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Revealing Vincent van Gogh by Tadao Cern

Lithuanian photographer Tadao Cern recreated the famous portrait of Vincent Van Gogh, who is this look-a-like?

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Deer antler handlebar by Taylor Simpson

This hand crafted genuine deer antler handlebar by Taylor Simpson is probably the coolest handlebar you can get for your bicycle!

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Van Gogh Museum Cafe Advertising

You’ve got to love this ad for the Van Gogh Museum Cafe! It’s simple, funny, recognizable and a great way to advertise your museum cafe.

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Knitted Wigs by Louise Walker

These fashionable Knitted Wigs by Louise Walker will definitely get you noticed and keep your head warm during the winter.

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Meet Mr. Jimmy Niggles by Mr. Elbank

Meet Mr. Jimmy Niggles (by Elbank) and his beard ‘Barry’. This Aussie with the looks of a grizzly bear has a special story to tell about his beard.

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Martien Mulder & Peet Dullaert for MOAM & FOAM

This image by Martien Mulder & Peet Dullaert is one of the entries of the MOAM & FOAM, Fashion meets photography project.

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The Pocket chair

The Pocket chair by Ding3000 literally slips on its wooden structure like a glove.

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There are two sides to every story…

There are two sides to every story… so true!

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We never look up…

WE NEVER LOOK UP is a blog filled with images of people, people using their mobile phones, people that aren’t aware of what’s going on around them…

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Beauty fades faster than wisdom appears

Beauty fades faster than wisdom appears is a poster design by Wordboner

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deJoost inspiration gallery – No.9

This inspiration gallery contains a diverse collection of images – Issue No.9

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No.1 Balfour Place by KHBT

No.1 Balfour Place by KHBT was a rundown flat in prestigious Mayfair that has been transformed into an inhabitable sculpture.

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Redd’s by Zach Gold

Redd’s by Zach Gold is probably the most sensual advertising video out there using only fruit and flowers! Amazing!

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Happy New Year 2013

For 2013, deJoost wishes you a year where you make mistakes, because when you’re making mistakes, you’re making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing boundaries, changing yourself, changing the world. Do things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, keep doing something.

So that’s our wish for 2013. Make mistakes, make glorious, amazing mistakes. Make mistakes that nobody has ever made before. Don’t stop, freeze, quit or worry, make mistakes in art, design, love, work, family or life.

Because making mistakes will bring you new experiences! New experiences, new ideas and new solutions! Make mistakes, now and in the future!

Happy New Year!

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Understand Music

Understand Music by Finally came from the idea that music is a good thing….

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