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Nature Photography by Joy Jordan


Appleton, Wisconsin based photographer Joy Jordan uses photography to express her view of the beautiful world. Capturing pictures is all about light, details, and everyday beauty. The beauty can be found everywhere if you pay attention. Enjoying her macro photography of leaves and flowers.

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Street Art by Stinkfish


STINKFISH is an amazing street artist based in Bogota, Colombia, whose works are featured with a multitude of beautiful colours and patterns.

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25 Awesome Steampunk tattoo designs


Steampunk comes from science fiction novels and evolves to a fashion style that mixes old and new and reproduces fashion elements with steampunk literature. As a form of artistic representation, it’s not surprised artists have found their way to apply the classic style in tattoo designs. Steampunk tattoos are loved by the people who want to add some retro-Victorian elements in their life.

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30 Cutting Edge Tattoo Fonts


Taking advantage of computer software, type designers created an abundance of typefaces that have been used to stylish text and facilitate digital designs of art and graphics. A tattoo font is a style of typeface composed of graphs and fonts inspired by tattoo art. Selective tattoo fonts could be either used in desktop workstations or embedded in e-book or mobile applications, making it easy the initial design of tattoo pieces.

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45 Crazy Tattoos on Head


James Franco surprised his 2.7 million Instagram followers when he shared a picture of tattoo on his bald head. The temporary body art depicted Hollywood legends Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift in 1951 film A Place In The Sun. In the world of tattooers, there are real people inked with real tattoos on their heads.

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Street Art by Hopare


Alexandre Monteiro, aka HOPARE is a french artist who created portraits street artworks in Paris, Venice and Montreal by combining abstraction and figuration in a dynamic resurrecting memories of Italian futurism of the early twentieth century. He experimented a variety of skill variations in line, color, applications with brushes, aerosols, markers and rollers, and have touched with his unique graffiti style for “silk ribbons” delimited “son of nylon” black with great detail.

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Landscapes & Scenery Digital Art by Niken Anindita

50+ Examples of Colorful Tattoos


Tattoo is considered as an expressive and artistic statement for modern people. After you have decided to ink the tattoo with meaning, the next consideration would be deciding with your artist which kind of style the tattoo should be, colorful tattoo or black and grey.

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Street Art by Fintan Magee


Fintan Magee is a recognised Australian street artist known for his murals throughout Queensland and later in New South Wales. Fintan’s works are featured by large figurative paintings with a touch of surrealistic style. Fintan has contributed a lot of iconic murals in Australia – “First Coat”, “The Tate Gallery”, etc.

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Photography by Irina Dzhul


Amazing Photography by Kyiv, Ukraine based photographer Irina Dzhul.

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Photography by Martin Neuhof


Photography by Leipzig, Germany photographer Martin Neuhof

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Watercolor Paintings by Zhanna Kabina

Surreal Digital Art by Cyril Rolando


Cyril Rolando is a clinician psychologist living in the south of France. He’s a also self taught digital artist in his free time. Cyril works with his intuition and blends surreal perfectly with fantasy style, creating series of beautiful pieces..

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Pencil Drawings by Paul

Dancing Photography by Dimitry Roulland


Dimitry Roulland is a young artist based in Marquay, France who is fascinated with photography. Here is the collection of his photographs of dancing moments. All the emotions, beauty and happiness are captured in the pictures.

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