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Handmade Totebags.

Workking 1 650x445 Handmade Totebags.

Visit BagForMercy to see the handmade and individual results! BagForMercy also functions as a showroom for inspiring pictures of totebags, which are sent by visitors or facbook-users.

DYT Screenshot 650x1002 Handmade Totebags.

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BagForMercy – The tote-bag blog.

DYT Screenshot 650x1002 BagForMercy   The tote bag blog.

Visit BagForMercy, the german blog about tote-bags. The blog shows the blog’s-owners works as well as pictures of individual tote-bags, which are sent in by various bag-lovers. Send your bag-photos to build up an inspiring platform for tote-bag manufactures and -lovers!

BagForMercy – The Tote-Bag Blog.

DYT Screenshot 650x1002 BagForMercy   The Tote Bag Blog.

BagForMercy is a tote-bag-Blog with the intention to be an archive of different tote-bags of all kinds and designs. Visit BagForMercy here! You can also visit the blog’s facebook-page.

Audrey Hepburn at BagForMercy – the tote-bag blog.

Beutel Audrey Redu1 Audrey Hepburn at BagForMercy   the tote bag blog.
BagForMercy is a new german blog whose intention is to be inspirational source for tote-bag-designers and -fans. Everybody owning tote bags can send his photos of them to BagForMercy to enlarge the collection of tote bags and help inspire bag lovers. Visit BagForMercy here!

Cotton Bag Blog

Audrey DYT Cotton Bag Blog
Hello everybody, I’ve just startet a blog about cotton bags. Everybody who’s interestet in those bags and owns one ore more of them can send me his cotton-bag-photos to complete an online-collection of cotton bags as inspiration for bag-lovers oder -designers. Visit the blog here!