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Mad Max – The Road Warrior | TV Trailer

A TV Trailer for the second Mad Max Movie, in the style of Fury Road.

The Call


If you want to sur­vive you have to work, it’s as sim­ple as that. Not everybody’s work­ing in the same busi­ness though. There is a whole indus­try nobody wants to talk about, an indus­try that kills for a liv­ing. No names, no faces, just a sim­ple call and an adress. This night we are fol­low­ing a name­less Killer through his bloody work rou­tine, but tonight some­thing unfore­seen happens.
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ADC 2014 (Art Directors Club)

Just a short clip from this years Art Directors Club in Hamburg with the trip to Hamburg, location and some awesome works.

Movie Quotes

Animated Movie Quotes by Fabio Arnold.

Jim Visible

After a long time of retouching images, color correction and animating different versions of titles our short is finally done.
We´re looking forward for your feedback.

Created by:
Johannes Hutterer:

Fabio Arnold:


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Fabio Arnold | Bumper

B/W Motiongraphics (Video)

Flvrd Motion | IDs

Logo, Concept, Animation, Postproduction, Sounddesign
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Bøunce by Fabio Arnold

TRΔCER by Fabio Arnold

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Huge Mustache

Just a little Animation I did for the GSG 5 seconds Project for Movember.

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Awesome | Motion Graphics

A little side project.
Used After effects for animations and my iPhone for sounddesign.


Showreel 2011/2012 – Fabio Arnold

Hello my name is Fabio Arnold and I’m a 3D & Motiondesigner from Germany.
Not long ago I finished my education as Mediadesigner at Mediadesign Hochschule in Munich.

There is even more interesting stuff going on on my website.
Look by and get in contact with me if you have ideas you want to realise.

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Imagination | Commercial

“Everything you can imagine is real.” ― Pablo Picasso

Just a litte project i wanted to visualize.
Wasn´t it nice when we were kids? :)

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