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‘Big Bang’ by Fidia Falaschetti x Galleria-T

BIG BANG , the old situation resets, and life is given the possibility of redemption, and to start from scratch. From a sumptuous cloud in the sky, we see the hand of the Almighty in an unequivocal position: a gun, an allegory of the gun with blanks used in sporting events starter to give the signal to start the race . But the gun did not let off a shot, but instead the flag BANG, such as those found in toy guns, with the addition of a small retail reference: BIG, an explicit mention of the origin of life on earth, the point zero when everything was beginning.

Fidia Falaschetti x Galleria-T SS13 T Shirt Collection

Milan Based Urban Fashion Brand Galleria-T announces the First in a new series of Artist Collaborations, beginning with Italian Artist Fidia Falaschetti.

Galleria-T was created early in 2011 by London born Eric Hall, utilising over 14 Years experience of working within the Luxury Fashion Industry, combined with his love for an Urban Lifestyle in order to create something more inspiring and Creative of his own.

Fidia Falaschetti began his career as graphic designer, illustrator and photographer, and since 1995 has collaborated with many well-known brands. Yet after turning 30, feeling uneasy with commercial business communication, his career was overturned, Fidia was “kidnapped” by the world of contemporary art, which he found to be the ideal way to express and portray his feelings to the outside world.

For the FIDIA FALASCHETTI x GALLERIA-T Collaboration, 4 Hand drawn illustrations were created, all based around the Design Brief Theme of ‘Re-Birth/Re-Start’ and each design skillfully screenprinted onto our T Shirts, with Vest Tops & Sweatshirts due to be added later to the Collection.

During this current Global Financial Crisis, where everything seems motionless, annihilated, standing in a dimension without a future, Fidia Falaschetti could not resist the invitation by Galleria-T to work on such an brief.

While respecting the complexity of the theme, the result is provocative and irreverent, with an explicit challenge to the system, but always with an eye to be a wrong solution.

The Four designs created by Fidia Falaschetti for Galleria-T are as follows;

BORN TO BE A LIE (The first time this piece has been re-produced on a Tshirt, with the illustration originally shown at Fidias last solo exhibition in Paris), the focus of this design is on the lack of hope, the absence of any future to a mind that does not create more stimuli and again, a contemporary that does not allow the younger generation to be born and to have their say to improve their daily lives. Storks, do not bring more children, but only clear bags full of garbage, abandoned goods as waste by the consumer society. Lies acquire the role of laws, and the result can be a paradoxical and synthetic image without issue.

BIG BANG , the old situation resets, and life is given the possibility of redemption, and to start from scratch. From a sumptuous cloud in the sky, we see the hand of the Almighty in an unequivocal position: a gun, an allegory of the gun with blanks used in sporting events starter to give the signal to start the race . But the gun did not let off a shot, but instead the flag BANG, such as those found in toy guns, with the addition of a small retail reference: BIG, an explicit mention of the origin of life on earth, the point zero when everything was beginning.

Feed-YO MIND UR (the third harmonic note of the project), brings us to the stage of awareness, the time at which the mind reacts to hunger and opens its wings, flying into the surrounding landscape looking for “food” for the soul. The only real weapon for the rebirth of a better society is awareness. Feeding the spirit remains the only solution to the fight against the crisis and produce far more intriguing, and constructive ideas, full of details worth mentioning.

The cycle ends with F%&K SIMILIE, the fourth and last segment of the partnership between the brand and the artist. Fidia, decided to pay homage to the brand with F%&K SIMILIE as the format, which will soon see the release of a series of collectibles of different types, signed and numbered by the artist. The intention to use this design at the end of the Collection is not random. F%&k as the metaphor for the re-action.

So, metaphorically,
Once you understand the place where we come from (BORN TO BE A LIE), the counter is reset and the timer restarted (BIG BANG), after obtaining the solution and having been made aware of how to change the problems (FEED YO MIND UR), it’s re-action to the system: there is nothing that can not be re-invented!

Now Galleria-T can begin to break down stereotypes, creating a new reality and desirable product, in which all the “iconic” symbols can be changed and replaced by what we all believe individually, worthy of praise and support.

We are all unique and different individuals, so then: Fuck approval, (F%&K SIMILIE)….and F%&k That!

The Fidia Falaschetti x Galleria-T Collaboration will be available from, and selected stockists from July 13th 2013 20.30pm (CEST) 2013.

Tally & Hoe x Galleria-T Collaborative Logo Necklace.

Milan’s Urban Fashion Brand Galleria-T commissioned Brighton based Jewellery Brand Tally & Hoe to create their first foray in Jewellery, with this unisex Perspex and metal Neckchain, based around the new Galleria-T Logo.

Blending High Fashion, with Street Style, with maybe a subtle nod to Hip Hop as well, Tally & Hoe Designer & Creator Anna Hewitt has produced a timeless, stunning and very wearable, iconic piece.

Available from June on a Made to Order Basis from the Galleria-T Online Store.

For more info from Galleria-T (

For more info on Anna, and Tally & Hoe check out Anna’s Blog here

Fidia Falaschetti x Galleria-T

Fidia Falaschetti x Galleria-T Limited Edition Apparel Collection releasing soon.

Galleria-T Logo Snapback Cap Preview.

Galleria-T has taken a break, but now we are back with an all new Identity, and a Fantastic SS13 T-Shirt Collection releasing over the next few months.

Our first Collaboration ‘Galleria-T Series 1’ will feature artwork from an Internationally Acclaimed Italian Artist, soon to be announced.

In the Meantime, here we are also going to be releasing our first ‘Accessory’ with our Minimally Designed, Black on Black, Logo Snapback (See Picture)

To Stay informed with our Progress please find us on Facebook here

and then our webstore will be relaunched soon

‘SPEED OF LIGHT’ by OYGEN for Galleria-T

Galleria-T collaborates with Swedish Artist OYGEN for its newest release.

Printed on a 100% Organic Earth Positive T Shirt.

For more information:

Galleria-T X Joe WSE ‘Anchors’ Tote Bag

Milan based Graphic Designer Chiara Azzalin created this beautifully styled Hipstamatic print of the Galleria-T ‘Anchors’ Tote, designed by British Artist Joe WSE. Shot on Location in Turkey.

For more information

RACEWISH by Sheviper for Galleria-T

Designed by Singapore based, Japanese artist SheViper.

This design was inspired by the book ’23 Minutes in Hell’ and is one of the most popular designs from the Current Galleria-T collection.

Produced in the USA, ‘Racewish’ is beautifully and professionally Screenprinted on a 100% Cotton Fashion Fit Tee, and is limited to only 50 pieces.

Get one here:

Anchors by Joe WSE for Galleria-T ‘NOW AVAILABLE’

Galleria-T is proud to announce a new addition to their current Collection, just in time for the Summer Holiday Season.

‘Anchors’ was designed by Joe WSE from Rainworks Design for Galleria-T.

The design is expertly screen printed in Italy on a 100% Organic Cotton, in Melange Grey and comes with a matching Organic Cotton Tote to carry all your bits and pieces in when strolling down to the beach.

Limited to only 30 pieces (sizes S,M and L)

‘The World will end in Fire’ Danielandhisart x Galleria-T

5 Minutes with Danielandhisart who designed ‘The World will end in Fire’ for Galleria-T.

Livermore, Kentucky

I tend to treasure everything I receive or learn in life. I am a very thankful person for everything I have so it would be impossible to narrow it down to one thing.

Although I plan to travel everywhere in life and see everything I can, I love living in the south. There is nothing like living in Kentucky. When I was younger I would complain about the landscape and the way my city or town was boring compared to others, but as I have grown I have learned to accept the beauty in the simple things. Kentucky is such a beautiful place, so anywhere near Kentucky is where anyone should be able to find me.

I really dig all sorts of music. I listen to everything from anything popular on the radio to a small town touring band I hear about on the internet. Some of my current records i have listened to on iTunes are : The Trueblood soundtracks, Ryan Adams – Easy Tiger, Deftones – Diamond Eyes, Bush – The Science Of Things, Drake – Thank Me Later and various other bands. Some of my all time favorites to listen to would be anything by Silverchair, Deftones, Unwed Sailor and lots of old school HipHop and RnB.

Being able to sleep normal. I have an awful time falling asleep as my brain is constantly working and thinking of things i need to do and complete. As much as i enjoy sleeping and getting the proper rest my body needs, i would rather be awake enjoying life.

I would say that Dave Quiggle would rank among my top favorite artists as of right now. He has such a great style that always catches my eye.

Almost everything influences me, but my girlfriend Ashley and my family have pushed me and influenced me so much in life that I would say they are the biggest influences on anything I do or touch.

I am currently reading “The Walking Dead” comic books. There are so many out and I am way behind with them and decided to catch up on them. I also like reading the Trueblood comics that are currently out and any Horror/scary/paranormal book can always grab my attention.

A bowl of Cookie Crisp cereal. One of my favorite cereals of all time.

I cant grow a moustache.

Everything I have lined up is 80 percent apparel design and 20 percent ad’s and poster work. I will be working on a couple lines this fall with some other companies as well as doing some tour merch for a couple of my favorite bands for 2011.

Both of the pieces I made for this line were made during periods of time where I was sick of working on the current projects I had.
I was so bored with what I was working on and I wanted to do something darker that had a personal meaning to me.

I hope that everyone can interpret them into their own meanings,this piece called “The World Will End In Fire” was inspired by Robert Frost and his poem “Fire and Ice”. I think that poem ranks up as one of my all time favorites. for Men

& for Women.

Eric Hall

‘VERONICA’ by Nathan Opdahl for Galleria-T

Another beautiful design, screen printed on the inside of this quality, super soft, fashion fit 100% Cotton White Tee.

You can find ‘Veronica’ and others now on SALE here

Use the Promo code ‘Easter’ at the checkout by midnight tonight, and get an extra 15% discount!

‘Veronica’ in production. from Galleria T on Vimeo.

‘Play your guts out’ by Joe Snow for Galleria-T

The next Galleria-T design in the DYT Spotlight is ‘Play your guts out’ by American Artist Joe Snow,

‘This design was originally created right after I graduated college back in 2007. It was influenced by a record that the Receiving End Of Sirens had put out. I was just kind of sitting in my room fooling around for a while and came up with these guts connected to a record player and I loved it. Then last winter I decided to touch it up a bit, and rework it and post it online. Soon after Galleria-T contacted me to purchase and I was super excited to see it finally have a home.’

Not only is it currently on SALE, but if you use the Promo code ‘Easter’ you get an extra 15% discount as well until midnight Monday.

Available for both Men and Women.

‘Stag in a Tutu’ by Brendon Rush for Galleria-T

This is one of the most popular designs from the opening collection from Italian T Shirt brand Galleria-T.

‘Stag in a Tutu’ was designed by British Graphic Design Student Brendon Rush.

Limited to only 50 Pieces
90% Cotton
10% Polyester Construction.

Now on SALE, many sizes have already sold out, so if you like it grab it quick!

You can see the design also here