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Remember We Are Trash

The Italian Graphic Designer Giulio Mosca, just released the first poster of a serie called “Remember What We Are”. Continue »

ITALIAN’S SONGS poster collection by Giulio Mosca

This is a really nice poster collection made by the Italian graphic designer GiulioMosca.

The artworks are inspired by four Italian’s songs.

To read the translation in english and so be able to understand better this posters go to his Behance

To see the complete collection go here!

Thank you.

Wonderful Woody Allen’s Movie Poster bye Giulio Mosca

Those are just some posters of the entire collection!

Allan: You want a Fresca with a Darvon? 
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Zeno’s Conscience by Giulio Mosca

Zeno’s Conscience


Giulio Mosca is a 21 years old Graphic Designer from Italy. He is studying at IED (european institute of design) in Turin.

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