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Pencil Drawings by David Chong

process of drawing amanda seyfried by chaseroflight Pencil Drawings by David Chong

Amazing pencil and ballpoint pen drawings by David Chong. Davis is a Singapore basedself-taught hobbyist who specialises in pencil drawings. He is also hobbyist to create digital iPad finger paintings.

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50 Meaningful Crown Tattoos

2 Color Crown Tattoos 50 Meaningful Crown Tattoos

If you’ve always felt like a queen or a king, plus you’ve always wanted a tattoo – a crown symbol is the right choice for you! Having such a strong visual appearance and oozing with symbolism, crowns have been a part of tattoo imagery for decades. As an object, crown is the emblem of a ruler, standing for his or hers dominion and sovereignty. Symbolic from the very start, it was no surprise the image translated onto the skin embellishing arts, in the form of simple or more elaborate crown signs.

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SoundCloud Headquarters by KINZO

1138 SoundCloud Headquarters by KINZO

Berlin based studio has designed thenew headquarters of internationally for the renowned online platform SoundCloud which covers three levels and approx. 4,000 square metres of an old brewery building close to the former Berlin Wall. The complex, designed to serve as a future incubator for up-and-coming start-ups, will become the one-stop office for all 180 Berlin employees of the foremost hub for musical exchange on the net. Anticipating future expansion of the rapidly growing SoundCloud platform, the spacious offices could potentially accommodate up to 350.

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45 Beautiful Louts Flowers

5 lotus flower 592 802 45 Beautiful Louts Flowers

Lotus flowers have inspired poets, holy men and artists all around the world. Their beauty, wrapped in a strange aura made of purity and light, is breathtaking. There is truly nothing you can do to escape their magical touch. Maybe it’s the way they surface, piercing and crossing the boundaries between worlds, standing proudly in the middle of the pond, screaming “I own my true colours, my souls is made of light, nothing can really touch me and I won’t run away”.

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40 Boat Tattoo Designs

29 Boat chest Tattoo 40 Boat Tattoo Designs

Well, first of all boat tattoo designs can be funny and beautiful. If you look at our collection, in fact, you will find a combination of complicated drawings and colourful shapes. These are real masterpieces conceived and created by real artists. And talking about artists, if you decide to get your own boat tattoo, choose a good tattoo artist, someone you really trust. You will also need to be patient and remember: you will have a piece of art living on your skin!

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50 Impressive 3D Drawings

Ben Heine 1 50 Impressive 3D Drawings

Illusionistic art has been around since Ancient times, when unknown painters depicted fictional landscapes on inside walls of wealthy Pompeians. And even earlier, on Crete and throughout the Greece. Illusionism was the only tool painters of antiquity had that allowed them to create the feeling of depth, artificial space on a flat surface.

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55 Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms

11 decorating ideas for living rooms 55 Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms

Thinking about finding the right decorating ideas for living rooms can be pretty scary. All of a sudden, in fact, you find yourself in front of an ocean of possibilities, furniture, colours, and you feel lost, hopeless. If you want to avoid feeling this way, forget about what you see for a moment and concentrate of what you want and on who you are.

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55 Wolf Tattoo Designs

13 Indian style Wolf Tattoo 55 Wolf Tattoo Designs

Human beings are fundamentally social animals, who can learn from each other and other animal species. Every type of animal may exhibit unique characteristic that can inspire humans in their lives and teach us who we really are. Wolf is such a mysterious animal which has deep connection with ones intuition and instincts. That’s why wolf tattoo becomes popular among animal tattoos.

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25 Realistic Street Art by 3D Joe and Max

guinness world records largest and longest 3d street artwork in the world for reebok london uk600 885 25 Realistic Street Art by 3D Joe and Max

3D Joe and Max is a studio formed by professional street artist Max Lowry and Joe Hill, creating creating giant optical illusive pavement and chalk art using using chalk, paint and their creative ideas. Unfortunately, one of the artists Max was killed in a tragic attack that took place 4 years ago. Joe continues their shared legacy and traveled almost all over the world and created all the spectacular 3D

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40 Cute Curly Hairstyles

Short Curly Hairstyles 25 40 Cute Curly Hairstyles

Long or short? Blond or red? There are so many cute curly hairstyles you can choose. And the best part of it is that curly hairstyles stand perfectly between elegance ad informality, fun and tradition.

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Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic

Zacharevic 7600 426 Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic

Ernest Zacharevic is a young Lithuanian artist, whose life path took him, over UK, to Malaysia. He fell in love with the city of Penang, where he creates series of murals, vitalizing walls of the old part of the city George town. These iconic pieces have also become enormously popular across the city.

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30 Expressive Drawings of Eyes

29 inside glow  print version  by pixiecold 30 Expressive Drawings of Eyes

Eyes are the windows to the soul. There’s no person in the world who doesn’t know this common wisdom, which is actually quite true. Eyes are the most expressive part of the human face, they reveal our feelings and our state of spirit. If we tell lies, eyes can reveal the truth, if we feel happy, eyes start to glow. Besides the myriad of idioms, poems, songs dedicated to the beautiful human eyes, visual arts have been focused on reproducing them for centuries.

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30 Inspiring Faith Tattoos

5 Cross and Bible quote Tattoo 30 Inspiring Faith Tattoos

Faith is trust or confidence in someone or something which could be spiritual belief in religions, e.g., Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, etc. or trust in the bond of family or confidence of love. People get faith tattoos to express the serious meanings which are important to them.

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Pencil Drawings by hrm-n

Ray by kim ji hoon Pencil Drawings by hrm n

Amazing pencil drawings by Italian artist hrm-n.

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Illustrations by Raphael Vicenzi

Raphael Vicenzi 12 Illustrations by Raphael Vicenzi

Raphael Vicenzi is an illustrator from Brussels, Belgium who created the beautiful feminine works.

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