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Old London Sculpture

Naylor used sugar cubes to create London sculpture.


3D Optical Illusions

3D Optical Illusions created from different simple materials.

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“Beardvertising” is a creative form of advertising, by a Kentucky based advertising agency.

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New Look of Super Heroes

Artist Billy the Butcher came up with a very interesting concept.

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Words Animation

There are a few examples of Animography’s work

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Perfect Drawings

Franco always had a passion for pencil drawings. What makes his work extraordinary is that he is a self-taught artist.

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The Illustrated Lion

Nike is known to always come up with sports gear design that has a wow factor.


Live Infographics

Studio “Soon” took the tools for statistical data and turned them into larger than life icons.

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Sweet Cakes

What you want the most on your birthdays?

Sweet Cakes?

Iron Man Tutorials

The Cover Page Faces

Iron Man Illustrations

If you are in line to watch Iron Man 3, I strongly recommend you take a look at these Iron Man illustrations before hitting the theater, to boost your urge!
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Typographical Ad Campaign

Based on the youths changing moods regarding music, fashion and even carrier, the new Brio campaign adds humor to an already trendy and attractive communication.

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Wrist Tattoos and Graphics

Typography Beard Styles

There are many more beard styles in Goldemann’s chart with their matching font styles mentioned.

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