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Editions Fall ’12 – Teaser

The Editions largest release yet. Including some custom treated styles and first ever womens specific style. Get excited.
“Street Strolling” by, Patient Wolfe Collective
Don Bosco Instrumentals
All Rights Reserved. — with Dinesh Dave, James Will and Vivian J Mong at Portland.

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Collection released tomorrow..

The Journey is Always Endless.

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Belle Magazine Designed for iPad

Belle Magazine is a quarterly fashion magazine designed to sell in the South. It features up and coming fashion designers from the south, local events, seasonal collections and city guides of where to buy featured items. To separate this magazine from a typical fashion magazine, I designed a hand-drawn logotype and hand-drawn elements to use cohesively throughout the magazine.

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James Bond 007 – Book Covers

Ian Fleming
Ian Lancaster Fleming was born in Green Street in London on 28th May 1908, the second of four brothers. He was educated at Eton College and then abroad in Germany and Austria.

Following the war he became foreign manager, in charge of foreign correspondents, for Kemsley newspapers, owners of the Sunday Times and other papers. But his creative imagination remained under wraps until 1952, When, at the age of 43, he settled down in his house in Jamaica, and produced – in not much more than two months – Casino Royale, the first adventure of James Bond. He published a further thirteen James Bond titles and lived to witness their enormous success, and having seen his character played by Sean Connery in the first two films, Dr No and From Russia with Love.

This project was to celebrate not only James Bond on the big screen, but the books itself, where Ian Fleming told the full Bond adventures.

I was asked to modernize three Bond book covers, I decided to choose the three most memorable books that I have read and also watched on the big screen, and they just so happened to be related to the word Gold!

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Steff Geissbuhler – SCAD Atlanta Promo

Steff Geissbuhler is among America’s most celebrated designers of integrates brand and corporate identity programs. His work also includes posters, brochures, books and illustrations.
SCAD Atlanta and AIGA Atlanta opens our arms for an amazing and impressive lecture, What makes a great mark? Here is what you missed…
Shot on a Canon 7D 28mm f/1.8mm
Edited in Final Cut Pro X
Song: Lessons Learned – Matt & Kim

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Authorized Clothing

The objective of the project is to create or rebrand a company, create a logo and stationary system, create applications and material to be used in the real world.

Authorized Clothing is a company that sells vintage style clothing, influenced by americano design and simplistic style. It is there for the the fashion and trendy customers that enjoy life in todays modern culture who wish to celebrate old vintage American style. Authorized mainly sell t-shirts and hoodies again keeping it very simple and keeping focus on fresh new designs.

Authorized Clothing gives its customers excellent quality of their products, made with the finest materials that can be used. With excellent in store service, from when you enter the store, you are treated personally making sure that the staff get’s the customer exactly what they are need off in the correct sizes.
Authorized Clothing has been thought to be one of the brands to look out for, with more and more brands going back to the vintage age, Authorized has done it well with their unique t-shirt designs making every customer feel unique and individual when purchasing their products.

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This is a package design project that I worked on not only for class, but this was also a client project for SealedAir which was to design a package which was fun and creative but also for the the audience for the design its self.

I aimed this design for adults. Because that is really who the target consumer will be. My whole concept was based around the fact that consumers these days are worried in what is inside their meat. The added ingredients and preservatives which harm them and maybe their children.

Consumers these days want to walk into the store to see their meat, in the most natural form possible.

This design was designed for the front sealed lid to be attached with a clear band from behind. The front will be a clear film with the design printed on it.

The large type displays exactly what the consumer wants, its big, bold and extremely striking to the consumer so it can be identified easily on the shelf.

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Free as a Bird

I saw a commercial on television, it was about the endangered species, at the end of the commercial the presenter said the words “Free as a bird” which got me thinking into creating a poster helping the animals of the world, by communiting using design to the people of the world to help them understand that we cannot just sit down and watch this happen.

What would someone said that the humans were to become extinct? Would you not want to be Free as a bird?

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This is a Lamp.

This is a Lamp. Remember to turn it on when working in the dark.

It may help you.

Poster design, designed to inspire you.

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Fire Lite is the essential starter kit when you are in need of a quick fire!

When you are stranded in the woods, alone and in need of a fire then this is the kit that you need to get.

Taking the box out of the own branded water-proof bag, sliding the lid off reveals a user friendly guide on what you need to do to start the fire.

Removing the top shelf with the flint and tinder, also reveals the tinder dust which helps to start the initial fire.

You box starts the fire, and burns. Throwing small twigs to start and continue the fire.

This project was part of the packaging design project, reusable and recyclable. The wood used is a nice poplar wood, the logotype was created in illustrator and then screen printed on the bag and then all over the wood.

This was part of a group project with some really awesome people.

Dave Stine

Ashley Tipton

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BBH – Bartle Bogle Hegarty

BBH – Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) is a British advertising agency, responsible for some notable advertising campaigns of the last 30 years. The company was founded by John Bartle, Nigel Bogle & Sir John Hegarty in 1982. Sir John Hegarty and Nigel Bogle still lead it today, together with worldwide CEO Simon Sherwood.

The objective of the project was to pick a design agency that you want to create a portfolio client book, that the agency could use and give to future clients and also create a promotional piece for the agency.

Included in this project, is a custom branded envelope, with the sheep used almost everywhere to play hand in hand with the well known brand. Then as you pull out the book from the envelope is a black on black printed sheep sleeve to keep it classy and prevent the book from page folding and bends. Upon opening the first page, the user is greeted with the famous work that made them BBH, which is the Levis, “When the world zigs we zag” piece.

The book then goes though 3 branches of BBH, starting from London, Singapore and New York. Talking about the Model, philosophy, the big idea, the studio and the team. Then following into three clients per section.

The last page talks a little about BBH labs which is a separate entity that helps with client branding and marketing strategy. Followed by the closing and back cover with offices and contact information.

Total of 68 pages, perfect bound, with two books created.



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