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Digital Art by Sylar113

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40 Intricate Geometric Tattoo Ideas

39 Geometric tattoos 40 Intricate Geometric Tattoo Ideas

Geometric shapes have always been used as the elements in artistic creations – paintings and illustrations, which are considered to be a form of abstract art which sometimes rendered in illusionistic style. Today, geometric abstraction is being continued by tattooists in all manner of ways. Geometric tattoos bring a fresh new approach in the design of the body art.

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Photography by Dmitry Trishin

Dmitry Trishin 5 Photography by Dmitry Trishin

Expressive Photography by Russian photographer Dmitry Trishin.

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Beauty Photography by Lucie Brémeault

Lucie Brémeault 9 Beauty Photography by Lucie Brémeault

Lucie Brémeault is a Paris, France based photographer who’s dedicated to take flawless beauty pictures. Lucie is always trying to reach a high level of sophistication and a mastery of light and retouching.

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Pencil Drawings by Caius Augustus

Beautiful Landscapes by Margaret Morgan

Margaret Morgan 31 Beautiful Landscapes by Margaret Morgan

Margaret Morgan is an Australian photographer who found her passion in photography just a few years ago. The elegant images of the beautiful landscapes captured the moments when she enjoyed during her travels around the world.

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45 Dandelion Tattoo Designs for Women

30 Dandelion Tattoos 45 Dandelion Tattoo Designs for Women

Tattoo is such a rich way to express one’s beliefs and anything significant in life. Flowers are great sources to find symbolic meanings. Like many other flower tattoos, dandelion tattoos are getting more and more popular. A dandelion is a wild plant which has yellow flowers with lots of thin petals. When you blow the petals, all the seeds drop off, you dream wonder goes with the seeds. Dandelion tattoo reminds us of the innocent life during our childhood.

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Illustrations by Ercan Sebat

salvadordali    ercansebat by ercansebat Illustrations by Ercan Sebat

Portrait illustrations by Turkey based artist Ercan Sebat.

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25 Awesome Map Tattoos

full back map tattoo 25 Awesome Map Tattoos

Making map is normally considered as the interest of geologists, nowadays becomes one of tattooing ideas. For tattoo lovers, map is not just a diagrammatic representation of areas, but a metaphor to convey different meanings in the heart of tattoo wearer, like what Testy McTesterson said,
“There are maps through your bones and skin, to the way you’ve felt and the way you’ve been.”

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Pencil Drawings by Pen Tacular

robert pattinson  graphite portrait by pen tacular Pencil Drawings by Pen Tacular

UK based artist Pen Tacular created the realistic pencil drawings of celebrities by encompassing a wide variety of different ‘fanart’ especially sci-fi, games and comic book characters.

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Children Photography by Jake Olson

Nearing Spring by Jake Olson Children Photography by Jake Olson

The cute enchanting photographs captured by Jake Olson, an award-winning photographer and graphic artist from Blair, Nebraska. Mostly self-taught in the realm of digital photography, Jake transforms everyday subjects to beautiful images with his passion and by focusing on breathtaking light and color.

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60 Beautiful Poppy Tattoos

2 poppy sleeve tattoo1 60 Beautiful Poppy Tattoos

Flower tattoo has always been one of the popular choices for women tattoo idea. From time to time cupped shape poppy flower came into our view among the beautiful tattoos. Poppies have long been cultivated in many parts of the world. Despite the fact the drugs of opium, codeine and morphine extracted from the flower, poppies have long been used as a symbol of sleep, peace, and death.

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Cityscape Photography by Eduard Gordeev

Eduard Gordeev 2 Cityscape Photography by Eduard Gordeev

Eduard Gordeev is a talented photographer based in St. Petersburg, Russia who captured a series of artistic photos of rainy cityscape. The resulting images are atmospheric and impressive with a bit of effect of acrylic paintings. The urban streets seem drenched in rain and mystery.

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Photography by Sergey Redki

20 Lovely Mermaid Tattoos

Mermaid tattoo 20 Lovely Mermaid Tattoos

Mermaid is a legendary creature which captured the imagination and dreams of many girls at their young ages. It has lovely woman’s body above the waist and fish like body from the waist down, with a spreading tail. Mermaid appears in various artworks as well as the folklore of many cultures worldwide. It has also become one of design subjects in tattoos, esp. for women.

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