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35+ Awesome Celtic tattoo Designs

1 Celtic knot Tattoo 35+ Awesome Celtic tattoo Designs

Celtic tattoos connect to the history and culture of ancient Celtic people – the Celts, an ancient Indo-European people which is now represented mainly by the Irish, Gaels, Welsh, and Bretons. Celtic people were fierce warriors as well as skilled craftsmen. They created their ironical symbols with tremendous meanings. Most Celtic tattoo designs feature symbols of holy Celtic cross and intriguing knot.

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Inspiring Illustrations by Nisachar

Nisachar 6 Inspiring Illustrations by Nisachar

Nisachar is an Indian based illustrator created the inspiring art mixing the styles of Mahabharata and modern films.

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55 Awesome Tiger Tattoo Designs

1 3D tiger tattoo 55 Awesome Tiger Tattoo Designs

Tiger is a popular animal in ancient mythology and folklore in many countries. It is also the national animal of Bangladesh (the Bengal Tiger), India, Vietnam, Malaysia (the Malayan tiger) and South Korea. People love tiger tattoo is for the very symbolic meaning – a tattoo tiger represents strength.

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Illustrations by Charles Williams


Flotanta House

Flotanta House 3 Flotanta House

Flotanta House is a project designed by Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture, in an exotic and exciting location, Puntarenas Canton, Costa Rica. The house elevated above the ground, on a series of piloti, maximizes views and gives the illusion of floating above the hillside.

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50 Examples of Girly Tattoo

41 lotus on back girly tattoos 50 Examples of Girly Tattoo

Tattoos are getting popular in the United States. A lot of women are getting tattooed for apparent reasons – it could make them extremely girly and chic. Unlike nail polish or outfits, tattoo is very personal and meaningful.

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Digital Art by Paul Hyun Woo Kwon

vi portrait fan art colored by zeronis Digital Art by Paul Hyun Woo Kwon

Paul Hyun Woo Kwon is American artist created the fabulous art of fantasy characters.

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50+ Spectacular Space Wallpapers

46 specular space wallpaper600 397 50+ Spectacular Space Wallpapers

Out space is a world full of mysteries and unknowns. With the help of Hubble Space Telescope, it makes it possible for man to view the objects of far distant galaxies. There are a lot of exciting planets, facts unveiled by scientists. Space is also amazing for its beautiful stars, planets and galaxies.

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Portrait Illustrations by Esther Bayer

Esther Bayer 8 Portrait Illustrations by Esther Bayer

Esther Bayer is an illustrator and designer from Charlottetown, PE, Canada who is fascinated with creating illustrations of faces and expression. She loves the fluidity of watercolor and experiment various of methods by combining traditionaland digital elements, creating beauty in her pieces.

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10 Famous Pablo Picasso Paintings

1 Pablo Picasso the girls of avignon 1907 10 Famous Pablo Picasso Paintings

An early Picasso’s painting, designated to his Rose period. He painted this work soon after he came to Paris, showing a boy holding a pipe and wearing a wreath of flowers.

Pablo Picasso is so famous today , that he often serves as a synonym for the best artist there can possibly be. He was definitely a rare genius, and one of the most important figures in the development of the 20th century art. Due to his daring and innovative artistic endeavors, this Spaniard rose to world fame before the age of 50, becoming the single most revered artist in the western hemisphere.

His unique style and a divine gift made Picasso a figure who had the greatest and the most significant influence on the modern art evolution and the art world.

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Photography by Valery Kasmasov

Valery Kasmasov 141 Photography by Valery Kasmasov

Portrait Photography by Krasnodar, Russia based photographer Valery Kasmasov.

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Jalan Binchang House

Jalan Binchang House 1 Jalan Binchang House

A D Lab designed the contemporary renovation for Jalan Binchang house in Singapore.

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Vector Portraits by Ilya Kuvshinov

Ilya Kuvshinov 9 Vector Portraits by Ilya Kuvshinov

Awesome vector portraits by Moscow, Russia based digital artist Ilya Kuvshinov.

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55 Peaceful Dove Tattoos

39 dove tattoos for women 55 Peaceful Dove Tattoos

Dove is a bird, usually white in color, often associated with love and peace, harmony and tranquility. The dove is also the Christian symbol for the Holy Spirit. When Jesus was baptized by John, according to bible, the Holy Spirit manifested flying above him like a dove. So dove tattoo is taken as one of religious tattoos. People get dove tattoos often for its symbolic meanings – love, hope and faith.

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Mill Valley Cabins

Mill Valley Cabins 2 Mill Valley Cabins

Mill Valley is a heavily landscaped wooden project completed by Feldman Architecture in 2012. The site is located in a hillside, Mill Valley, California. Some accessory structures were added to the existing building, which was used for an artist studio and a yoga space which would also serve as a private guest cabin.

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