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Motoi Yamamoto

We see more and more artists who use food for their creations.

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Beautiful collages by Patrick Bremer

Patrick Bremer is an English artist born in Brighton in 1982. He studied painting at Wimbledon College and specializes in portraits, oil and collage.

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The image of French President Sarkozy used for the association ADMD

Campaign by the agency Melville , one can also see shows Marine Le Pen and Bayrou for the association ADMD (Association for the Right to Die with Dignity).

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Short Animated Film – Nullarbor

There are certainly days when you felt that feeling, when nothing goes right, nothing happens the way you want.

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JUN from Tekken versus Vega from Street Fighter

Yes my friends, here is a little video that is not without recalling the hours spent on terminals with Tekken 2 coins francs.

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Sharon Stone and Anton Rivas by Thierry Le Gouès

I love this photographer and I like his style. Even more when it comes to black and white photographs.

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The beach is a real canvas for Andreas Amador

Art has no limits and support for the exercise either.

A new proof of this with the artist Andreas Amador that uses the beach and the sand as a true playground.

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Facebook cover with Instagram photos

For all users of iPhone, you know without a doubt the application Instagram, one that makes you want everyone to become a photographer (but with a smartphone).

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Legends VS Superheroes

Berk Senturk, graphic designer born in Edremit (Turkey) in 1987, went through a rather unusual course before performing in the artwork.

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Evolution of the moon

From year to year, the moon never seems to change. Craters and other formations appear to be permanent now, but the moon didn’t always look like this.

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Some countries treat journalists like you treat your pen

This is a great advertising campaign as I love them, the meaning of words gives a completely different meaning to a mere object of every day.

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TRON in a choreographed breakdancing

The Wrecking Crew Orchestra uses the world of Tron in one of their choreography, it sends heavy, but then the heavy.

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Christophe Jacrot, Hong Kong in the rain

ABSOLUT Greyhound

Realization made ​​for ABSOLUT and named Greyhound, they worked hand in hand with the group Swedish House Mafia out this wonder.

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Homer Simpson would be happy with this stabilizer beers!

The beer brand Hahn plays the card of brand content thoroughly. It produces mini-videos where she sets up all sorts of projects crazier than the other.

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