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PINKO insect tshirt collection

textile illustration
Insekta Moodboard
Textile moodboard design for Pinko by studio Kreativehouse.
Original textile moodboard for Pinko fashion brand, original illustration by Cristian Grossi

textile design illustration by cristian grossi

textile design illustration by cristian grossi from studio kreativehouse

textile design illustration by cristian grossi from studio kreativehouse

textile design illustration by cristian grossi from studio kreativehouse

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Rossocarmilla’ Christmas Vampire store is now open

vampire mascotte store

vampire gothic lolita notebook

Rossocarmilla vampire’s mascotte has new christmas store opened. Click here to discover new papergifts collection.

Insekta store is now online

Insekta design – buy original insekta items

insekta store collection
New insekta store is out, click here to visit the website.

Fashion Gothic Lolita’s mascotte Rossocarmilla

gothic lolita mascotte vampire
She is a sweet and romantic girl, a little dreamy. She is Count Dracula’s young daughter. She has sparkling diamond eyes and she wears black swan wings. She longs for growing up and she is thirsty of blood.

A vampire style papercraft collection, eco-friendly, which is a tribute to Japanese kawaii graphic style.
Perfect for fans of ‘Twilight,’ the Carmilla Vampire notebooks reflect emo style and goth iconography in a lighthearted way.
See more shots of the cute collection here.

gothic lolita mascotte vampire

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Cristian Grossi – The dramatic Saga

Cristian Grossi – the dramatic Saga, the dramatic Queen, the dramatic Drama.
cristian grossi fashion indie illustrationcristian grossi fashion indie illustrationcristian grossi fashion indie illustrationcristian grossi fashion indie illustration

Vomit is fashion.

Cristian Grossi latest work, try to conceptualize the kitsch. The art becomes mannered decoration, easthetic vomits the fine elegance.

Insekta collection is coming soon on new Online Store

Insekta collection 2012 is coming on the newest online store.
Soon on
Original artworks by Cristian Grossi from studio Kreativehouse.
new insekta collection by

new insekta collection by

new insekta collection by

Il Dono del Bosco – a gift from the Forest.

Il Dono del Bosco (The gift of the Forest) is a story created to explain to all people who love Nature, the importance of their small gestures of help. It is an illustrated book, but it is also a mini-book to read and reread, is a diary to continue, to be filled with sketches, impressions, thoughts, ideas.
From a story by Matteo Martignoni and original illustration by Cristian Grossi. Project by for LIPU and NORDA.

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Let’s kills fashion victims, NOW!

cristian grossi indie illustrator and fashion designer
cristian grossi indie illustrator and fashion designer
cristian grossi indie illustrator and fashion designer
Fashion victims textile design to kill fashion victim people. Let’s kill fashion victims, all together now.
Project concept and illustration by Cristian Grossi

Creepy fashion textile illustration by Cristian Grossi for studio Kreativehouse

Organic lifeforms becomes textures, becomes illustration, becomes fashionable.
A creepy luxury decoration, a must-have accessory.

Italian artist Cristian Grossi creates wonderful, highly detailed artwork. The intricate images are steeped both in fashion design and illustration. A mix of traditional Japanese manga and textile-like still art can be seen to influence Cristian Grossi‘s latest project.
The new collecion is made up of beetles, mantises and dangerous ticks.
Textiles, clothing, stationery will be available in the store Kreativehouse.

Indie illustrator Cristian Grossi – italian fashion and publishing

Decadence, fashion and naive kitsch are the right mix that can describe the complexity
of the visual grammar of this original Italian artist.
Take a look at some of his later works for the fashion industry, publishing and
graphics at

Mother Languida: macabre fear, luxurious horror.

illustration for fashion
The italian artist who comes from Salsomaggiore, draws inspiration from romantic goth stories, contemporary
fashion and art nouveau of Galileo Chini. Co-founder of Kreativehouse studio, he likes strong colours and to walk
through the hills.
Contact him or visit his portfolio at:

cristian grossi fashion illustrator

Cristian Grossi oneiric artworks

cristian grossi illustration
cristian grossi fashion illustration

The abstract works of Cristian Grossi relates fashion, graphic design and children illustration. The study of colors and imaginative shapes have a great impact, and grows its roots in the sensitive analysis of the emotional world.

Ever since he was a teenager he has been fascinated by the ephemeral nature of the Nature. What starts out as vision soon becomes debased into a tragedy of greed, leaving only a sense of decadence and the prospect of a new understanding.
With influences as diverse as Aubrey Beardsley, Liberty and Deco, new combinations are crafted from both explicit and implicit layers.

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Be pure, be white

Be pure, be white.
Think clean, be as transparent as water.
Be imaginative and creative. Carried away by the wind.
cristian grossi artwork - pasticcino fiocco di neve

Visit Cristian Grossi portfolio