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35 Creative DIY Heart Symbols

Showing what you truly feel with hearts. Even the dullest places can look very exciting when you have the right amount of imagination and dedication to make and finish crafts.

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Paintings by Isaac Maimon

Isaac Maimon is an Israeli Artist born in 1951. Isaacstudied at the Avni Institute of Fine Art in Tel Aviv.

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Incredible Dirty Car Art by Scott Wade

San Antonio, Texas based artist Scott Wade is always experimenting new ways to express his artistic views and known for his popular pieces of Dirty Car Art. He created variety of artistic drawings on the canvas of car windows with his fingers using limestone and clay. The original drawings will not last long but each piece was photographed and images are really stunning! Let enjoy it.

This piece was created as a “permanent” gallery piece in support of the Texas Breastfeeding Coalition’s legislative efforts. To be shown as part of a collection of breastfeeding-related artworks in the Texas State Capitol, from February 16th through the 23rd, and to tour as a collection in the future to raise awareness of issues relating to mothers’ rights to breastfeed their children in public, and to be able to pump breast milk in the workplace, among other issues. One of very few pieces of “permanent” Dirty Car Art. (Image and captions by Scott Wade)

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30+ Dandelion Nail Art Designs

A dandelions is one of the most beautiful flowers that we can see today. It has a wonderful color and simply stands out on the field. There are a lot of beautiful flowers around the world, so what makes dandelions unique and appealing?

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Manga & Anime Paintings by Roslee

Pencil Drawings by Leong Hong Yu

Celebrities are always favorite targets for artists to draw. Malaysian artist Leong Hong Yu presented the list of realistic pencil drawings of celebrities’ portraits.

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Children Photography by Lisa Holloway

Lisa Holloway is an internationally published, award winning fine art portrait photographer residing in rural Northwestern Arizona. A Canon girl since day one, Lisa is completely self taught and works exclusively with natural light. Here are her recent works to capture beautiful moments of children’s life.

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Floral Paintings by Marie Claire Moudru

Born in Grenoble, French artist Marie Claire Moudru showed creative mind and aesthetic talent in her early ages. She followed higher artistic education at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Grenoble, focusing on her work drawing and watercolor during education. Her skills and understanding of the watercolor art form was extended after her eduction. Floral watercolor paintings are her favorite subjects. The flowers are not just still objects but metaphors to express artistic beauty and personality.

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30+ Intricate Mandala Tattoo Designs

Tattoo lovers are never tired of digging out the subjects for their next tattoo ideas. From religious symbols to meaningful flowers or animals, we have seen a lot of creative tattoo designs inspired by these elements. Mandala tattoos are such kind of symmetrical tattoos inspired by a ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism. The circular geometric pattern reminds people of balance, harmony and cosmic infinity.

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30 Adorable Polka Dots Nail Designs

As girls we would always want to make ourselves look neat, clean, presentable and pretty. We have our hair makeup , and have our nails wear lovely polish… There are a lot of inspirations to make our nails to look special. One of the cutest nail designs would be the polka dot inspired nail designs.

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35 Creative DIY Letters in Life

Everyday we read books and surf on internet, letters flow in our sight and we focus on the meaning that letters transmit… Letters themselves could be attractive. Typeface design has been very popular in log design, infographics and creative alphabet designs. It’s a powerful means to bring brand attention and demonstrate creativity. The creative letters have walked out of the paper, you could DIY them using anything in your life.

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70 Ideas of French Manicure

Flaunt your sun kissed nails with this white and midnight blue themed French manicure. The base color is coated in beige and tipped with midnight blue polish, lined with a pure white color. The other nails are coated in reverse, matte midnight blue with white streaks topped with a clear bead at the intersection.

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Back Portrait Paintings by Sabine Liebchen

Sabine Liebchen is a contemporary artist from Germany. Sabine Liebchen’s hyper realistic fugitive paintings are mostly back portraits of figures portrayed from behind. Faces are not the motifs the artist has interest in. She’s experimenting to convey abstract concept from essentials of the anonymous individuals.

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Beautiful Wall Decals Ideas

If you’re apt to daydream, the beautiful wall decal would inevitably take you to the wonderland in your mind.

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Photography by Kindra Nikole

Kindra Nikole is a Seattle-based conceptual photographer whose work draws on natural settings to create surreal, otherworldly images. Citing Brian Froud, Jim Henson, J.R.R. Tolkien, Hayao Miyazaki, and Kirsty Mitchell as key influences, Kindra manifests fantastical realities in her images, oftentimes with a hint of dark allure. Her works typically feature a solitary figure immersed in nature, exuding an array of emotions.

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