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The Lonesome Doll by Aline Smithson

0©Aline Smithson - The Lonesome Doll - nuncalosabre
“The Lonesome Doll” is a work of the American photographer Aline Smithson. The idea came after discovering a strange looking doll, made in the 1970´s. Seemed too adult to serve as toy to a child and did not fit with teddy bears and other toys, but had too much character to be ignored.
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Illustration – Audrey Bagley

Dreams and illusions of love and loss are recurring themes in the work of Audrey Bagley. Her works present us questions and tell us stories about melancholy childhood relationships and the mysteries of youth. Continue »

Monstrous Feminine – Jessica Ledwich

The photographer and visual artist Jessica Ledwich has just published an excellent project, if somewhat disturbing, which portrays a series of activities (rather sadistic rituals) to which women are subjected today to meet the standards of beauty. Continue »

Cinematography – Maiko Takeda

Logic + geometry + space form the common denominator in all Maiko Takeda pieces. It’s a world in which the simple will seem complicated and order turns to chaos.

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Art – Soey Milk

Californian artist Soey Milk has a dark mysticism and romantic time in her paintings, combines oriental style with the sensuality of beautiful young women in various erotic configurations. Delicate silhouettes, fine lines in painting and graphite produces a unique world out of a beautiful narrative history, wake up some interest, causes tenderness but also a strange atmosphere.

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8 Seconds – Nicolas Ruel

The Canadian photographer Nicolas Ruel has photographed 50 different cities, creating the “8 Seconds” project, begun in 2007 and continuing through 2015. Ruel uses multiple exposure method, as the title suggests, each photo is 8 second exposure. After capturing a particular scene, Ruel moves his camera and ends with the capture of a different perspective, getting these surreal multi-exposure photographs.

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Illustration – Brian DeYoung

Brian DeYoung is a young illustrator who resides in Chicago. He graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in illustration. Illustrations has always been his passion, particularly the use of traditional media to create his work, along with the use of images to create a story. His work is moving, animated, and technically impressive and often with a broad sense of humor.

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Paintings – Alessandro Papetti

The Italian artist Alessandro Papetti creates cityscapes giving a sense of movement in consonance with the chaotic life we ​​have in cities. His paintings have not only an instant, but rather, several elements mixed together in a dynamic interpretation of space and time.

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Art – Brad Lamers

Brad Lamers is a self-taught artist who began painting out of sheer boredom from working for many years in the Film Industry. Brad’s style is a mix of Pop, Street, and Conceptual Art, and is inspired by pop culture, celebrity, music, science, and modern America.

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18 Panels – Simón Prades

For years, German graphic designer and illustrator Simon Prades has been collecting photographs of various newspapers and has decided to make some ink drawings of the cuts and let them tell their own story, so the “18 Panels” series was born.

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Realistic Paintings – Chistopher Scott

Chistopher Stott works in a clean, simple, vivid compositional style using vintage objects set against white grounds with soft, natural light, focussing on the geometric designs of his subjects. Combining a subdued palette, he has a unique approach and consistent technique. Along with precise rendering balanced with very delicate, painterly brushwork, Stott’s work is approachable on multiple levels and has its finger firmly on the pulse of contemporary representational painting.

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In the Trees: Twin Peaks 20th anniversary Art Show

“In the Trees: Twin Peaks 20th anniversary Art Show” was an exhibition commemorating the 20th anniversary of the TV series Twin Peaks, which was held at the legendary Clifton’s Brookdale cafeteria, founded in 1935 and today boasts of being the oldest in Los Angeles, on 12 and 13 February 2011.

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Photography – Kansuke Yamamoto (山本 悍右)

Japanese Photographer, Kansuke Yamamoto (Japanese, 1914—1987), was an innovative artist who advanced the avant-garde movement in Japan, Yamamoto pioneered a signature style that merged European-inspired Surrealist iconography with distinctly Japanese motifs and concerns.

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The sketches of Edward Hopper

Until 6 October, the Whitney Museum of American Art, located in New York, presented an exhibition that showed the sketches and drawings that the artist Edward Hopper performed to prepare some of his most famous paintings.

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Portraits – Harding Meyer

Harding Meyer is a multicultural artist. Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, was raised in Switzerland and France, and currently lives in Germany. His most recent work is centered around anonymous portraits in large format, which differ by a kind of hyperrealism decreased, where the indecipherable look of the portraits is complemented by the lack of context and blurs.

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