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A kitchen with Pantone colors

All the kitchen appliances are also equipped with OLED displays, allowing them to manage with a single finger, but also to manage them from your smartphone, a real high-tech kitchen for graphic designers.

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Geek – A coffee table joystick Playstation

A beautiful coffee table-shaped joystick playstation, for all geeks this is a dream.

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The painting of Plastic byRobin Eley

Robin Eley was born in London in 1978. At age 3 he moved to Australia with his family. In 1997 he made a pass through California before returning to Australia in 2002 where he lives with his wife.

Here’s the story of the character. Now let’s talk about his art and his creations. Yes Robin Eley is a painter, but with a peculiarity of his own, he painted on clear plastic.

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Artist – The faces of improbable Oleg Dou

Sweet mix between reality and fiction. The work we are proposing Oleg Dou crossing two worlds, existing or not.

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A 5-star hotel with containers

It happens in China in Changzhi where 21 luxury rooms have been put in place and construction is based on containers.

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100 Years of Paramount in 100 small images

Paramount Pictures celebrates its 100th anniversary and to summarize these 100 years of movies what better than a beautiful picture showing the best films.

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A prototype for Retro Camera CANON: EOS100

Two designers with head full of ideas Aleksandr Mezentsev and Maxim Suhih decided to ride the wave of “vintage / retro” by proposing a concept of retro camera.

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Clothing X-rayed by Nick Veasey

What, or rather what our clothes look like inside?

Question is certainly raised Nick Veasey, and thus he spent a lot of fashion accessories X-ray A Calcon, hat, shoes, socks, etc …

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Photos – The magnificent portraits of Cara Phillips

Cara is a photographic artist who knows how to use light and sound device to output the best portraits.

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Do you like fish, buys the Imac’quarium!

This is an idea that will please the geek in you sleep (of course we must also love fish eh).

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Odyssée de Cartier « Behind The Scenes »

I propose today to discover a little more, and see behind the scenes of this extraordinary video.

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Win 12 Artoys signed Wize & Ope!

Hi friends, I had promised so here’s a new contest in partnership with Wize&Ope .

This new contest is to delight collectors Artoys, so be prepared!

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Wize&Ope Greyhound Tour Bus 2012

Well our friends at Wize&Ope out the bus and we went around our planet at Wize.

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12 Birthday LEGO cakes

It was not long ago it was my birthday, March 3rd to be exact, and I celebrated my 30th birthday, I grow old …

All this to tell you very honestly that I have enjoyed having this type of cake, I know it’s a little childish, but I am a kidult, so I’m right!

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Motoi Yamamoto

We see more and more artists who use food for their creations.

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