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Pasticcini Papercandy – Minimalistic and dreamy illustration on paper.

Pasticcini it’s the series of illustrations designed by Kreativehouse studio and drawn by italian illustrator Cristian Grossi.

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Cristian Grossi – If I only knew

If I only knew
what a nightly surprise
Cristian Grossi, Pencil and mixed media, 2009-2010

Cristian Grossi and his New Liberty

Is one of the most promising artists of the Italian contemporary applied art scene. In his works he uses elements of modern graphics, computer art and sometimes classical baroque inspiration. The New Liberty series is a demonstration of how a reinterpretation of Galileo Chini, Erte, Beardsley and Klimt gives rise to an aesthetic current that celebrates a futuristic return to the past.

Teratologia – Monstrum horribilis

cristian grossi italian artist
Monstrum horribilis
Mixed Media (pencil, salt ink, different paper)

Absolute zero – Disturbing and morbid naked line

naked woman
A new series of disturbing and morbid situations.
Lines that intertwine, disease wet sketches, dark atmosphere and unspoken sentences. There is something perverse in darkness and white light.
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Creepy and dreamy Children illustration

children fantasies world

The eye is lost in the navigation of the landscape, inhabited by strange beings, innocent and disturbing.
A world of surprises on which to focus.
The tables were exhibited during the Festival of Illustration for children Minimondi.
The original illustrations are part of the series Minimondi by italian illustrator Cristian Grossi.

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Insekta, the creepy last trend from graphic design

Cristian Grossi, one of the most promising Italian artists that I have already had occasion to speak about, continues to amaze.
Hence his latest idea: a series of illustrated products fully textured with insects. Visit Insekta to discover more about this creepy design project.
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Christian Grossi latest Chroma art project.

Cristian Grossi is one of the most promising contemporary Italian illustrators.
He has released his latest project, Chroma.
Chroma is based on speculation of pain. The pain, the disgust, the bad, are debunked by a Wharol’s method and are transformed into an aesthetic of grace.
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