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15 Beautiful Valentine Day Wallpapers

Ladies and gentleman here we go for wallpapers of Valentine’s Day. On this day Lover express their love by sending cards, exchanging bouquet, and also exposing Continue »

15 Useful Android Apps Specially for Valentines Day

It’s a time of Smartphone and tablets. So that is way Android is getting fame day by day. It is using by famous mobile companies now a days in their Smartphones. There are many apps that are being used in Smartphone. Google Play Continue »

Photography Of New Model 2013 Of Mercedes E-Class

A German beauty Mercedes-Benz is a multinational brand is used for luxury automobiles. The first Mercedes-Benz brand name Continue »

Beauteous Switzerland Photography

Switzerland is the most beautiful country on earth being a piece of heaven, quite and peaceful. If you want piece of mind, a green and pleasant place for the whole family, there is no other destination to be consider. This city Continue »

15 Useful Free Fonts for Designers

Fonts plays very important and major role in the success of your designs because it is first impression that strike to the layman. For a good design font should be readable and simple so that every one can read it easily. Some fonts are Continue »

15 Beautiful Examples Of Water Photography

Water in photography makes for a very interesting subject, and the different forms that it can take are incredibly vast. Whether Continue »

15 Amazing Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

If you want to work on Adobe Photoshop then you must have the proper knowledge of Photoshop to that you would be able to manipulate any photo. Because Adobe Photoshop is one of most famous software for designers who want to design Continue »

Bugatti – The World Fastest And Expensive Car – 3

Where better to experience the world’s fastest cars than on Europe’s finest roads? In early autumn the auto routes of the Ligurian coast in Nothern Italy and Southern France were home to a spectacular procession of Bugatti cars, a rare Continue »

Striking Examples Of Reflection Photography

Reflection photography is an art because you have to dig deep into your imagination to see the hidden beauty. It could involve an expanse of water, a mirror, or even the chrome of an automobile trim! It is also a science because you should know the right angles and Continue »

Comparison Between BlackBerry Z10 And Apple’s Iphone

A few days ago one of most worlds’ famous mobile brands BlackBerry presented its latest Smartphone’s, BlackBerry Z10, and BlackBerry Q10. Z10 has a virtual keyboard, while the Q10 has physics. So that is way we are going to make comparison between BlackBerry Z10 and Apple Iphone 5 Continue »

15 High Definition Wallpapers of Cars for You Desktop

We are featuring here 15 High Definition Cars Wallpapers for your Desktop. Actually every one have different taste, some people likes animals wallpapers, some likes nature wallpapers, some like Continue »

Some Awesome Shots Of Tulip Field Of Netherlands

A flower is sometime known as a bloom or blossom, I the reproductive structure found in flowering plants. Today Photography Heat is featuring here Tulip Fields in the Netherlands. This field is famous a lot around the world, variety of flowers you can Continue »

15 Fresh Greeting Cards For Valentine’s Day

Hi Friends, you must be waiting for Valentine’s Day anxiously. This day is a day for lovers specially. Boys and girls purposed their love ones and they give gifts each other. All countries around the world are celebrating now this Continue »

15 Modern iPad Apps for Photographers

It is good news for photos lover that there are many applications for photographer in iPad which may help them to edit any picture. Today, iPad is becoming the somehow need of designers and photographer because of iPad every Continue »

Gifts For Valentine’s Day 2013

Valentine’s Day is coming in two weeks. It is an event when youngster exchanges gifts, love, candies, cookies and cards between them. In other words we can say that it’s a day for lovers. Loves gives love cards and gift Continue »