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Artist Jessica Hische Creates Amazing Typographic Artworks


Many typographers fit the designer mold “to a t”, after all it does take a critical eye to weigh over such small detail so thoroughly. Jessica Hische is one young typographer who is breaking that mold and as the field sees a new renaissance, she’s one designer you should keep your “I’s” on. Continue »

PolyWall – Low Poly Wallpaper

PolyWall - Low Poly Wallpaper

PolyWall is One Slick Low-Poly Wallpaper. Haeck Design made April’s wallpaper with high definition textured vectors, a minimal look, and several color varieties. Available as a free download today.
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Stitched Wallpaper | Freebies

Stitched Wallpaper | Freebies - Mac Wallpaper
Stitch is a free Mac Wallpaper comprised of a simple white Apple logo stitched into a blue fabric background. It’s perfect for a winter theme or for any of you Apple nerds out there. Created by Matthew Haeck and available for free download at Haeck Design’s Wallpaper Section.

Calvin Power Wallpaper

Calvin and Hobbes are real American heros and this wallpaper is a simple tribute to them.
Calvin Power WallpaperDownload Calvin Power Wallpaper

Get Social Icon Set

Get Social Icon Set - Haeck Design

Every decent designer needs a set of high quality social media icons. By compiling them into a continuously updated font, your good friends at Haeck Design have taken that worry away from you. Simply download or Git the Get Social Icon Set and you’ll have the cleanest version of all your favorite social media icons that exists. Pair them with your favorite font based icon set and UI images are just a thing of the past.

View additional icons or read further and download The Get Social Icon Set for free!

Get Social Example

Top 10 Favorite Inspirational Websites

Inspirational Websites - Haeck Design

Inspirational websites are a necessity for effective designers, but the downside is that most designers guard these wells for their own. In a spirit of sharing, Haeck Design has decided to post and curate a list of their top ten inspirational websites.

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PacMan Fever Wallpaper

Pacman Fever Wallpaper - Haeck Design

A stylish wallpaper that’s perfect for the Halloween season, but pretty awesome to rock year round. Includes Parallax Versions, Retina Versions, and standard screen sizes – All available for free download @ Haeck Design – Freebies!

Download the Free Wallpaper @

Create or Die Wallpaper

Create or Die WallpaperThe “Create or Die Wallpaper” features a spray painted, gun wielding panda (banksy) and a little inspiration for the creatives out there. Includes all major monitor sizes including iPad and iPhones.

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Be Frank Wallpaper

Be Frank Wallpaper Mockup

This ultra clean Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Wallpaper features his famous quote – “The truth is more important then the facts”. It’s free and available in all popular sizes (including retina versions for iPad and iPhone)!

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Creativity Takes Courage – Wallpaper

Creativity Takes Courage - Wallpaper - Mockup

Henri Matisse never got the credit Picasso did on the art scene, but that didn’t decrease his genius one bit. This months wallpaper is an homage to one of my favorite inspirational Matisse quotes. All major screen sizes (including Retina iPad and iPhone versions) are included and free to download.

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Save Ferris Wallpaper

Save Ferris Wallpaper

Ferris Buellers Day Off is an absolute classic and this custom wallpaper gives all your devices a touch of that awesomeness. The Save Ferris Wallpaper is free and available in all popular monitor sizes, iPad, and iPhone.

Download for free @

Calvin Power Wallpaper

Calvin Power WallpaperThis wallpaper is an homage to the childhood favorite “Calvin and Hobbes”. With a little inspiration (via John Muir), this should be a great wallpaper for childish design nerds everywhere.
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The Stars Wallpaper

Possibly inspired by all the comets and astronomical oddities that have been sprouting up lately, I decided to give my computers a little class this month. I’ve attached an assortment of sizes available for download (bottom-right) – so whether you’re looking for a desktop wallpaper, love the night sky, think your fake moon landing pics (that you’ve been photoshopping for weeks) need some more flair… No worries – We got you.

The Stars - Wallpaper

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Normy – GUI Elements | Volume Two

Whether you’re constructing mock-ups to address usability or are simply a psd collector, it has never been more important to have a variety of user interface elements to select from.

Custom designed ui elements are a must and that’s why most designers (that take web ui seriously) have a nice little collection of psd graphics on their hard-drive. A useful psd of a gui interface can be easily modified to fit the theme of your current project… and that’s why we decided to post the latest web interface file we’ve been working from here at HaeckDesign. Simple, clean, easily customizable… all words that ring happily in designer’s ears.

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