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Sinkhole Vessels by Liliana Ovalle

Mexican designer Liliana Ovalle presented a series of clay vessels based on the geological phenomenon of sinkholes

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Lunaire Eclipse wall lamp by Ferréol Babin

French designer Ferréol Babin designed Lunaire for Italian light manufacturer Fontana Arte

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Soft Cabinets by Dewi van de Klomp

Designer Dewi van de Klomp created these Soft Cabinets made from rubber foam.

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King and Queen Chair by Jeong Yong

Jeong Yong created grid-like frames inspired by the patterns which are normally used for Korean traditional house and furniture.

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Furniture by Muller van Severen

Belgian visual artists Fien Muller and Hannes van Severen created this furniture project, which in 2013 was nominated for design of the year 2013 at the design museum on London.

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Vote for the next MTV Fashion week presenter!

Check out this demo for London Fashion week by presenter Flora van den Berg vote for here and maybe she will be the next face of MTV!

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Art against gun violence by Greg Bokor

This great work of art is a response to the recent tragedies resulting from gun violence by American artist Greg Bokor

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The 2013 Belgian designer of the year is Jean-François D’Or

Jean Francois d’Or has been named Belgium’s designer of the year 2013, and we can see why!

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Authentic Weather app now on iOS & Android

It took some time to go from concept to real live app, but now it’s finally available on iOS and Android!

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Haptic Chair

This chair by Trine Kjaer makes you want to reach out to it and touch it, explore its surface and feel the texture.

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POV Candle holder by Note Design Studio

Got to love these wire frame candle holders by Note Design Studio that look different depending on point of view.

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Quote of the day

Judging a person does not define who they are… it defines who you are.

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Bonnard Branding by Anagrama

Mexico based agency Anagrama is specialized in brand development and one of their most recent projects is for a tea and confection shop called Bonnard.

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Make Everything OK Button

The Make Everything OK Button is a special button, with all the problems in the world and in our lives, could making it OK just be as simple as pushing a button?

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Food Collages by Julie Lee

These Food Collages by Julie Lee look like wallpapers, but they’re actually gorgeous well organized food collages that she posts on Instagram.

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