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Murksli Custom Hanfcrafted Boards

Murksli is a boutique/workshop of handcrafted longboards and skateboards. Based in Slovenia.

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Street Messages – A New Book By Nicholas Ganz

Humans have been communicating for thousands of years by writing text in public spaces – on walls, on buildings and on roads themselves. The tradition continues today with the many street artists who work only with text. Street Messages is the first book to offer a deep insight into this literary form of expression in the world of global street art.

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The International Flag of Planet Earth

The International Flag of Planet Earth is a graduation project at Beckmans College of Design (Stockholm, Sweden).

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Cyclophonica Band – A Musical Ride

A musician from the Cyclophonica band rests before a ride in Rio de Janeiro May 17, 2015. The Cyclophonica band was formed by a group of musicians riding bicycles around the city, mixing sport and culture and entertaining people on the streets, according to its founder Leonardo Fuks. (Photo by Pilar Olivares/Reuters)

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2015 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest – May 19 Selects

Photo and caption by Slawek Kozdras / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest
Boys in Clifton Beach in Cape Town jumping into the Atlantic Ocean.

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“It Happens Here” – Mutilated And Bloodied Union Jack Sends Strong Message About FGM

The TLDR is that London-based organisation 28 Too Many has just released some provocative imagery tackling the subject of FGM in an original and shocking new campaign to #endFGM. The campaign “It Happens Here” (by Ogilvy) features six designs revealing the mutilated flags of European countries where Female Genital Mutilation is prevalent. It communicates a powerful message: that FGM happens in places you wouldn’t expect.

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Space Invaders: Street Art In Hong Kong

Art is freedom of expression, it can be shown in various kinds of aspects like painting, sculpture, design, photography etc. We appreciate street art as it is everywhere and energetic, a concrete jungle like Hong Kong does really need more inspiration for people to remind them quality living is not only about how much you gain financially but also the way of how you live in a city.

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May 8 – 15, 2015: The Week In Photos

A child wears a mask and watches performers dance through the street during the Lagos Carnival, Nigeria, Saturday May 9, 2015. (Photo by Sunday Alamba/AP Photo)

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Artist Creates Chairs Naturally Grown From One Single Piece Of Either Wood

Trees grow in the shape of chairs in the garden of Austrian artist Bernhard Schmid in Lassnitzhoehe, Styria province, Austria, May 5, 2015. Schmid creates chairs naturally grown from one single piece of either maple, hazelnut or hornbeam wood by letting the trees grow into their final design over some 20 years. No nails, screws or glue is used in the process. (Photo by Heinz-Peter Bader/Reuters)

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A Graffiti Class for the Elderly

Women spray their designs on a wall during a graffiti class offered by the LATA 65 organization in Lisbon, Portugal May 14, 2015. The LATA 65 organization is an initiative for the elderly in the area of urban art. Since it began in 2012, they have introduced the world of graffiti to over 100 senior citizens, giving workshops in different neighborhoods of Lisbon. (All photos by Rafael Marchante/Reuters)

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Would You Eat Insects If They Looked Like This?

These are insect infused protein bars and this is what they look like. Would you eat this if you knew it contained insects? Introducing a Jungle Bar: The Insect Powered Protein Bar.

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“Maya” Girls

A “Maya” girl sits in an altar during the traditional celebration of “Las Mayas” on the streets in Madrid, Spain Sunday, May 10, 2015. The festivity of the Maya comes from pagan rites and dates from the medieval age, appearing in ancient documents. It takes place every year in the beginning of May and celebrates the beginning of the spring. Girls between 7 and 11 years old are chosen as “Maya” and should sit still, serious and quiet for a couple of hours in altars on the street decorated with flowers and plants and afterwards they walk to the church with their family where they attend a ceremony. (All photos by Daniel Ochoa de Olza/AP Photo)

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Star Wars Characters and Pets

A humane society have drafted in Star Wars characters to help find adoptable animals new homes. The Ottawa Humane Society in Ontario, Canada, used the recognisable cosplay figures to adorably interact with the likes of dogs, cats and guinea pigs. Photographed by Rohit Saxena, the series featured a stormtrooper, a Tusken Raider and Garindan. Those photographed were members of the 501st Capital City Garrison, a Star Wars costuming group in Eastern Ontario. Here: a Storm Trooper, Garindan and Tusken Raider with guinea pigs. (Photo by Rohit Saxena/Caters News)

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Pets Of War

A man holds a dog in front of a damaged building by shelling in the western part of Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, November 27, 2014. (Photo by Antonio Bronic/Reuters)

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Fashion Blogger Shows Off Adoptable Animals

Thoughtfulwish, fashion blogger, loves animals, and wanted to use her blog following for some good. All this week she is combining her fashion blog, with adoptable animals from her local MSPCA shelter, in Boston.

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