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March 27 – April 4, 2015: The Week In Photos

An Owl Wing Butterfly rests on the face of a young girl at a butterfly exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London, Britain, 31 March 2015. Hundreds of tropical butterflies are on show at the exhibit that runs from 02 April to 13 September. (Photo by Andy Rain/EPA)

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Crazy Cat Lovers by Andréanne Lupien

According to Mashable, the brain behind the Crazy Cat Lovers series is Andréanne Lupien, a photographer based in Montreal. For some pictures, she multiplied the same cat engaging in different activities – lounging on the table, checking out the sink, stealing breakfast, jumping on the wall, – while some of her subjects really did have multiple cats.

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Japan’s Bombastic Street Style Puts New York Fashion Week To Shame

New York-based photographer Thomas C. Card spent months in the depths of Japan’s hyper-fashionable nether regions, documenting the eye-opening variety of styles found on the streets of Tokyo in 2012. From neon wigs to reappropriated Victorian garb to gas masks as accessories, he found a plethora of fashion identities that flourished in the year after the country’s devastating earthquake and tsunami.

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Elderly Blind Man and His Armless Friend Plant Over 10,000 Trees in China

Looking at the lush, green, tree-filled stretch of land north of the Yeli Village in Sunzhuang Township, Jingxing County, Hebei, China, it’s hard to imagine that just 12 years ago, those plains were filled with nothing but rocks and weeds. This miraculous transformation is all thanks to the hard work and dedication of an elderly blind man named Jia Haixia and his friend Jia Wenqi, a double amputee with no arms. For more than 10 years, the duo have been planting thousands of trees in an effort to protect and preserve the natural ecology of the land surrounding their village.

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Shocking Before and After Composite Portraits of Drug Abuse


London-based photographer Roman Sakovich gives us a glimpse of the drastic visual differences that substance abuse can cause in his series titled Half. By splitting his subjects’ style choices and physical appearances straight down the middle of their portraits, the photographer presents a before and after composite image that shows us two timelines—one of the addict (on the right) and one of the non-user who still has the choice to change his or her fate.

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Society Seen Through The Prism Of Banksy Artworks

A dancer poses with a new installation of art by British graffiti artist Banksy painted on the front door of the Hustler Club in New York October 24, 2013. (Photo by Eric Thayer/Reuters)

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Deadly Sand Storms Around The World

A woman walks with her face covered during a sand storm in Dubai April 2, 2015. (Photo by Ahmed Jadallah/Reuters)

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Psiphon Launches All-New Digital Look


Psiphon Inc., creators of the award winning Internet circumvention tools, launched its new website, video, and poster series through along with its new brand, Beyond Borders, for all digital and social media channels.

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Children of North Korea

North Korean children stand after snowfall along the banks of the Yalu River, near the North Korean Sakchu County, December 17, 2014. Picture taken on the China side of the Yalu River. (Photo by Jacky Chen/Reuters)

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Orbital Gallery By Cosmonaut Oleg Kotov

Kamchatka, Russia

Oleg Kotov was born on October 27, 1965, in Simferopol, Crimean oblast in the Ukrainian SSR. After a career as a physician assigned to the Soviet space program, he joined the Russian cosmonaut corps. He has flown two long duration spaceflights on the International Space Station logging just short of a year in space. Most recently, Kotov flew on the Soyuz TMA-10M/Expedition 37/Expedition 38 long duration spaceflight, from September 2013 until March 2014.

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Mystery Piano On Top Of The Mountain

“The piano was discovered on top of Topanga Lookout, near Stunt Road in the Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area. Several photos posted to Instagram indicated the piano was hauled up Tuesday to the ridgeline for a music video shoot involving Seatlle-based artist Rachel Wong. Wong was a finalist in Ford’s 2012 “Gimme the Gig II” contest, according to her biography. The photos showed the five-person crew using a rope to pull the piano up a narrow trail, part of a two-mile round trip hike with about 160 feet of elevation gain. They used a moving dolly on some parts of the rugged trail, a job that took about 45 minutes, said videographer Michael Froton. Aerial video Thursday afternoon showed hikers playing the piano on the graffiti-covered concrete foundation of an old fire tower and taking pictures of the instrument with a dramatic natural backdrop. “It shows how different we are”, said hiker Nick Herron. “Where else do you hear about a piano on top of a ridge?” – Jonathan Lloyd and Adrian Arambulo

In this March, 2015 photo, a person sits at an upright piano that had been hauled up to Topanga Lookout in the Santa Monica Mountains in Calabasas, Calif. For a couple of days last week, a Southern California hilltop was alive with the sound of mystery. Hikers venturing to Topanga Lookout found a battered upright piano sitting on a graffiti-scrawled concrete slab with a panoramic view over the mountains between Calabasas and the Pacific Ocean. Turns out, the piano was used for a music video by Seattle-based artist Rachel Wong. The cinematographer, Michael Flotron, says he and four others used a dolly and rope to haul the 350-pound instrument a mile up the trail on Tuesday. After the shoot, it was too dark to get the piano back down. Flotron says people seem happy to leave it there. But if necessary, he’ll haul the piano back down. (Photo by Michael Flotron/AP Photo)

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Beautiful Abandoned NYC

From Manhattan and Brooklyn’s trendiest neighborhoods to the far-flung edges of theouter boroughs, Will Ellis has spent the last three years photographing and researching the lost and lonely corners of the United States’ most populous city. His photo book Abandoned NYC is packed with 150 color images of sixteen of New York’s most beautiful and mysterious abandoned spaces, paired with detailed essays on the fascinating history of these forgotten sites. Here: the Gowanus “Batcave” was the home of a thriving squatter community in the early 2000s. Today it’s being renovated into artists’ studios and exhibition space. (Photo by Will Ellis)

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Cherry Blossoms in Japan

A couple walks together at Sankeien Park in Yokohama, south of Tokyo, to have their wedding pictures taken as cherry blossoms are in full bloom Sunday, March 29, 2015. (Photo by Shuji Kajiyama/AP Photo)

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Mountainous Waves by Ray Collins


Ray Collins is a colorblind Australian coal miner who is in love with the ocean. He spends his off days photographing it.

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Cat Selfies

If Kim Kardashian was a feline shed be purr-fect for this new book which features a collection the worlds best cat “selfies”. The furry frames have been compiled by cat owner Charlie Ellis who has scoured the globe for the perfect puss pictures. In his book “Cat Selfies” moggies try their hand at the craze most of their humans have become addicted to posting on social media. And it turns out cats might be better at taking photos than their owners with a variety of poses captioned in the book. (Photo by Charlie Ellis/Caters News)

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