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OREO Separator Machine

This is probably the most important video that you’ll ever see in your entirely life. Watch it!

Art & Design Blogs to Follow in 2013

You should take a look at this post. You’ll find an endless amount of resources for gathering inspiration.

Check the Best Art & Design Blogs to Follow in 2013

Masks by Aldo Lanzini

Bizarre, unique, colorful and inspired crochet masks by artist Aldo Lanzini.

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Bugatti Veyron 1945 by RC82 Workchop

Imagine how a Bugatti Veyron might have looked in 1945.

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Barack Obama Typography

A typography piece for a World leaders project in college by Manchester based Graphic Designer Tom Broadhurst.

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Portuguese Pavement

Portuguese pavement (calçada portuguesa), is a traditional style pavement used for many pedestrian areas in Portugal.

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Versus / Hearts by Dan Matutina


Versus/Hearts is about rivals. Famous rivals in pop culture. Rivals hate each other, but deep inside they know they couldn’t exist without the other.

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Awesome Friends

Hand Drawn Map of New York

After three months of research, planning, and meticulous sketching, British illustrator Jenni Sparks produced an intricate, hand-drawn map of New York City.

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Hyungkoo Lee

Unique work by Seoul based artist Hyungkoo Lee.

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The Curator Deck

Artistic playing cards from the Curator Deck, produced by Emmanuel Jose.

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Black & White Faces by Alexander Khokhlov

Gorgeous personal project by Russian photographer Alexander Khokhlov.

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Cristina Otero Tutti Frutti Self-Portraits

Cristina Otero is one of the breakthrough artists in 2012.

Using fruit as her inspiration in this series entitled Tutti Frutti, Otero disrupts the conventional notions of feminine beauty and interacts with different fruits in a seductive performance for the camera. She draws the viewer in with her wide, innocent eyes while the bold, striking colors of her make-up complement each fruit.

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Surreal Collages by Lola Dupre

Lola Dupré is a multicultural collage artist and illustrator currently working in Portugal.

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Ruud Baan


Amazing photo series by Ruud Baan, a photographer from the Netherlands.

More about this project:  You Creatives