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a #tiger for @kenzo

Oscar the Rose of Versailles dressing Dolce and Gabbana. Vintage manga icon become fashion.

Cosmetica del Minimondo, illustrazione italiana

Discover the stragest italian talent of illustration, Cristian Grossi artist. Follow him on Facebook.


fairy children illustration world

Best nightly amazing illustrator artwork

Magic beautiful illustration by creative designer Cristian Grossi

beautiful illustration
Follow his magic on Cristian Grossi FACEBOOK Fanpage

Cristian Grossi featured on La Luna di Traverso italian magazine of creativity

Italian magazine Lalunaditraverso featured an original artwork by creative designer Cristian Grossi.
“La Luna” shows some of the best young italian talented writer, photographer and illustrator, looking for passionate original fresh art cristian grossi featured on lalunaditraverso
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Contemporary designer Cristian Grossi exhibits his best illustrations at MAC || Dubay

cristian grossi media artist

Contemporary artist

and visual designer Cristian Grossi was selected as the best artist for MAC Competition in Dubay.
You can see his masterpieces on his website or on his social fanpage

Best illustration: extreme animated viral teaser!

A curious teaser animation to discover versatile artist Cristian Grossibest animated illustration
best illustration carachters stars
best illustration carachters stars

Who is Cristian Grossi?

Creepy Enflorage: velvet project by contemporary artist Cristian Grossi

Discover latest Cristian Grossi‘s project: an animated artwork curated by Lyouichi Kumara (Tokio) for Nikkosa Gallery.
cristian grossi gothic flower fashion

misteryous art Cristian Grossi
Discover latest Cristian Grossi project: an animated artwork curated by Lyouichi Kumara (Tokio) for Nikkosa Gallery.

The Lion sleeps tonight

See other special illustration on Cristian Grossi Facebook Fan Page
lions digital illustraion

See other special illustration on Cristian Grossi Facebook Fan Page

Gay plants: simulating human lust (deep)

plant simulating human being, cristian grossi
Abstract artist Cristian Grossi disrupts the moral with his latest creation.
Plant and seed simulating human love is a decorative table inspired by the work of Gramham Sutherland, anal sex and vegetables acting human lust.
Discover more about Cristian Grossi on his public FanPage

Vivid fluid porn from Alexander McQueen menswear collection

alexander mcqueen
This hardcore piece is inspired by the Alexander McQueen F/W 2013 menswear collection.
Follow Cristian Grossi artworks here

Morbid living laces – shit the pearls and kiss the blood

Morbid Living Laces is the latest art project by Cristian Grossi. The figures intertwine and merge, they shit, pee and live like ivy. Morbid transsexual, bodily fluids that mix, semen and blood pearls: this is how the laces become perverse embraces.
contemporary illustration art

Watercolor art illustration

Amazing watercolor art fashion illustration, brilliant colour by italian artist Cristian Illustrator
watercolor illustration painting art

Discobambina! – Fun fashion illustration

fashion illustration is fun
Yet another fun fashion illustration from Cristian Grossi. Discobambina! is a series of illustrations inspired by the world of Heather Parisi and his glamouros hit of the 80s.
All 12 of the famous dance steps are illustrated in a series of hilarious animated gifs.