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American photographer and model in Brazil

American photographer/artist/model Jayelle Hudson has been living in São Paulo, Brazil since 2008. These last six years she learned a lot about the Brazilian culture, while traveling around the country making photos.
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Flavio Samelo‘s unique prints made with Estúdio Baren friends in Rio de Janeiro last month for the collective exhibition “Desdobramentos Gráficos” at Graphos Brasil gallery.

Demian Jacob
Estúdio Baren
Flavio Samelo
Graphos Brasil
Marcelo Macedo

vista skateboard art #49

Vista is a free brazilian magazine, dedicated to the skateboarding culture and the cool things around it in Brazil and from friends around the world. The magazine is in Portuguese and English.

They just released the issue 49. You can also check some photos of the release party in São Paulo, Brazil.

check some pages:


the new VISTA magazine was released these week, always with the best skateboarding visual arts and ideas. From Brazil to the world, in english and portuguese. Enjoy it all!

FORMA – at homegrown in Rio de Janeiro!

Until jan. 9th 2013, the homegrown shop/gallery will have some of my last works available. If you are in Rio, go visit, the place is super cool.

HOMEGROWN: Rua Maria Quitéria, 68 – Ipanema
+55 21 2513-2160

vista #45

the new vista issue is out now, skateboarding from Brazil!

free english and portuguese magazine! Check all the issues!

vista #43

the new issue of vista is out now.You can check the whole magazine, it is free, it is in portuguese/english, with real skateboarding from Brazil, not commercial stuff, and much more. Vista is a manifesto against the seriousness on skateboarding.

if you want to check older free issues, click here and if you want to subscribe the magazine contact to

! enjoy your life !

vista #42

new issue of the skateboarding and art magazine from Brazil, vista skateboard art #42. The mag is free and in english and portuguese. Enjoy! : )



ricardo brasília

ricardo brasília






Arte Muda

vista #41

one more issue of vista #41 – mar./apr. 2012

it is the NO LOGO COVER, nothing but what really matters on a skateboarding magazine: SKATEBOARDING

english/portuguese free skateboarding and culture magazine from Brazil. Enjoy!

skater: Akira Shiroma / photo: Flavio Samelo / cover concept: Chiba Chiba

vista # 40 – the summer issue

vista #40 – english/portuguese – skateboarding, art, lifestyle, street and culture from Brazil

vista skateboard art magazine #39 – Rio de Janeiro Issue

love the way skateboarding is in RIO. Real way, relax, fun and with friends, no business at all, just fun! vista #39 is dedicated to that! enjoy! The mag is in enligh and portuguese! Free to download!


vista skateboarding art magazine

check the new vista skateboarding art magazine issue 38. (english/portuguese magazine)

Vista Skateboard Art

Vista Skateboard Art is a brazilian magazine about skateboarding culture in Brazil and worldwide. Free to download, in English and Portuguese. Last issue, #37, have a lot of nice portraits and skateboarding photos. Check back issues at issu.The magazine is designed by Chiba Chiba studio.


Check CINZA, my very first experience with jewelry photos.

Flavio Samelo


new project called GEOMETRICA. New book and exhibition soon. Using film 120mm, Polaroids and no photoshop manipulation. My idea is to create forms, shapes and geometric constructions using photograph as a support.

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