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Technological mandala by Leonardo Ulian

Technological mandala by Leonardo Ulian is completely made out of electronic components. The artist created an esthetic composition by soldering different components together in a work of art!

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The Journey of a Drop by Rolf Sachs

The Journey of a Drop by Rolf Sachs shows us drops of colored ink falling from the top of staircase into a glass tank six floors below.

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Dip Chair by Folklore

The Dip Chair by Folklore is based on the Windsor Style Chair that originated in England in the early 1700s.

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New MySpace

New MySpace, we all know it, we all left it, but now it seems that it’s being re-launched! The preview video shows an exciting design.

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State of Transience by Sander Wassink

In State of Transience, Sander Wassink uses the design of a chair, reinventing, re-imagining and using his experience as an organic sensor keeping and releasing what he feels needs to be of use to maximize it’s potential. Thus, the finished product still retains it’s essence but now has new strengths and variances suitable to our present and future needs.

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The Human Printer by Nick Blakeman & Esther Robinson

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Nick Blakeman & Esther Robinson created a sequence of photos featuring a female body being gradually printed from feet to head, in an artistic representation of the 3D printing process.

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deJoost inspiration gallery – No.2

This inspiration gallery contains a diverse collection of images – Issue No.2

Hybrid furniture by Bina Baitel

Bina Baitel has a special way of looking at furniture, objects, lighting and how to combine those.

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Illustrations by Ruben Ireland

Using ink, acrylic, dirty water, foods, weathered paper as well as Photoshop and a Wacom tablet, Ruben Ireland creates these amazing illustrations.

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Lamp’s story by Maxim Maximov

Lamp’s Story by Maxim Maximov shows us five different lamps. Each object has a stand, a bulb and in some cases a covering, but each looks as alien to the others as it does to the archetypal light.

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W&M Lamp by Maxim Maximov

Wood & Metal Lamp by Maxim Maximov is a kind story about a friendship between materials…

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Some people are too dumb to own a smartphone

Some people are too dumb to own a smartphone…

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Heineken Experience Bars

Who wouldn’t love the experience of visiting the Apple store or Starbucks when going out to have fun and drink with friends? That’s the idea behind Heineken Experience Bars & Clubs, owned by Heineken with the quality and service you know is good!

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Midas by Front

Dipped in a gold bath the glasses and carafes set created by Front, offers a random image, almost playful, of the golden classics.

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Wood Stove by Yanes Wühl

This sculptural wood stove, designed by Yanes Wühl for his graduation project.

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