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Death Tooth

Directed & Animated by Greg Gunn

“Most of my dreams center around death and loose teeth. They’re reoccurring themes no matter what crazy story my brain fabricates while I sleep. This animation was my contribution to Frame Society’s Weirdest Dream assignment.”

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Room 237 Trailer

ROOM 237 is a subjective documentary that explores the theories and potentially hidden meanings surrounding Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”. In late 2012, the filmmakers reached out to Blind in hopes of crafting a trailer that captured the spirit of the film. The result is an intriguing homage to the original, blood soaked trailer released in 1980.

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Rodney Ascher & Tim Kirk

Creative Director:
Greg Gunn

Production Company:

VFX Supervisor & Particle Simulation:
Rif Dagher

Core Values

Blind lives by 10 Core Values that embody the culture and spirit of their company. They are more than just mottos, or rules, or bullet points – they’re beliefs. If you’ve ever walked through their front door then you’ll know what I mean.

In order to celebrate these values, I created 10 animated mini films. Each one interprets and illustrates a single Core Value in a fun and unexpected way.

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Directed & Animated by Greg Gunn
Music & Sound Design by Dynamite Laser Beam

A BL IN/D Production


An occult themed journey through an evil wormhole of darkness and light.

Written & Directed by Greg Gunn
Narrator: Chuck BB
Cloaked Corpse Paint: Eva Ozon
Camera Assistant: Michael Tavarez
Production Assistant: Carol Park