montechiarugolo (Terre Verdiane), Italy: Fata Bema is a spirit that appears to girls on the eve of their wedding and to lovers, especially if they suffer for love.
Italian illustrator Gristian Grossi tells us with his magical drawings the true story of Bema the Ghost.
The project is featured on weloooooveit magazine.
ghost illustration

Daria Hlazatova for Lipu – Sea’s infinite sadness and melancholy

il mare Daria Hlazatova is an Ukrainian artist with a passion for drawing and collages made ​​by hand. The illustrations by Daria take inspiration from nature, from animals and from the sea, fairy tales, music and theater. See the project she developed for Lipu (Birdlife Italy). A project to raise awareness about the condition of the sea and the animals that inhabit it.

A living work of art – Luisa Casati, the Italian extreme Marchesa, featured cover on Weloooooveit

A living work of art. A hint of Marina Abramovic, with a dash of Lady Gaga. An absolute diva with a particular taste for exhibitionism, parties, unbridled luxury and leashed cheetahs: the outrageous life of the Marchesa Casati. Read more on

Italian Divas, Illustration Competition (open contest with cash prize)

Deadline: January 5 11:59pm EST.
Draw A Dot. is teaming up with weloooooveit for a one of a kind illustration contest. You are going to illustrate a postcard consists of one of the four famous women in Italy and the backdrop will be one of the four locations of Salsomaggiore. The illustration can be realistic, abstract, or even surreal, but it has to somewhat related to the Art Deco or Art Nouveaux era. You are also more than welcome to give a modern take on these women’s fashion. The size of the postcard will be 6’’ x 4’’ or 4’’ by 6’’.

There was a golden time in which art invaded real life, creating from anew fashion and design, which invariably leads to gossip and exclusive parties. It was the time of “La belle epoque”.

That was also the era of the Diva, a beautiful and unforgettable kind of woman considered to lead an extreme life, someone who could leave you breathless and who could charm everyone around her with her unique and glamorous style.

Few cities in the world could sum up the roaring spirit of the belle époque like Salsomaggiore Terme (Italy). Salsomaggiore was the place to be for the European jet set. Here you could encounter intellectuals, artists, noblemen, industrialists and of course their stunning wives, lovers and muses. During this time the city flourished and became a true Art Nouveau masterpiece.

Franca Florio
Marchesa Casati
Eleonora Duse
Regina Margherita

Terme Berzieri
Taverna Rossa
Viale Romagnosi
Regina Margherita Park

This contest is open to artists around the world.

1. 200 € (approximately $265 US) cash prize (you must have paypal)
2. Your wining piece will be used as a postcard image for the city of Salsomaggiore. You will also receive 50 postcards.

Every Monday, Draw A Dot will have a post on the submissions from the past week. All entries will also be shown on Facebok Fanpage and Pinterest.

The deadline will be January 5 11:59pm EST.

weloooooveit team and I will select the winner during the week of January 6, 2014.

The winner will be announced on January 13, 2014.

What the artist needs to send to the contest:
Please send your work to with the following information.
Your illustration | Your name | Your Facebook Page (optional) | Your Website (optional)
You must also like Draw A Dot. and weloooooveit Facebook Fanpage

You can download this zip file to see more images of the Italian divas.

Good luck!

Fabio Corò featured on Weloooooveit! Undiscovered places in Italy. Beat festival and rock club.

Italian photographer Fabio Corò is featured on Weloooooveit, the undiscoverded places in Italy magazine, about all the best cool local living.italian punk singer giovanni zanardi donald thomson

Salsomaggiore’s Beat Festival, Devil’s Den and Taun club
– The cover gained by the talent Fabio Corò focuses on the Rock n ‘Roll side of the italian province between typical pubs, concerts, punky people. “People only expect to hear lyrical music coming out of the Terre Verdiane, Italy. Many are amazed to learn that Emilia is the cradle of an alternative music culture that is amongst the most vibrant in Italy.” See the entire cover Continue »

Odd illustration for Kids. Unhealthy affection, fear and tenderness.

The semantic structure of drawings by Cristian Grossi is complex and elementary at the same time. His artworks evokes primitive fantasies, an unhealthy affection and children dreams. Check his work here

Decadence, fashion and naive kitsch. The complex visual grammar of Cristian Grossi

cristian grossi contemporary illustrator artist cool designer colourfull
Decadence, fashion and naive kitsch are the right mix that can describe the complexity of the visual grammar of this original Italian artist.
Take a look at some of his later works for the fashion industry, publishing and graphics at

roBOt Festival. digital vertigo

robot festival digital art design cristian grossi
Human history began some 2.5 million years ago and, for hundreds and thousands of years, it has developed extraordinarily slowly. Then an incredible and amazing new technology occurred around 50,000 years ago: writing. From that moment began a wild ride that went faster and faster in a race that promised human beings to conquer the whole planet, to touch down on the moon, to reach the depths of the oceans, to travel faster and to communicate with each other over enormous distances. Expressing itself technologically, socially and culturally over the past fifty years, this ride has found yet another push in the global network of digital communication. Our race has become even faster with impossible limits. Visit roBOt Festival
Visit Cristian Grossi designer website | fanpage

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Illustrator: best Illustrator ever. Cristian Grossi and his nature inspired artwork

illustrator and best illustrators

The illustrations start off as a pencil sketch that when finished are scanned into the computer. Here Cristian colours his work using a combination of different patterns and textures, of which he holds a bank of examples. The use of texture gives the illustration a natural almost surreale feel. see his work here.

Fashion illustration: flower. by Cristian Grossi

fashion flowers

The secret of moisture moss. Pure green fresh feeling. women mysteriously hidden are waiting for the orgasm.
Intense personal moments created by means of rules and omissions, acceptance and refusal, luring the viewer round and round in circles. A scent of flowers, pearls and ceramics. See the entire project here.

Saint Seiya in Lanvin Men FW2013

saint seiya in lavin men collection

Vintage Manga Legend is a stunning art project by Cristian Grossi and curated by Marcus Kan.
The manga legends Saint Seiya, Oscar the Rose of Versailles and Creamy Mami are the fashion icons of contemporary fashion collections. Click to see the project

Contemporary fashion illustration artwork: the wombs of women

best fashion illustration flower
Mixed media: watercolor, collage, chinese ink, digital.
The breath of nature spreads, the universe of bacteria that dwell in the female womb is released in a waft of flavors and fragrances. The belly of women as a forest to explore the fact of danger, honey, pearls.
They are part of the new romantic movement because of the desire for the local intimacy into the feminine bacteria. This kind of artwork is part of the collective memory process, by exploring the concept of landscape in a nostalgic way, I want to amplify the edge of pink.
Visit the entire project on the Facebook Fanpage
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LANVIN fashion collection worn by Saint Seiya from Knights of the Zodiac

What happens when the best manga characters wear the clothes of the best fashion brands? Saint Seiya in Lanvin, Creamy Mami in Prada, and other surprise.
Discover the indipendent art project Manga LEGENDS by creative designer Cristian Grossi and curated by Marcus Kan
Click here to see the Fashion MANGA LEGEND

fashion collection lanvin fall winter 2013 saint seiya saori athena manga

Click here to see Saori, Seiya and other fashion MANGA LEGEND

Dolce and Gabbana SS13 artwork by Cristian Grossi