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Fashion Illustrations by Soleil Ignacio


Soleil Ignacio is a fashion & beauty freelancer illustrator from Manila, Philippines. She graduated from the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication. Soleil’s works combine stylish feminine figures with retro, fantasy elements, presenting a strong expressive effect.

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40 Shell Tattoos Make You Wonder Sea Life


A shell is a hard, protective outer layer of some sea creatures, such as marine mollusks, bivalves, conch, scallop, nautilus, or other sea snails. The shell of these creatures is part of their skeletal system for muscle encase body and organisms, but also for protection from predators and scuffing of body. Shell tattoo is among the rare topics people used for tattooing. Seashell tattoo is one of marine inspired tattoos loved by people who are font of ocean and sea life.

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Chic Fashion Illustrations by Kelly Smith


Tasmania, Australia based freelance illustrator Kelly Smith has been working on fashion projects since her education of Fine Art from The Tasmanian School of Art. Her latest works here are series of chic fashion and beauty illustrations. The portraits are often embellished with natural and symbolic elements like flowers, skull, birds, etc.. Some of pieces are portrayed in some surreal style.

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45 Warm Nails Perfect for Spring


March 20 marks the first day of Spring 2015. The snow has melt and sea breeze has eventually defeated cold wind, bringing the warm breeze blown over the land. It’s the time to say bye-bye to Winter. To celebrate the season of rebirth and new beginning, we prepared a collection of gorgeous nail designs to adapt your nails for the season’s change.

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Street Photography by Leanne Boulton


Leanne Boulton is a Glasgow, UK based photographer who is passionate for capturing life and how it interacts with, adapts to and alters the immediate natural environment. On an artistic level she is drawn towards street photography, the urban landscape and nature. Preserving those often missed, and seemingly insignificant, fleeting moments that make life special and a joy to behold.

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Nature Photography by Ben Babusis


Ben Babusis is an acclaimed nature photographer based in Issaquah, Washington who is obsessed to capture pictures of dramatic wildlife and landscape. In this post we present you 15 gorgeous photographs that show you the best of Mother Nature.

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Sepia Series Paintings by Janel Eleftherakis


Janel Eleftherakis is a New England based artist brought up in Miami but born in Germany. Her artistic love was influenced by her grandmother. Fascinated with the tumultuous and glorious eras of the 40′s, Janel created the series of oil paintings Sepia Series, featured in abstract and dark color.

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Meet the Rays – Impressive Polynesian Tattoos


I am always curious about the mysterious symbols appeared on the Polynesian tattoos. These symbols are representations of cultural appreciation for the native Polynesian people. One types of such tattoos come into my sight are ray tattoos, which triggered my further study of the weird sea animals.

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Photography by Mazin Alrasheed Alzain


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia based photographer Mazin Alrasheed Alzain created colorful artworks from the pictures of everyday stuff.

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30 Pictures of Samoan Tattoos


Samoa is one of the main island groups located within the Polynesian Triangle, comprising American Samoa and the Independent State of Samoa. Samoans have practiced tattoos for more than 2,000 years. As a part of Polynesian culture, Samoan tattoos present strong culture specific attributes. Samoans are proud of their roots of cultural identity, there has been a growing trend of revival of traditional tattooing for native Samoans. In this article we will explore the distinctions of this unique tattoo pattern and enjoy a collection of mind-blow Samoan tattoo pictures.

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Combine the beauty of human and nature


Kate Louise Powell is an amateur artist from West Yorkshire, UK, who likes to combine nature elements to express her personal and emotional ideas. Her works are often female figures embellished with flying butterflies, grass, flowers, etc. The drawings are rendered in the style of surreal and abstract, leaving the room of imagination the beauty of human and nature.

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Photorealistic Portrait Drawings by Nathan Lorenzana


Majored in Graphic Design at Universidad Rafael Landívar (Rafael Landívar University) , Guatemala based artist Nathan Lorenzana is curious to experiment with realism in different media. Drew with ballpoint pen on illustration board, his figures are portrayed with emotions in great details.

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Digital Paintings by Mirella Santana


Brazilian artist Mirella Santana created another fantasy world in her digital paintings by photo retouching, manipulations.

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70 Creative Bathroom Sinks


White is the color of most bathroom sinks. As a sanitary appliance, the bathroom sink is expected to posess the ability of self cleaning. White is the color free of debris, representing cleanness. It is mostly recognized for bathroom sinks. The color of a ceramic sink normally comes from its firing process at high temperature. Its color is permanent unless the surface is broken. Some creative designs may use deep colors, like black as the color of the sink. Black is cool if it’s well integrated in the overall decoration of the room.

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Street Art by Andrea Michaelsson


Andrea Michaelsson, aka Btoy, is a street artist better from Barcelona, Spain. Btoy prefers to place street art and posters in old places. These places may include rust on a door and old textured walls.

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