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Notepads As Part of Your Business Marketing Strategies

When it comes to business strategics, the use of promotional items or products like notepads is considered old school or is often overlooked. This is especially in the current media trend wherein a lot of businesses are after marketing in the virtual world or what is commonly called the Internet. Little did they know about the real capacity of promotional products in their marketing efforts revealed in the findings, especially statistics, of studies.

One of these researches is the one conducted by Louisiana State University and University of Texas at San Antonio published in a PPAI report (2007).  Their findings reveal that 52% of participants in the study did business with the advertiser after receiving the promotional product; of those who had not done business with the advertiser that gave them the product, almost half stated that they were more likely to do business with the company that gave them the item; and that 52.1% of participants reported having a more favorable impression of the advertiser since receiving the item. That’s just one of the numerous studies done with regards to the use of promotional products in marketing and advertising. More recent reports can be checked from here and here.

Custom printed notepads are one of the best promotional products that businesses can take advantage of. In actuality, it’s the most useful promotional product next to wearables. When combined with other marketing efforts, notepads seems to have a synergic effect on businesses too. In other words, it has the capacity of not only effectively market a business but as well as boost a business’ marketing strategies. Why that is so, it could be credited from the nature of notepads. In the first place, notepads are designed for utility. And people have countless ways to use it. It could be used for note-taking and other similar uses. In fact, it could be used for official letters or memoranda. People intentionally buy for all-around use. When it is offered for free, it’s a sure thing that people will grab it.

Here are some creative notepads to illustrate just how much of a positive impression a notepad can make for your business.


So I guess your next question would be: How then should a business proceed with notepad marketing and maximize the use of this type of promotional item? Here are some ideas for a successful notepad marketing effort:

Design and Content. These are the two aspects of the strategy that businesses and companies should very well consider. The customization of notepads is something that should be planned out. One of the things that have to be considered in the process is the layout.  How do you like your notepad to look like? Do you need a colored writing space, just plain white or a watermarked one? What will be the concept or theme? What are the pieces of information that have to be placed in the notepad? These are just some of the questions that should be answered. But these things have to be parallel to the nature of your target market or the demographics of the same. For example, if your target market is composed women, you should consider choosing colors that appeal most to women.

Since these notepads will act as your marketing material, certain things have to be there like the business/company logo and contact information. To add a little spice on them, you may also include quotes, photos, etc. Just make sure that they don’t consume much space.  For smaller notepad sizes, transforming it to a magnetic notepad would also be a good idea. The more unique the concept, the more effective will the notepads be. You just have to think outside the box and apply some creative tweaks.

Distribution and Consumption. It is given and expected that you’d surely want your notepads to reach as many customers as possible. Once the notepads are handed to the customers, it right away starts its work (although in the subconscious). However, what many businesses miss is consuming the notepads for their own needs. The notepad has the capacity to leave lasting impression on meeting associates. Not only can it be used for that but for casual correspondence as well. Just imagine how many times in a day a business communicate in notes and letters internally and externally. This would then be a great strategy for increasing brand awareness.


Weekly Roundup of Printed Genius #1

Welcome to Printed Genius’ first ever roundup of Print Design Inspiration. This is the era of freedom in design in terms of ideas and both and in the possibilities afforded by technology. Starting this week and as will be every week, we will give you but just a spoonful of the outstanding works we can find out there. Printed media are said to have lost their significance in this day and age because of the widening reach of the Internet, Social Media,  smart phones and tablets.  If there was any truth to this, then why do I see on a daily basis remarkable designs for postcard printing, handy brochures in the mail, knock out business card design all over the web, state-of-the-art poster designs, crafty product labels, not to mention evolutionary product packaging both online and off? It is evident in the quality of many printed materials being produced today that digital technology is not the only one going through major advancements, print technology is too. Needless to say, the explosion of graphic design talent has paved the way for more jaw-dropping print designs. With the marriage of print and a dynamic left-brain, here are some inspiring print designs we’ve found. Enjoy!
Hallo Berlin City Guide Melbourne Open House Branding Philatelic Wedding Invitations Smock Letterpress Stationery Liverpool Pub Branding Brooklyn Taco Restaurant Identity Crespella Crepe and Espresso Identity Package
Farmers Cart Identity by Ten and a Half
Afontis IT Express Brochure by Keller Maurer
Wax Jumbo Designed for Studio Output
21st Invitation by Matt Innes

By Drew Garza for Swink
Sugar Sin Identity by And Smith

Music Balloon Brand Identity by Golden Leeds
Ross Moody Designs

The Number Mill by Erik Marinovich

John Bragg Photographer Business Card

Mom’s Tattoos by Mike Galore

Psycho Fauna Poster by Ezequiel Matteo

Heston’s Fantastical Feasts

As you can see from the above samples, modern technology have changed the game. But it also pushed designers to be more creative and radical in their approach to printed materials. The results are more astounding and amazing than ever before.