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Engineer’s “Pico Dwelling” Micro Apartment

In the construction of his incredibly tiny ‘pico-dwelling’, Boeing engineer Steven Sauer combined his pragmatic design along with his keen craftsmanship skills to push the limits of defining his ultra-efficient space.

This once-storage unit turned 182 sq. ft. apartment utilizes industrial strength materials like carbon steel and concrete, along with re-imagined, machined commercial parts that Sauer personally fabricated.


Phonebloks Lego Smartphone

Designers have long struggled with two conflicting ideologies: the need for products to keep up with technology versus the principle of creating long-lasting products. Dutch designer Dave Hakkens thought deeply about the state of our smartphone industry and knew it was far too wasteful. That’s when he came up with the idea for a “lego” smartphone.

Say hello to Phonebloks. It is a concept for a customizable smartphone made out of detachable blocks. It gives the user the power to easily modify functionality, replace broken parts, and upgrade old parts.

The blocks are connected to a base where every user-modified block can be tightly held together. The idea is to create a platform where the community can develop universal innovations to meet specific needs – solar-powered batteries, screen for the visually-impaired, etc.


Stapleless Stapler

This handy stapler guarantees you will never run out of staples again. The stapleless mechanism secures up to 8 pages together by cutting a tiny arrow flap and tucking it back in – kind of like paper stitching. A smart, safer, and shredder-friendly alternative.



Floating Tea Strainer

Floating strainer for one cup of tea. Simply fill strainer with tea leaves and put into hot water, and it will naturally float.

After the appropriate brewing time, take the strainer out and keep it on the saucer, ready for a second brew.


Self-watering Cone

Reuse your plastic water bottle as a self-watering device for your plants.

This long cone attaches to any regular plastic bottle. Simply turn upside-down and insert into the soil.

The slow release filtration hole will feed just the right amount of water directly to the roots.


Self-watering Cone

Reuse your plastic water bottle as a self-watering device for your plants. This long cone attaches to any regular plastic bottle. Simply turn upside-down and insert into the soil.

The slow release filtration hole will feed just the right amount of water directly to the roots.


Past Tower

Pasta dispenser with portion-indicating openings, so you never cook too much pasta again.



Carrera Foldable Helmet

One of the reasons people do not like wearing helmets is the inconvenience of having to carry around a bulky lid. Carrera has come out with a Foldable Helmet that reduces the size of the helmet when not in use.

The helmet’s design was inspired by the old pistards helmet made in leather. Snugness of the helmet is ensured with its elastic fitting system and comfort is further enhanced through its hidden flexible frame.

When not in use, it can be easily folded and put inside a bag. Or, it can be hooked on the bike or onto a trouser’s loop via a metal clip.

Carrera Foldable Helmet can adapt to different head shapes and allows for head air ventilation, keeping the head dry and fresh.


“One For All” Centerpiece

This elegant but dramatic wooden platter is sure to be a conversation starter. Naruse Inokuma Architects from Japan designed this piece to bring out the warmth of social gatherings.

Measuring at 1.2 meter long, One For All can serve an entire multi-course meal for up to four people. Each hollow section is created using full-scale mock-ups and dimensions of actual dishes.

The platter is constructed from twenty-five thin layers of maple wood, shaped with a vacuum-press mould and glued. The middle section is reinforced to increase its overall strength. Finally, polyurethane coating on the surface makes it waterproof, ensuring its durability.

Attention capturing but not loud, One For All is functional beauty.



Designed as gloves within mittens, Isgloves are touchscreen-friendly winter sports gloves. The flexible, temperature-regulating materials of bamboo yarn and polyester provide comfort and warmth, while new materials technology enables touchscreen conductivity on all ten finger tips.

The outer mitten is waterproof and windproof. The long wristguard design ensures warmth between the gloves and your jacket sleeves.


Nothing Fancy

Designed by London based Chieh Ting Huang, Nothing Fancy is a collection of minimalist wallets, holders, and coin cases. Made with a singe piece of leather and held together through rubber bands, each product is simplified down to its basic function. Because no stitching is required, this reduces the time and amount of materials needed to create each piece.


iPhone Holder:

Coin Case:


Miniki: The Invisible Kitchen

Dubbed “the kitchen that isn’t there”, Miniki is a modular kitchen system with a sink and cooking range design that can be folded away under a cover.

The beauty of the Miniki system is that it is fully customizable by the user.

For example, if you don’t need a dishwasher, you can replace that space with a cabinet of drawers.

The Miniki system is composed of 3 modules: MK1, MK2, and MK3.

Each module has 4-5 variations – these are the building blocks of your kitchen. You can pick and choose according to your needs.


Ceiling Mounted Drying Rack

Drying rack that suspends from the ceiling through a pulley system.

Easy to lower the rack to put clothes on it, and raise it back up to save space when done.

With its adjustable tubes, it can hold an entire load of laundry and fit into nearly any space.


Philips AirFloss

Flossing is a necessary part of the cleaning routine to keep your teeth health. Yet, many of us don’t do it because it is cumbersome to have to use a string, and it also doesn’t give you the most pleasant sensation. Maybe with Philips AirFloss, we can answer truthfully to our dentists: “Yes, I floss regularly.”

Developed in cooperation with dental professionals around the world, the AirFloss uses compressed air to provide quick bursts of micro-droplets of water. The speed and force of these water droplets are high enough to remove plague in between your teeth, yet gentle on your gums.

This could be an especially effective tool for those that wear permanent wire retainers, where a floss threader is required to get around the wire.


Stylo: Minimalist Headset

Japanese studio Nendo has designed an elegant and minimalist bluetooth headset for Elecom.

The aluminum housing has a cylindrical tube design, reminding us of the shape of un “stylo”, the french word for “pen”.

The headset’s inner components are packed into the aluminum tube, like an ink cartridge in a pen.

“We finished the headset in anodized aluminum, rather than painting it, to bring out the inherent beauty of the metal,” says Nendo.