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iPhone App Chiizu releases two new themes by designer illustrator Brian Butler and November Club

Chiizu, the premier photo decoration iPhone app app, has partnered with two new artists to release themes for their in app store.  Chiizu’s in app store operates like a gallery, so when you buy an artist theme, you are also supporting the artist!

november club chiizu iphone app 2

november club chiizu iphone app


Brian Butler is a Miami based illustrator, his stark black and white theme harkens back to 80’s Skateboard graphics with grotesque details and luchadore-inspired masks. Ittiphat Jittichotphong is a Thai artist whose sketchy illustration style is both quirky and whimsical and can be seen in his November Club theme. You can buy both of their themes in the in-app store now.

Users can share their creations via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Sina Weibo, Ren Ren, Instagram and more! Chiizu currently offers more content than any other app available.  We offer more than 23 exclusive themes, each including over 80 pieces of art.

brian butler chiizu iphone app

brian butler chiizu app


Created by a media artist, an illustrator and a designer, the photo-decoration app for iOS offers themed sets by an outstanding roster of artists, including Linda Gavin, the original creator of Twitter’s logo; Dyna Moe, the woman behind the “Mad Men Yourself” avatar maker; painter Juka Araikawa; and former Sub Pop Records art director Jesse LeDoux.

Junko Mizuno collaborates with iPhone app Mr. Chiizu

Junko’s theme for Mr. Chiizu, titled Junko’s Special Blend, is a greatest hits assortment of her favorite elements and characters which she created especially for the Mr. Chiizu iPhone app. Her fans will have an all access pass to play in her cute, dark, twisted world.

Japanese illustrator Junko Mizuno’s playful, dark and erotic work is largely influenced by her Tokyo upbringing and 70’s and 80’s Japanese pop culture. According to Junko, her pin-up like girls are full of “strong energy, no matter if the energy is negative or positive, ugly or beautiful.” She likes to leave the interpretation of her work up to the viewer, letting them create the narrative of her world for themselves.

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