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Coffee Art by Kazuki Yamamoto

Kazuki Yamamoto has given people another chance to think coffee is the best thing that ever happened to the world. Looking at the many pieces of art atop a wholesome cup of steaming coffee are some characters we know so well, such as the Simpsons and the Genie. The coffee artist, Yamamoto, shows a mind of creativity in coming up with the gorgeous latte art.

The talented artist made use of steamed milk and coffee and drew some famous characters many have seen over the years not only in movies but in video games and other media such as TV shows.

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3D Origami Sculptures

It is the kind you would love to get down and come up with. The three dimensional paper sculptures were initially designed from a computed followed by a single sheet of paper, uncut and folded; each one of them. The designer and creative maker of the pieces is a computer science tutor at Tsukuba University.

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Balloon Installation

New Amazing Balloon Installation By William Forsythe Made from Thousand of white balloons, suspended in a billowing wash of sound

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Magical Clouds

Sarah Ann Wright is a photographer based in London and has captured portraits to landscapes before. However, the way she quirkily conceives photos of clouds catch the attention of many people.

The little white masses appear to float in a magical fashion atop pair of hands and glass cup as snow and showers are sent down. While everything she has come up with is real, the snow falling is textural layer done through Photoshop.

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Mechanical Insects Made from Watch Parts

After growing tired of making jewelry, Justin got down to experimenting with a number of parts of watch and stuck with insect and spider legs.

After some time, a number of new series showcasing small sculptural work of insects and arthropods was created. Justin takes a number of hours to come up with the sculptures and since he does not leave work unfinished, he completes a new creature once in just a sitting.

It is not a small fete since an insect takes around 12 hours in assembling the straps, gears, stems and watch springs and soldering them together; nothing is glued.


El Mac New Mural – Street Art

From afar the mural is very catchy and meshed up with modern day metaphor. It seems to speak to you, inspiring from deep down. It is the work of El Mac, a street artist based in the heart of Los Angeles and a very colorful and complete brand new mural. It is located in Utah’s Lehi Adobe new Campus on the southern part of Salt Lake City.

It is undoubtedly created to be an inspiration through the young girl seen writing or drawing, seriously or intensely engulfed in what she is doing. Looking closely some faint binary tracings of code is clear in the drawing’s background.

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Fruit Packaging

Looking at the eye-catching and creative packaging of fruits you cannot help thinking about devouring at least one, if not all. The Fruit Figures is a unique packaging that seeks to encourage kids to consume healthy food items.

It is a very clever packaging done by the hands of Scholz and Friends, commissioned by an organic supermarket chain in German known as Fresh ‘N’ Friends.

Fruits that in normal times look boring were arranged into whimsical characters, gorgeous animals and other familiar shapes of objects. Through the creative piece of work, kids have been encouraged to come up with their own designs of fruit figures.

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Arac ZXS Motorcycle

Most people rarely give a second look to most super sports but looking at the bike you would be insane not to afford another look. The Arac ZXS is full of style that gives the impression of an aggressive stance and robust body.

The c-twin monster is a real street fighter as much as it might be hard to indicate performance although judging by its mean batman-like look on the facial part, it is safe to indicate the ZXS is not only heart-stopping but takes the breath away.

The engine compartment is surrounded by curves and sharp lines, perpetuity of its body design that runs across its entire frame, a design by Mako Petrovic

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The Italian Made Rizoma 77/011

There has never been a bike as sleek as the Rizoma 77/011 that makes one think about overhauling his or her main model of movement. The design is awesome and sleek and carbon fiber with an accent of aluminum. There have been a growing number of cyclists in urban areas and it is not a surprise designers have been paying some attention on the functionality and design able to tame the modern jungle in urban areas.

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Modern Spherical Tent

If you thought animals nestling on trees are a great choice, then the Cocoon Tree Tent offers the alternative you are seeking as compared to the camping setup many are used to or even the idea of boring discomfited hammocks one must be accustomed to.

In the hanging tent the structure of the sphere is aluminum, with a resistant tarpaulin covering it with just a miniature door as the entry point.

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Massive Chalk Art

This year’s Florida’s Sarasota Chalk Festival had Kurt Wenner, a 3D chalk art inventor and famous for it, working on a gigantic street piece across the street with an entire team of artists. The theme of the festival this year was commemorating the historical Ringling Brothers Circus and its founding.

After the “Circus City, USA” festival theme, Kurt Wenner’s huge chalk installation is made up of 3 dimensional depictions of performers at a circus, classically adorned, as they march down a street/pavement, as if on a parade of their own. For the full three dimensional effect to be felt, the piece, that is sepia-toned, had to be viewed from 15.5 ft from above.

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Paintings of Dystopian Worlds by Alex Andreev

If there is one rather impossible or nearly impossible fete is trying to do a summary or categorization of Alex Andreev’s genre of the kind of digital paintings he has created. They are half science fiction and obviously half dystopian in terms of the future with some scenes being utterly beautiful and disturbing at the same time where the characters he has come up reflected a heavy influence of the intense movies, music and literature from the Soviet world. Alex, based in the heart of St.

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Basket Apartments in Paris By OFIS

The project on Basket apartment in the heart of Paris was done by the OFIS architects and located on a narrow site, a long one at that, around Paris’ Parc La Vilette edge on the 19th district. It is an Urban Development carried out by architects who understand the nature of such a project.

The project is within the range of the tram route of Paris around the northeast side. The same site also borders on the southwest the tram garage, where the area above has a football field. With the project the configuration is very particular, the width standing at 11m and extends about 200m, on the north-south side.

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Stripe House

The Stripe House is the architectural work of GAAGA located in the heart of Leiden in the Netherlands. It is a mixed-use small house that has derived its name from horizontal stripes of a unique characteristic intensely carved within a façade and wrapped across the exposed triple elevations.

Stripe House is located in an area where new urban planning has been taking place with clients given the mandate to create houses of their own. A part of the plot has been reserved for a garden enclosure that gives soft transition to private space from a public one including some distance from the adjacent houses.

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Door Handle By Nikita Kovalev

Obviously, there have been many things that have adopted the familiar shape of a gun, such as cell phone cases. However, there is a designer who has taken the gun shape in a whole new level. Nikita Kovalev is the product designer from Russia who has created the design of the innovative door handle that appears as a gun and also functions just like the weapon.

The project is termed as Bang Bang whose inspiration is the Makarov type of pistol. To enter into a house, the door has to be opened by having the trigger pulled.

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