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Modern Residence in South Africa

This amazing 1950’s house make-over was made by Nico van der Meulen Architects. Mosi Residence has four bedrooms and a plenty of entertaining spaces with public and private places. Be sure you check out the before and after photos! For more pictures click here.

Will this be the Future of Kitchen Technology ?

We all know that technology is evolving and i am sure that we all would like to know how kitchens will look in future. To find out read this great interview with Stefano Marzano, Chief Design Officer at Electrolux and find out! For more pictures click here.

Modern Residence in Arizona

Located in Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA, this 4,440 square foot contemporary home is really a peace oasis. This stunning piece of architecture was designed by Will Bruder+PARTNERS for two real estate professionals. Sounds interesting? For more pictures click here.

Temple Hills Residence in California

This beautiful contemporary home is located on a hillside in Laguna Beach, California, USA and integrates sustainable strategies. The interiors of the house are very modern, fresh and stylish creating a sophisticated and in the same time a friendly atmosphere. For more pictures click here.

Amazing Water Pump Station Transformation

Located in England, UK, this old water pumping house was amazingly converted into a modern home. The house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two receptions and the interiors are sophisticated and fresh. For more pictures click here.

Breathtaking Beach Villa

This beautiful villa was designed by Lee Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership and it`s located on a top of a cliff, in in Anguilla, Caribbean. The interior of the house is decorated with fresh and modern elements. For more pictures click here.

Tropical Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa Maldives

Located in the Indian Ocean, more exactly in Maldives, Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa is a natural tropical paradise. The resort has a total of 110 beach villas and over water suites, a children club and a spa. Sounds good enough? For more pictures click here.

Beautiful Home in Thailand: Villa Yang

Are you in search of a vacation home? This amazing house from Thailand is the perfect inspiration for you! Located on top of a cliff in Phuket, Villa Yang has beautiful tropical gardens and four bedrooms, each one with unique thai design. For more pictures click here.

Modern Russian Apartment in Moscow

Located in Moscow, Russia this beautiful and luxurious apartment was designed by Architect Alexey Nikolashina. The flashy and extravagant appearance of the apartment is tempered by fresh decorative elements such as flower arrangements. For more pictures click here.

Spectacular Beach Home in Uruguay

Located in Punta del Este, Uruguay, La Boyita Residence was designed by studio Martin Gomes Arquitectos. This beautiful, fresh and modern beach home was built using iron, concrete, wood and glass. Find this interesting? For more pictures just click here.

Spectacular Home in Spain: Punta Brava 2 Residence

Designed by Studio DNA Barcelona Architects, Punta Brava 2 Residence is located in Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain. This amazingly beautiful residence is overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and according to the architects it was designed to enjoy nature, the fantastic sea views and sunsets. For more pictures click here.

Beautiful Forest Home Near Bombay

This peaceful country retreat was designed by SPASM Design Architects and it`s located in Maharashtra. Called as Brick Kiln House, this simple modern retreat is perfect for the nature lovers. The house consists of two separate structures built around lush trees. For more pictures click here.

Luxurious Property in Costa Brava

Located in Spain on a top of a coast cliff In Costa Brava, this spectacular property displays a chic arrangement of spaces. The house benefits from a gorgeous lounge, two bedrooms, a modern wine cellar, a relaxation area, a gourmet kitchen, an office space, an outdoor cinema, baths and a master suite with private dressing room. This residence is listed for the price of $28,901,734. What do you think? For more pictures click here.

Spectacular Calivigny Island in the Caribbean

Need some private moments? Calivigny Island is the perfect exotic place for relaxation: sandy beaches, tropical gardens, crystal clear waters…in a few words a piece of heaven! Even if you want to spend some private time with your partner or you just want to celebrate an event with your family, this amazing little island has a lot to offer. For more pictures click here.