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2014 New York Comic Con Convention, Part 2

1150 2014 New York Comic Con Convention, Part 2
General Atmosphere at 2014 Comic Con at Jacob Javitz Center on October 9, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images)

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2014 New York Comic Con Convention, Part 1

1148 2014 New York Comic Con Convention, Part 1
Katie Fang, dressed as a Vocaloid character, looks at her phone near costumed attendees inside New York’s Comic-Con convention, October 9, 2014. (Photo by Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)

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UK Army Photographic Competition

1146 UK Army Photographic Competition
This stirring collection of photos which offer a glimpse behind the scenes of army life have all been selected as winners in an annual competition. The remarkable pictures in the Army Photographic Competition show Britain’s soldiers at work and play. They have been taken by amateur and professional soldier cameramen and include images from operations in Afghanistan, air shows and sporting events. The winners were announced at a ceremony held at the Army Headquarters in Andover in Hampshire. Here: “Fireball Flyers” by Corporal Jamie Peters which won Best Overall Image as voted for by the public; Army Photographic Competition, Britain, October 8, 2014. (Photo by Jamie Peters/MoD/Geoff Robinson Photography/REX Features)

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Camping Luca Vuerich by Giovanni Pesamosca

1144 Camping Luca Vuerich by Giovanni Pesamosca

Italian architect Giovanni Pesamosca’s work is reaching scenic new heights. His cabin is perched on the edge of Foronon Buinz in Italy’s Julian Alps. The pre fabricated structure was placed at the spectacular location in memory of deceased climber Luka Vuerich, and is now providing free accommodation complete with jaw dropping panoramic views for up to nine people… the intrepid kind willing to make a long trek to 8303 feet (2531 meters) above sea level.

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3D-printed Statue Selfies

“The advent of digital cameras and smartphones killed the traditional mall portrait studio, but 3-D printing has sparked a new trend. Overloaded with digital photos, statues may be moving in to fulfill our desire for portraits that stand out. The typical 3-D-printed statue is printed in full color in a material known as “sandstone” – really, gypsum powder. It’s glued together by color ink ejected from a head similar to the one found in an inkjet printer. The statues range from three to eight inches tall. The technology allows for a lot of variation in materials. IMakr offered chocolate statues for Easter. For 99 pounds, you got a box with six small chocolate likenesses of yourself.

Big businesses are getting into 3-D statuary as well, with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. at the forefront. In July, at a newly opened Sam’s Club in Montgomery, Illinois, and another outside Fort Worth, Tex., 3-D printers scanned shoppers’ faces and placed resin printouts of their heads on action figure-sized bodies of one of three Marvel characters. Wal-Mart’s British unit, ASDA, starting testing a service in November that lets customers buy 8-inch figurines of themselves for 60 pounds, or $100. The studio is now permanent in one store, and it’s been so popular that the company is considering rolling it out to other locations. “It’s become the new family portrait”, said ASDA spokesman Russell Craig.

A Staples store in New York scans people’s faces and puts them on NBA and Star Trek figurines. The goal of the pilot program is to get small businesses to use Staples Inc. for 3-D scanning and printing jobs, just like they’ve provided those services for paper. One example of what that might look like: A bakery that wants to use statues of the bride and groom as wedding cake toppers would need a printer that cost $60,000 or so, plus the expertise to use it. Staples wants to do that job for them, for $70. Before that can happen, small businesses like bakeries have to learn about the possibilities of 3-D printing”. – Peter Svensson via The Associated Press

1143 3D printed Statue Selfies
In this August 14, 2014 photo, a plastic bust statue of Kevin Micelli, center, and his family, made by a 3-D scanner and printer, sits on a shelf inside Micelli’s coffee shop in New York. Micelli purchased the 3-D scanning and printing services at the Cubo toy store next door to his shop. With the old studio portrait supplanted by the selfie, 3-D scanning services provide a new reason for people to go to a store and stand stock-still in front of a camera. (Photo by Julie Jacobson/AP Photo)

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October 4-11: The Week in Protests

1141 October 4 11: The Week in Protests
Hundreds of messages are stuck on the wall of the Legislative Counsel building in the Admiralty district of Hong Kong. (Xaume Ollleros/Afp/Getty Images)

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Ebola Kills

1140 Ebola Kills
Juan Manuel Parra, a doctor who treated Spanish nurse Teresa Romero Ramos who contracted Ebola, looks out of an open window of the isolation ward as another person occupying an adjacent room looks on, at Madrid’s Carlos III hospital. (Andrea Comas/Reuters)

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Photo of the Day: Eiffel Tower Renovation

1139 Photo of the Day: Eiffel Tower Renovation
A bottom view of the new 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, October 6, 2014. The first floor of the iconic landmark was renovated and reopened. (Photo by Yoan Valat/EPA)

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“Long Ma” – the French Mechanical Installation

1138 “Long Ma”   the French Mechanical Installation
A mechanical installation named “Long Ma” is operated at a rehearsal of the Long Ma performance in front of the National Stadium, also known as the Bird’s Nest, in Beijing October 10, 2014. “Long Ma”, a 17-meter (56-ft) long and 15-meter (49-ft) tall mechanized dragon sculpture, and “The Spider”, a 5.7-meter (19-ft) tall and 6-meter (20-ft) wide machine, are operated by French performance art company La Machine. The structures are operated by an automatic control system and electronic equipment. The performance, which combines Chinese culture and French art, will be held next week in Beijing in honour of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, an organiser of the event said. (Photo by Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters)

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Mount Sinabung Volcano Erupts in Indonesia

1137 Mount Sinabung Volcano Erupts in Indonesia
Mount Sinabung volcano erupts, as seen from Tiga Pancur village, Karo Regency in Indonesia’s North Sumatra province October 8, 2014. (Photo by Y. T. Haryono/Reuters)

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Polluted Rivers in India

1135 Polluted Rivers in India
A boy throws a banana after collecting it from the polluted waters of river Sabarmati, in Ahmedabad July 18, 2013. (Photo by Amit Dave/Reuters)

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Nightmare New York

“Nightmare: New York”, staged in a Lower East Side building, depicts the ugliest, scariest vision of 1970s- and ’80s-era Gotham. Subways are awash in graffiti, creeps and crime. Menacing punks roam the streets. And the “characters” of Times Square don’t look anything like Elmo or SpongeBob SquarePants. Visitors wander through a 13-section maze of New York’s dark side, starting with a blackout, followed by scenes amid flashing strobe lights or a fire. Characters include a psychotic, Son of Sam-style serial killer, a urine-stained homeless man, a deranged woman crawling on the floor and tunnel-dwelling “mole people” whose grotesque faces suddenly pop up from dark corners.

“When someone screams, that’s our applause”,” says Timothy Haskell, the off-Broadway director who created the show. “But I also want them to appreciate the real-life stories that seep into your bones. Startles are ephemeral, haunting is forever”. To be sure, there is still plenty of real crime and creepiness in New York City. But the very idea that people would need to visit a haunted house to experience the worst of the “bad old days” is just what city officials like to hear. They repeatedly tout the steady drop in the city’s crime rate in the past two decades, saying New York is now the safest big city in America. Last year, 333 homicides were recorded, down from 2,245 in 1990, according to police statistics. “Nightmare” is in its 11th season, with themes changing each year. It runs through November 1. Tickets range from $30 to $60, the latter allowing the spectator to skip what’s often an hour-long line as Halloween approaches”. – Verena Dobnik via The Associated Press

1134 Nightmare New York
In this October 2, 2014 photo, an actor performs during “Nightmare: New York”, a haunted house attraction in New York. (Photo by Frank Franklin II/AP Photo)

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Everyday Life: North Korea

1132 Everyday Life: North Korea
A woman in traditional Korean costume watches as a student leaves a swimming pool of Kim Il-sung University in Pyongyang, April 11, 2012. (Photo by Bobby Yip/Reuters)

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Perfect Camouflage: Animals

1109 Perfect Camouflage: Animals
An arctic hare hidden against the snow in a Northern part of Canada. Whether they are the hunter or the hunted, these camouflage animals show natures incredible ability to blend in with its surroundings. Pictured perfectly concealed against their natural environment, the stunning pictures show the amazing lengths some animals will go to to stay out of sight. From the lappet moth that resembles a fallen leaf to the shark that buries itself beneath the ocean floor, each animal has its own unique way of staying hidden. In fact, some animals are still difficult to see even under the close up lens of a camera, proving they are the ultimate masters of disguise. (Photo by Pat Morris/Caters News/Ardea)

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Couch Surfing USA: Three People, Two Dogs and One Futon

1108 Couch Surfing USA: Three People, Two Dogs and One Futon

Three friends, two dogs, one futon: the perfect formula for a summer road trip. Reddit user thezim0090 recently shared this collection of photos from three of his friends, who decided to document a cross-country road trip by capturing lighthearted portraits of themselves seated with their two dogs on their van’s futon in the middle of amazing landscapes.

Starting in Vermont, the group made their way to places like Alaska and California over the course of four months. At each location, the friends set up a camera and tripod, piled onto the worn futon with their dogs, and struck casual poses in front of stunning mountains, lakes, fields, and canyons. Sharp-eyed viewers will notice that in each photo, whether the travel buddies are in Big Sur or near the Gulkana River, one of the three friends is looking away from the camera, adding a fun sense of action and continuity to their road trip mementos.

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