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Treebeard: Portraits Of My Friends With Plants Growing From Their Heads

According to photographer Cal Redback: “I made these images to put part of my imagination in the portraits of my friends in common areas. My first idea was to make a double exposition as we used to see, but when I started to blend them on Photoshop, I realized that I could be a bit more creative and realistic. So after many hours (and a bit more) here they are.”

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Repurposed Wood Doors and Furniture Transformed into Geometric Faces on the Streets of Belgium

‘Elsewhere’ – recycled wood mural created by Belgian painter and sculpturor Stefaan De Croock aka Strook for Mechelen Muurt. The mural is placed on the side wall of an old furniture factory in Mechelen, Belgium. It’s made by piecing together discarded wooden planks, doors and furniture. The recycled wood surfaces are cut into precise geometric shapes and pieced together like a tangram puzzle, leaving the original paint and textures untouched.

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Photo of the Day: Emotions

Serbia’s team members celebrate their win over France after the EuroBasket Women 2015 final basketball match between Serbia and France in Budapest on June 28, 2015. Serbia won the match 76-68. (Photo by Ferenc Isza/AFP Photo)

Markthal: Enormous Food Market In Rotterdam

This enormous building, opened in 2014 by Queen Maxima, is home to many little food shops, varying from doughnuts to tapas, and from Chinese food to Surinamese food. A delicious place to visit, and voted by The Guardian as one of Europe’s top ten food markets. When you are in Rotterdam, make sure to visit this place!

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How Much Water Do You Eat?

As the record-setting California drought continues, everyone is encouraged to reduce the water footprint. Numerous experts tell us to think twice before taking a hot relaxing bath, to install low-flow shower heads, to purchase water-efficient toilets, and so on. It’s all very nice but hardly anyone knows that “the food we eat makes up more than 2/3 of our total water footprint,” as the GRACE Communications Foundation has reported. So, if we really want to make the change, we have to change our eating habits. You may ask how to do that and the answer is more than simple – eat more plant-based food.

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Long Exposure Photos Of Glowworms Turn New Zealand Cave Into Starry Night

This surreal long-exposure photography of glowworms was captured by new-media artist Joseph Michael. The Auckland, New Zealand-based photographer took these pictures in 30 million-year-old limestone cave formations on North Island.

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Creative Photo Works Of Artist’s Hands Exploring Different Art Forms

A Jakarta, Indonesia-based creative, known as ‘ponypork’ on Instagram, constantly explores new ways to experiment with various art forms and self-expression, and visualizes his enticing journey through his unique, on-going photo series that literally depicts the concept of being “hands-on”.

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10 Absolute Benefits Of Having A Cat

Do you have a cat? Do you dream of having one? Then you have an exceptional taste in choosing your companions! Life changes forever after you bring this little furry ball to your apartment.

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Two Girls Revisit Famous Film Locations

A couple of roving film fangirls have recreated some of their favorite TV and movie moments by traveling to the exact locations and capturing them using their iPad. Tiia Öhman and Satu Walden have travelled thousands of miles across North America and Ireland to recapture the magic of their best loved scenes. However, instead of featuring their movie heroes, the pair, from Cardiff, have replaced them with an iPad or a phone screen displaying the action.

A scene from the film 12 Years A Slave, and its location in real life Felicity Plantation, New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Tiia Öhman/Caters News)

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Great Barrier Reef at Risk

Dried coral and shells lie on a beach on Lady Elliot Island, north-east of the town of Bundaberg in Queensland, Australia, June 10, 2015. (Photo by David Gray/Reuters)

With the Australian sun illuminating the crystal clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef in all their glory, UNESCO World Heritage delegates snorkelled for hours surrounded by manta rays, dolphins and reef sharks. Their mission was to check the health of the world’s largest living ecosystem, thousands of multi-coloured coral reefs stretching over 2,000 km off the northeast coast which bring in billions of dollars a year in tourism. Some coral has been badly damaged and certain animal species, including dugong and large green turtles, are threatened.

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Beautiful Laser Engraved Rolling Pins By Zuzia Kozerska

Last year around this time, Zuzia Kozerska of Valek Rolling Pins practically set the internet on fire with lasers, more specifically her laser engraved rolling pins that imprint different patterns in cookie dough. Kozerska has been hard at work creating increasingly more complex designs as well as special mini pins just for kids. You can see more in her Etsy shop.

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Real Life Star Wars

A “Star Wars” superfan has brought the universe to his backyard. Amateur photographer Zahir Batin, from Selangor in Malaysia, added stormtroopers, X-wings and other famous sights to his native Tanjong Karang rice fields. The Malaysian snapper decided to combine his love for his hometown with his passion for the out-of-this-world space opera and, in particular, the toys. The amazing shots show TIE fighters on fire flying overhead and AT-AT walking tanks towering over tiny children, as well as Dark Side forces marching through the countryside. Here: an Imperial AT-ST Walker moves through the Malaysian rice fields. (Photo by Zahir Batin/Mercury Press)

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Erika Sanada’s Beautifully Creepy Sculptures Of Mutant, Dream-like Animals

Erika Sanada is a Tokyo-born, San Franscico-based sculptor whose supernatural animal creations traverse the boundary between dream and nightmare. In many ways, her creatures seem soft and gentle — the colors are pale, the textures soft.

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Photo of the Day: Stationmaster of a Railway

Tama, a cat stationmaster of a railway station in western Japan, receives a birthday cake on her 16th birthday in Kinokawa, western Japan, in this Kyodo picture taken April 29, 2015.

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Terrifying Kids Playground Inspired By The “Saw” Movie

Somewhere in Russia…