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Villa Sera by Hakan Gürsu

Looking at the Villa Sera structure you get the idea that nature has drawn closer and blended with neat architecture. It harnesses gray water for use by plants amidst collecting rainwater and solar panels for power ending up with an awesome microcosm able to reduce the footprint of carbon while contributing to a better and sound eco system.

The design is the work of Hakan Gürsu from Designnobis and uses elements of glass and steel in the structure to create a spacious, modern and strong building. The self sufficiency is enhances by the sections of greenhouses that have innovative air and heat circulation ample in plant growing and organic farming.

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Watercolor Art

Born in 1988 in a very small Russian Town, Dima Rebus is an illustrator who graduated in 2011 from a Moscow’s art school. Dima has up to now worked on a huge range of awesome projects highly characterized by weird angles and transformations. His work has appeared in different magazines and distinct publishing houses including a lot of artwork of a personal nature.

Looking at his work an edgy blend of artistic masterly is obvious, with each piece having some form of tension that makes every one of them worth looking at twice. It is a Rebus world of disturbing contradictions.

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Mixtape Table

Looking at the Mixtape Table you get the feeling that someone is making a tribute to the mixtape after the age of DVD and CD discarded it into the past. The table is innovatively done and looked from far one gets the idea of a real cassette, only to find out that it is a real table for the living room.

The uniquely made coffee table is the work of Jeff Skierka and definitely a gigantic cassette tape.

Maple and walnut wood were used to come up with the awesome mixtape and in the tradition of the cassette tape it is a table that can be reversed.

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Wuxi Grand Theatre By PES Architect

PES-Architects in the year 2008 took the first prize in the international invited architectural competition for the design of the Wuxi Grand Theatre. PES did not just win since it beat a number of famous practices that are also superbly established from across the world in such countries as Denmark, Japan, France and Germany.

The main thing observable when it comes to the Wuxi Grand Theatre is the location. There is an artificial peninsula lying on Taihu Lake northern shore and since there is a highway bridge, the location compares to the well-known Sydney Opera House. The building courtesy of the location has become an amazing landmark and runs 50 meters high with 8 huge roof wings stretching further across the façade.

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Sphere Chair By Allen Chester G. Zhang

When it comes to design work not many people remember the physically impaired but a designer known as Allen Chester G. Zhang has not left them behind. He has created the Sphere, a modern scooter in terms of mobility able to expand on the traditional forms capabilities to allow the use to have a lot of flexibility in movement such that he or she can move while still seated, laying down, standing and even crouching without departing from the chair.

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From Below By Michael Rohde

If you sleep on your floor and stare up on the ceiling, you might see the world a little different but it will definitely not be something equivalent to what Michael Rohde, a German photographer and artist, has been able to create. The perspective of the rooms as the German artist has done might seem comprehensible and perhaps show some mathematical logical until you are drawn into the self-contained images and aesthetics.

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Mechanical Sculptures by Andrea Petrachi

There have been a lot of artistic pieces all trying to make something out of recycled materials or thrown away items but this attempt by Andrea Petrachi is more creative. Petrachi is an artist based in the Italian city of Milan and he has come up with really bizarre insects and characters by using objects reclaimed from around such as electric razors, knives, pliers, calculators and even old cameras. Apart from very sleek designs, looking at the created characters depict some whimsical figures adopting the heads and faces of children’s toys and dolls.

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Paper Tattoos By Jacob Dahlstrup

Looking at the paper tattoos you end up loving the entire idea of the creator. The drawings are on point and some of the best you might have seen, some depicting historical figures and mind boggling illustrations. The creative and really beautiful drawings have been tattooed on really white pieces of paper through the works of an artist known as Jacob Dahlstrup, based in the heart of Copenhagen.

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Anywhere Mouse

With the Arc Mouse, one sees finesse in its real sense that makes a promise of bringing to the computer a distinct user experience. Probably you do not like the mini-mouse mostly usable with laptops due to their miniscule nature. Those using Photoshop and a host of other software at once find the track pad steering kind heartbreaking. Holding the small mouse is not something that is very comfortable and while on the road, it is not one you can use.

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Burton Barr Central Library

The library of Phoenix Central is a firm and iconic structure straddling interstate ten while passing across Margaret Hance’s Deck Park Tunnel in the heart of Arizona’s Phoenix. It was designed in 1995 by Will Bruder and Partners for housing a huge volume set of around a million in just 280,000 of sq ft, while also serving as a major motivation for the local community while fostering some pride.

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250,000 Books Maze

London this year will be seeing a lot of action, having started with the Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee and 60 years of James Bond in the big screen and now, the London 2012 Festival and the Olympics. The installation runs within July 26-30 where the aMAZEme gargantuan creation will be constructed largely by the public after being spearheaded by two artists from the heart of Brazil, Gualter Pupo and Marcos Saboya.

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Carving Sculptures

Probably you thought you have seen sheer creativity in carving sculptures out of cardboard or other materials that are not conventionally used in carving. Looking at the real cardboard pieces of art you realize the superb and immaculate innovation that went into them. Bartek Elsner is a designer and art director based in German who has come up with some really clever sculptures through humble cardboards. Continue »

3D Illustrations By Nagai Hideyuki

If you have never seen 3D images on a piece of paper that seems to leap forward while drawing you into their deep sense of creativity, then this is your chance. The artistic pieces are by Nagai Hideyuki, an artist from Japan who plays with perspective, shadow and light to come up with the optical illusions styles through the use of his sketchbooks spreads. Continue »

Outdoor Light Displays

Luzinterruptus is a Madrid artistic group anonymous that likes highlighting the issues of the city through different ways, such as temporary varieties of light-based displays. A photographer and an artist head the group who, since 2008, uses their artistic skills to comment on sensitive to environmental and social issues.

The groups have done a lot of art such as open swimming pool memorializing that has been availed from a specific community still reeling with government’s empty promise of ever having a new pool to nuclear power commentary in a howling kind of way. Their work is unique, original and highly expressive.

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Cloud House By McBride Charles Ryan

If you move into Fitzroy North in Australia’s Melbourne, in the suburbs, you might not be able to know the house with a distinct secret. The house, made in an Edwardian kind of style, is not directly on the street but has an addition that reminds one of a cloud shape at the back; very pretty indeed. The intricate piece of work was done by McBride Charles Ryan, making a wall that is undulating and reminds one of a cloud by its cross section.

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