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Amazing photography by Ryan McGinley

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Harper Smith folk inspired photograpy

The Ultimate Deck by Stranger & Stranger

ultimate deck01 650x394 The Ultimate Deck by Stranger & Stranger

Stranger & Stranger agency, well-known for its work around wine and alcohol packaging, released an amazing card deck, subtile mixing between packaging finition and awesome illustration.

The Ultimate Deck by Stranger & Stranger

Evasion, an inspirational blog

Ghostly International covers by Michael Cina

Fashion illustration by Cocopit

Negative space illustrations

Truly creative type experiments by Oded Ezer

Marcelo Gomes

Nike 6.0 great illustrations by Adam Haynes

Romain Lenancker

The Misty Isle

Traditionnal illustration by Dmitry Ligay

What lies beneath the surface

Skinny Ships

Hyperralistic paints by Linnea Strid