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Mr Toilet by Lusky

Dave on Dave…

He likes the likeness, but is it just a fib? See more on my What If? Facebook page.

We Are Lied To by Lusky

Everybody’s favorite Etonian, Dave. Check my Facebook page for more.

Nude by Lusky

Thought I’d try my hand at the classics. Check out more of my work here.

Scarlett Johansson wears a Lusky You t-shirt

Get one now before Paris Hilton snatches the lot for herself.
Imagine, your girlfriend could look this good (from the neck down) this valentine day.

Lusky on Facebook.

You by Lusky for valentines day.

Let the one you love tell they do by making them wear this on Valentines Day. Even if they don’t everyone else will think they do. Simples. Comes in lots of colours and black.

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Dead Princess t-shirt

Comes in lots of different colours, for men and women. Shiny. Precious. We want’s it.

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Stand by your convictions with Lusky apparel

Hi intransigents. If you need to show the world you stand by your convictions then you need one of my slightly assertive t-shirts. Here’s my Facebook page for more info and other stuff.
Get Mr Finger here.

Get Papsi here.

Get WOW! here.

Tom Cruise holds up his Antibrand t-shirt

Thomas Cruise Mapother iii at Lusky show

Breaking Bad cast admire a Lusky.

The two main stars from my favorite show are seen admiring Shark Hunting. Check out more Lusky’s here.

You want to see my Lusky? You can f*** off says John Lydon.

Macca endorses Lusky…

More stars, more Lusky art.

The truth is not out there it’s right here in front of me says Gillian Anderson whilst admiring a piece by artist Lusky.

Sarah Jessica Parker in a Lusky NO! t-shirt

SJP flashes her new Lusky branded t-shirt outside her home in New York.

Stars wear Lusky

Stars have been seen wearing Lusky artwork emblazoned clothing around the world.
Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Kanye West. Cameron Diaz and Fern Cotton.