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Beautiful, Dramatic Illustrations Of Ocean Waves And Galaxies In Coffee Mugs By Victoria Siemer


Victoria Siemer is a New York-based graphic designer created a heartbreaking ‘Human Error’ series, which gives your morning cup of coffee an additional dose of surrealism with her latest project, entitled ‘Coffee Cup Manipulations’. Continue »

Canadian Artist Creates Miniature Dioramas In An Old Vintage Ring Boxes


Canadian artist Talws creates miniature dioramas in old vintage ring boxes. The canvas is quite limiting, but that’s doesn’t stop Talwst, who has transformed the tiny boxes into variety of scenes. Some reference pop-culture, other history, and some are just artist’s memories made manifest. Continue »

Just Grow It: French Artist Transforms Nike Sneakers Into Blooming Plant Gardens


Parisian artist Christophe Guinet, working under the pseudonym Mr. Plant, from his childhood was interested in art and botany. Currently, he creates art objects, uniting footwear and nature. For his ‘Just Grow It’ project, Christophe has designed a series of garden-like sculptures from shoes, using organic materials like plants, tree bark, seeds, soil, fungus, and moss. Continue »

Handcrafted Porcelain “State Plates” Map By Corbé


Detroit-based company Corbé has designed The Fifty United Plates Map as a ransom to hardworking craftspeople across the country. Their collection of handcrafted porcelain plates fit together and form a huge three-dimensional map that crosses seven feet by four feet. Continue »

Band This Winding Staircase Onto Any Tree Without Any Tools


Designers Thor te Kulve and Robert McIntyre have devised a smart system that allows anyone to make a spiral staircase up the trunk of a tree without actually damaging it and without using tools.
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#Whatmyhandsdoing: Project Showing How Much Work Your Hands Do


You use them to write, to open doors, to brush teeth and to eat. Your hands are regularly working throughout the day, and you probably don’t ever think twice about it.
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Hilarious Underdogs Photo Project By Sebastian Magnani


Swiss-based photographer, Sebastian Magnani brings to life the idea that dogs look like their owners with his “Underdogs” project. Continue »

Photographer Captures Nearly Frozen Waves In Nantucket And It’s Amazing


Jonathan Nimerfroh, a photographer who describes himself as “obsessed” with the ocean, found something most of us have never seen – nearly frozen waves. He captured these amazing photographs of slushy winter waves near his Nantucket home. For more photos of slurpee wave images you can find here. Continue »

Shocking Photographs Showing What It Means To Live In A “Small” Space


The Japanese are famous for making practical use of small living areas, a requirement of their high population density. Inspired by this fact, photographer Won Kim created the series “Living Close”, showing the residents of what is best defined as a guesthouse for backpackers in Tokyo. Continue »

Mike Brodie’s Amazing Photos Of Teenage Freight Train Hitchhikers


Mike Brodie‘s life, when told by a stranger, seems a lot like free association — where one thing leads to the next, leads to the next, etc. Continue »

Brazilian Illustrator Rafael Mantesso Creates Fun Illustrations With His Bull Terrier


The Brazilian illustrator, Rafael Mantesso found himself in the middle of a divorce, which ended in his wife leaving, taking everything inside and leaving behind an empty house with white walls. All he had was Jimmy Choo, his bull terrier. Continue »

Incredible Chalkboard Art Created By Japanese Students


It was noticed by Japanese chalkboard maker Nichigaku that over the past two years, there’s been an increasingly popular trend amongst students in Japan. Earlier this year, the company hosted a Blackboard Art contest that yielded 50 submissions from 249 students in Japan. Continue »

Contemporary Artist Charmaine Olivia’s Creative Workspace


When it comes to art, more often than not there is a backstory as to reason each piece created. There is a history behind why the artist decided to head down an obviously unknown path. San Francisco-based artist Charmaine Olivia is a self-taught artist with incredible talent. Her paintings depict women in fantastically strong ways. Continue »

Mesmerizing Kinetic Machines By Jennifer Townley Fuse Mathematics And Art


Though powered by simple rotary engines, these kinetic models by Netherlands-based sculptor Jennifer Townley are spinning in complexity. Constant patterns turn, mix, and cascade as individually sculpted parts rotate on a single axis, an elaborate fusion of art and mathematics. Continue »

This Is Quite Possibly The Saddest And The Cutest Cat You’ve Ever Seen


This adorable cat from China, named Luhu, became the real internet celebrity that is probably dominating your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Little Luhu’s sad face expression has earned the moggy almost 15,000 followers on Instagram. Continue »