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Witty Illustrations By Jaco Haasbroek


South African designer Jaco Haasbroek creates a surprisingly simple and witty illustrations. Jaco’s creations feature cute tiny characters that give a new way of seeing the world.

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A Photographer Captured A Woman’s Weight-Loss Journey With Before-And-After Portraits


When Beth Bird from Toronto lost 150 pounds, her friend photographer and illustrator Blake Morrow decided to make a series of portraits, where he shows before and after weight-loss at the same time: the old and the new Beth.

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Powerful Portraits Of Brave People Revealing Their Insecurities


The What I Be Project by photographer Steve Rosenfield is an interesting research into the human condition.

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Volcanic Splattered Watercolor Animal Paintings By Hua Tunan


The animals portrayed in Chinese artist Hua Tunan‘s ink paintings seem moments away from escaping the canvas. Each piece seems to pulse with force, driven by Tunan’s hectic painting style that borrows from traditional Chinese ink art and Western-style graffiti. The artist also works on much larger paintings with broad strokes of dripping spray paint on urban murals that have popped up around the world over the last few years.

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98 Pieces Of Food Cut Up Into Perfect Geometric Cubes May Induce Hunger


Dutch artists Lernert and Sander became famous after collaborating on an art related project that melted chocolate bunnies in different ways and now this viral photo has been commissioned by Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant for their food-themed documentary photography special. They cut raw food into 98 perfect 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm cubes, creating a tantalizing geometric display.

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Childish Set Design by Hattie Newman


Hattie Newman is a London-based image maker who usually works for famous brands such as Cadbury, Sony or Louis Vuitton. Inspired by childhood, her colorful set design mix different kind of materials and supports. She expresses her talent by way of both still lives or playful masks for children.

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Tiny Lonely Houses Photography


Take a look at these tiny lonely houses photographed in Portugal by Sejkko. Behind a blue sky of white clouds, photographer highlights singular houses in a minimalistic way that seem to be lost in the middle of nowhere.

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French “Spiderman” Climbs Paris Skyscraper For Nepal


French climber Alain Robert, also known as “Spiderman” climbed up the highest building in Paris with a Nepalese flag in his pocket as a tribute to more than 3000 victims of the earthquake. Robert, 53, scaled the 210-metre Tour de Montparnasse without a safety harness in just below an hour. During the climb he tried to fix the Nepalese flags and prayer flags to the building but they failed to stay attached.

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Contemporary Artist Barry X Ball


Barry X Ball makes sculptures that are simultaneously contemporary and classical. Born in Pasadena in 1955. Creates a spectacular and ominous sculpture. Currently lives and works in New York.

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Abandoned Soviet Buildings by Rebecca Litchfield


London based photographer Rebecca Litchfield created a collection named “Soviet Ghosts” where she immortalizes abandoned buildings after the USSR fall. Her pictures take the beholder in Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic and Latvia. In these photographies the time is like suspended.

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A Bizzare New Trend In Taiwan: Perfectly Round Or Square Haircuts For Dogs


There’s a new hilarious trend in Taiwan to help pet owners get the most likes for their pets on social media. According to RocketNews24, this trend is really taking Taiwan by storm. Pet groomers are giving pups haircuts that makes their heads look like perfect circles or squares. You can see some examples of these haircuts below.

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Civita di Bagnoregio: Ancient Endangered Hill Town in Italy


Civita di Bagnoregio, Province of Viterbo, Italy. Initially Civita was the first settlement established by Etruscans over 2 500 years ago, whereas Bagnoregio was its suburb. Only recently tourists rediscovered the sister towns, that mesmerize with impressive nature and panoramic views, as well as historic architecture, balancing on a fragile cliff.

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Notorious Baldies: Illustrations by Fernando Perottoni


The London-based art director Fernando Perottoni brought us this collection of the most famous bald heads of movies and TV shows. Check out the illustrations below and visit Fernando’s website for more interesting projects.

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Cute Illustrations Capture How Love is All About the Small Things


Artist “Puuung” shows that true love is all the little moments in a relationship. The illustrations show how day to day interactions are important and serve as a reminder to not forget the small things.

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Floral Bouquets Floating in Bubbling Water


Photographer Lisa Sorgini is the author or an ongoing series devoted to flowers and bouquets : “Flotsam”. She captures different kinds of flowers in bubbling water that produces a lot of little bubbles. The petals are drowned by these air bubbles and the result is very aesthetic.

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