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Illustrations by Brett Parson

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30+ Incredible Lip Tattoos

6 Lip Tattoo 30+ Incredible Lip Tattoos

Lips are important body part for facial expressions, a focal point when speaking. With celebrities like Miley Cyrus posted her latest ink – an emoji of a sad kitty on the inside of her lower lip, it has now become an impressive location for tattoos. Although it is not as popular as other body parts, lip tattoos add expressive impact to expressions or emotions.

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Pencil Drawings by Jessica

Model by jessie145 Pencil Drawings by Jessica

Pencil Drawings by Jessica, an artist from Netherlands.

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Paintings by Emerico Imre Toth

Emerico Toth 12 Paintings by Emerico Imre Toth

Emerico Imre Toth is an Hungarian painter who loves beauty in all things – nature, female, eyes, fit body, perky breasts, and animals, wild life… He created the series of beautiful paintings featured red color, hot independent females.

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45+ Lace Tattoos for Women

9 Lace Full Back Tattoo 45+ Lace Tattoos for Women

Lace is one of iconic ornaments for females on their garments, costume or wedding dress. Lace tattoo is naturally favorite choice for women to create feminine style of tattoos and express their fashion statement.

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50+ Beautiful Geisha Tattoos

1 geisha tattoo 50+ Beautiful Geisha Tattoos

Geisha Tattoos are loved by the people who love Japanese culture. A geisha tattoo is often featured by a geisha girl dressed in colorful traditional kimono. If you have a chance to wander in the streets of Kyoto, you will be fascinated with the iconic beauty of Japanese traditions.

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40 Unforgettable Fall Tattoos

6 Fall Tree Tattoo by Jackie Rabbit 1 40 Unforgettable Fall Tattoos

Autumn is the season of harvest, which reminds people of colorful landscapes, pumpkins and fallen leaves. Falling Autumn Leaves has been the subject of artworks, e.g., paintings by the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. So has fall been the popular idea for tattoo designs.

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Digital Art by Tan Yong Lin

Illustrations by Rahaf Dk Albab

Rahaf Dk Albab 2 Illustrations by Rahaf Dk Albab

Rahaf Dk Albab is an artist from Damascus, Syria who created the amazing pieces by combining freehand drawing and the digital techniques. Rahaf studied Graphic Design in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus.

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Digital Art by Isabella Morawetz

Illustrations by Elena Pancorbo

Elena Pancorbo 2 Illustrations by Elena Pancorbo

Mind-blowing pieces by Granada, Spain based freelance illustrator Elena Pancorbo.

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Fine Art Photography by Oleg Oprisco

91 Fine Art Photography by Oleg Oprisco

Oleg Oprisco is a Fine Art photographer based in Kiev, Ukraine. Oleg’s work is a mix of surreal and fantasy in retro and vintage style. Beautiful works.

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Amazing Photography by Ibai Acevedo

Un rayo de sol Amazing Photography by Ibai Acevedo

Ibai Acevedo is an eight years old Photographer based in Barcelona, Spain. He captured the amazing photography by good use of color and light, with shades and textures weakness for patenting.

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Jason Fieldgate 6 WE SENT THEIR BRIEFS BACK by Jason Fieldgate

Jason Fieldgate and his TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris team in Johannesburg promoted their design department recently by sending briefs back to clients transformed by in-house designers. Here’s the showcase of their innovative and creative project called WE SENT THEIR BRIEFS BACK.

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60+ Ankle Tattoos for Women

54 Cheetah and Leopard Print Tattoos 60+ Ankle Tattoos for Women

With the fall leaves dropping, the weather getting cooler, there’s coming the best time for people to get tattoos if you consider healing more quickly, especially to get tattooed on some painful spots of the body, such as rib, collar bone and ankle. Ankle tattoos is a one of popular choices for women. It’s a place to get sexy small and tiny tattoos which is more visible to others.

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