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Delightful Street Art By Ernest Zacharevic


Ernest Zacharevic is a young Lithuanian artist, whose life path took him, over UK, to Malaysia. He fell in love with the city of Penang, where he creates series of murals, vitalizing walls of the old part of the city George town. These iconic pieces have also become enormously popular across the city. Continue »

Stunning Examples of DIY Halloween Makeup


Halloween is just around the corner. It’s about time to plan that smashing Halloween costume of yours and go out trick or treating! A lot of people have turned Halloween into a creative gathering of costumes, make up and craft. If you don’t want to be left behind, make sure that you get the perfect Halloween make up for your get up! All it takes is simple planning ahead.
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Street Art by Noé Two


Noé Two is a French contemporary artist who discovered painting through the Street Art and paints frescoes with a figurative style. His impressive mastery of the art renders portraits of graphic composition. The artist goes on a more personal artistic approach and builds his work around the experimentation of shapes and colors.
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Creative DIY Examples of Candle Holders


Even from centuries ago, candles have already been used by people. They have been making their way from China, to Europe and on to the rest of the parts of the world.
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Fashion Illustrations by Sunny Gu


Sunny Gu is a China born illustrator who has been based in Los Angeles since she was 13. Sunnny loves to discover beauties in everything in life and capture them in her fashion illustrations. Sunny’s works are always full of vibrant colors, rich details and delightful feelings, in which most of them were painted in watercolor.
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Sweet Digital Art by DestinyBlue


DestinyBlue is one of DeviantArt’s most recognized and beloved artists from UK. She created a beautiful gallery of sweet digital art and demonstrates masterful command of colors and light while symbolically capturing the essence of each of her pieces.
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Illustrations by Laura Cheyenne


Laura Cheyenne is an illustrator from Strasbourg, Alsace, France. Laura loves traveling and keep exploring the opportunity to feed her inspirations. Her illustrations feature surrealistic female portraits with faces hidden or blanked, creating perfect artistic view and imaginations.
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Photography by Cansu Ozkaraca


Cansu Ozkaraca is a London based fashion and portrait photographer who specializes in portraiture, fashion, and model portfolios photography.
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Portrait Paintings by Osamu Obi


Osamu Obi is a Japanese painter who’s born in Kanagawa, Japan in 196. For more than 20 years of creation, Osamu has painted a series of oil paintings. His works are mainly portrait with details and emotions. Osamu graduated from Musashino Art University (Department of Oil Painting) and currently works as a Lecturer in the same university.
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Forest Photography by Nelleke Pieters


Beautiful forest photography by Netherlands based photographer Nelleke Pieters.
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Realistic Paintings by Marc Figueras


Marc Figueras is a young artist born in Barcelona in 1981 and trained at the Escola d’Arts i Oficis de Barcelona. His hyper-realistic paintings, typically depict anonymous persons before some of the most iconic landmarks of Barcelona, showcasing urban life in the streets.
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Street Art by Jana & JS


Jana and JS are an Austro-German artist couple who now lives in Austria, Salzburg. Their street artwork can be found both in the urban as well as in a closed room.
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Amazing Photography by Brooke Shaden


Brooke Shaden is a photographer based in Arizona who created amazing series of self-portraits of photographic artworks. By using digital techniques, Brooke turned traditional photographs into beautiful fine art pieces. Each of her work features engaging elements and emotion, often in dark theme.
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Street Art by David Walker

David Walker is a London-based artist who creates color-explosive portraits using spray paint in the form of street art. His portraiture is freehand painting with only spray and without the use of stencils or brushes.
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35 Gingham and Plaid Nail Art Designs

Have you ever seen those cute nails with creative Gingham and plaid designs? You see them and might think to yourself, how are they able to make such straight lines?
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