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The “Tough Guy” in UK

A competitor gestures as he crawls beneath barbed wire during the Tough Guy event in Perton, central England February 1, 2015. The annual event to raise cash for charity challenges thousands of international competitors in a cross country run followed by an assault course consisting of obstacles including water, fire and tunnels. (Photo by Phil Noble/Reuters)

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Scavengers of the Burning Wasteland

“In a 200-acre-plus dump 5 kilometers north of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, hundreds of men, women and children scavenge day and night through the burning wasteland. They earn $12 to $15 a day – on a good day – for recycling plastics as well as clothing, household items and aluminum (for smelting). Some 5,000 tons of waste is created each day in the Port-au-Prince area.

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The Nomadic Life of a Man who Lives in a Camper Van

Mike Hudson chose to pack up his life and hit the road. He turned his van into a home and started a website called Van Dog Traveller to document his journey around Europe.

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Couple Create Rocker Denim Jackets for Dogs (and Cats!)


A couple of rockers are creating quite a stir with their range of custom-made denim jackets – for dogs (and cats :). Mel and Matt Westwood have created hundreds of rocker denim jackets for pet cats and dogs – after being inundated with requests when they made one for their own pup. Mel, 39, and Matt, 41, made the first coat for their English Toy Terrier Willie because he was getting too cold.

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Photo of the Day: Kitten Bowl

A couple of cute kittens ‘play’ football during the filming of Hallmark Channel’s Super Bowl themed ‘Kitten Bowl II’ (Picture: AP Photo/Crown Media Family Networks, Menachem Adelman)

Tiny Church On A Tiny Island In Russia Gets More And More Beautiful Each Season

Image credits: Anatoli Sokolov

Apparently, if you really want to build a church, a hundred-square-meter island is enough. Designed by Andrey Rotinov (and thus named after his namesake apostle Andrey Pervozvanniy), this beautiful house of god was completed and consecrated in 2000.

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Speed Skating Race in Austria

The beard of a skater, one out of some 1,100 athletes, is covered with ice and snow during the 200 km (124 miles) speed skating race in the Carinthian village of Techendorf January 30, 2015. Techendorf is hosting the Alternatieve Elfstedentocht Weissensee (Alternative Eleven City Races Weissensee) races, a traditional Dutch series of speed skating events for both professionals and amateurs with some 5,000 participants, until January 31, 2015. (Photo by Leonhard Foeger/Reuters)

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A Traditional Candle Factory

An Indonesian worker carries a giant candle at a traditional Chinese candle maker for the upcoming Lunar New Year in Bogor, Indonesia, 27 January 2015. The Chinese Lunar New Year, known here as Imlek, is only three weeks away. The whole city is getting decked out to celebrate the event on 19 February 2015. (Photo by Adi Weda/EPA)

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Piñata-Making Art in Mexico

A piñata is a container often made of papier-mâché, pottery, or cloth; it is decorated, and filled with small toys or candy, or both, and then broken as part of a ceremony or celebration. Piñatas are commonly associated with Mexico. The idea of breaking a container filled with treats came to Europe in the 14th century, where the name, from the Italian pignatta, was introduced. The Spanish brought the European tradition to Mexico, although there were similar traditions in Mesoamerica. The Aztecs had a similar tradition to honor the birthday of the god Huitzilopochtli in mid December. According to local records, the Mexican piñata tradition began in the town of Acolman, just north of Mexico City, where piñatas were introduced for catechism purposes as well as to co-opt the Huitzilopochtli ceremony. Today, the piñata is still part of Mexican culture, the cultures of other countries in Latin America, as well as the United States, but it has mostly lost its religious character.

In this January 23, 2015 photo, Melesio Vicente Flores carries piñatas designed to look like Disney princesses Elsa and Sofia, to his truck as he prepares a delivery to market vendors, at his home in the Iztapalapa neighborhood of Mexico City. Despite some past problems with copyright infringement crackdowns, piñata makers say they have to make the characters their clients want. (Photo by Rebecca Blackwell/AP Photo)

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Keeper of the Cars from Aleppo

Mohamed Badr al-Din (R) stands in front of his vintage cars along a street where he keeps them, in the al-Shaar neighborhood of Aleppo January 31, 2015. The 66-year-old collector nicknamed Abu Omar inherited the hobby from his father and has a large collection of vintage cars, some of which he says belonged to former Syrian officials and were used in several movies and shows. Before the unrest, Abu Omar planned to open a museum to display his cars, which are guarded from pedestrians by a turkey that he owns. He hopes that the turmoil in the country will end so that he can pursue his hobby and repair his cars, which are heavily damaged from shelling. (Photo by Abdalrhman Ismail/Reuters)

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Children of the Night

French twins Thomas and Vincent (L) Seris take the tram in Bordeaux, November 12, 2014. Born with Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP), the twins cannot be exposed to the sun and its ultraviolet (UV) light, which could provoke precocious cancers due to an autosomal recessive genetic disorder of DNA repair. Colloquially referred to as Children of the Night (Les Enfants de la Lune) the Seris twins are among 70 to 80 people in France who suffer from the genetic defect. The French association “Les Enfants de la Lune” reports that there are between five and ten thousand such cases in the world. Thomas and Vincent have been testing a new protective mask for the last year which is transparent and ventilated and developed by several hospitals in France. (Photo by Regis Duvignau/Reuters)

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International Tattoo Expo 2015 in Venezuela

Mary Jose Cristerna, a Mexican known as The Vampire Woman, poses for the public to take portraits of her during the annual Venezuela Tattoo International Expo in Caracas, Venezuela, Thursday, January 29, 2015. Tattoo artists from around the world are gathering for the four-day event that also includes under the skin implants and body piercing. (Photo by Ariana Cubillos/AP Photo)

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January 22 – 30, 2015: Protests

A protester holds a bat puppet with the number 43 during a march marking the fourth month since the disappearance of 43 students from a rural teachers’ college, in Mexico City, Monday, January 26, 2015. Prosecutors have said police kidnapped the students on Sept. 26 in the southern state of Guerrero and handed them over to drug gang members, who killed them and burned the bodies, but protesters said Monday the government has failed to clear up doubts. (Photo by Eduardo Verdugo/AP Photo)

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January 22 – 30, 2015: Animals

This January 20, 2015 photo shows Bryce, a blind harbor seal pup, at the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward, Alaska. The seal, rescued in December, was deemed unfit to be released back into the wild. (Photo by Jenna Miller/AP Photo/Alaska SeaLife Center)

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January 22 – 30, 2015: The Week in Photos, Part 5

A woman walks past children playing on the beach at Camps Bay, near the city of Cape Town, South Africa, Saturday, January 24, 2015. Camps Bay is a affluent suburb forming a integral part of the Western Cape tourist root in South Africa. (Photo by Schalk van Zuydam/AP Photo)

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