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Vanity Project Clothing on Designed Good Donates 51% to Causes

This week Designed Good is featuring hoodies, pullovers, and shirts designed by The Vanity Project. Each purchase donates 51% of net profits back to the nonprofit cause represented on the shirt.

This purple pullover donates 51% to Music is Medicine, a nonprofit that uses music philanthropy to encourage ill children in hospitals and to develop music programs for people with serious illnesses.

The Story Pirates hoodie gives back to one of our favorite nonprofits: Story Pirates, which provides creative writing programs to inner city children. Students write stories, and then Story Pirates gets professional actors to perform their creations.

The BKYSC Hoodie also contributes to education, by providing basketball programs to inner city student athletes. Brooklyn Youth Sports Club gives an athletic outlet and resource to young students whose top goal is getting to college.

At the end of the day, The Vanity Project is not just interested in how people look outwardly at the world around them, but also how people think about themselves. That’s the origin of their business’s name: The idea of looking in the mirror and deciding if you are representing your values with what you wear – whether you #WearReal.

You can find The Vanity Project clothing at 20% off on Designed Good this week.

Flashback Clothing Supports Water Projects Abroad

Designed Good is partnering with No One Without this weekend to solve one of the world’s biggest health & safety problems: clean water access. Their line of awesome clothing is available for two more days at Designed Good, and each purchase gives someone clean water for a quarter of a century.

No One Without provides one person with clean water for 25 years. No One Without has partnered with Thirst Relief International to build Bio-sand filtration systems. To date, Thirst Relief International has placed these systems in Brazil, Cameroon, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

The Sound the Alarm Tank and Mr. Bean Beanie are also available at a discount for two more days at Designed Good.

And finally, their partnership with Alternative Apparel extends this philosophy about sustainable solutions. Alternative Apparel plants a tree for each item of their clothing that is purchased, but their social responsibility commitment extends much further. They guarantee that they do not use forced or child labor, guarantee healthy work environments for all employees – employees that receive fair wages and hours – and guarantee that all the vendors they work with are committed to higher environmental standards than legally enforced.

New Clothing Line on Designed Good Champions Clean Water

Designed Good‘s latest partnership with No One Without highlights an awesome new clothing line – and each purchase gives 1 person clean water for 25 years. They’re combining great product design with a commitment to social change.

No One Without accomplishes this by partnering with Thirst Relief International to bring the Bio-sand filters to communities across the world. Bio-sand filters remove 90% of bacteria through their bio-film layer and 100% of the parasites in untreated water.

No One Without’s tank dressmustache cardigan, and Henley shirt are available on Designed Good this week.


Salmon Sisters Eco-Friendly Apparel Makes Splash at Designed Good

This holiday season, original artwork and eco-friendly apparel seem to be a winning combination on Designed Good. The Salmon Sisters are making sweatshirts with their original Alaskan-inspired artwork. The sweatshirt below uses Alternative Earth’s eco-friendly super soft fleece sweatshirt.

The Salmon Sisters are Emma and Claire, and they are making clothes that are artistic, comfortable, good for the earth, and representative of people who are passionate about what they do. We also love their American Apparel T-shirts:

Emma and Claire are a year apart, but they both studied abroad at the same time in Italy last year. Emma took her first screen-printing class in Florence, where she made her first Rockfish print. When she came home, she started putting her print on clothing to make holiday gifts – she hasn’t stopped since. “Making new things is my favorite part,” she said.

Emma is also the fabulous designer behind our very own Designed Good T-shirts.

They’re bringing fish to the world, along with a story that ties together socially conscious design with a marine-inspired twist.

Salmon Sisters apparel is 10% off at Designed Good this week only.

Design from Down Under: Australian JOCO Cups Save Billions of Paper Coffee Cups

Designed Good is featuring a new line of coffee cups with design properties that impress: Made of the lightest glass (the kind that won’t splinter into tiny pieces you can’t clean up), JOCO cups are the best solution to paper coffee cups we’ve seen so far.

Each cup comes with its own silicon sleeve and lid. The lid is splash-proof so that you don’t get coffee dribble on your chin (or your car seat).

And finally, JOCO is a company that has thought carefully about its package design: Not only is the glass cup itself 100% recyclable, but so is the recycled box it comes in. They encourage you to keep the box and use it for whatever you need – coffee grounds, perhaps – so that the entire JOCO experience is environmentally responsible.

JOCO cups are available on Designed Good this week only.

Dutch Designed Water Bottles Make Drinking Water Easy & Support Water Projects

Remember when Old Navy came out with that slogan Shopping is fun again!? That’s what Dopper does for drinking tap water. Available on Designed Good this week, Dopper water bottles offer a sleek Dutch design that makes ignoring single-use plastic bottles easy. Dopper also sends a percentage of each sale to Simavi, a public health organization in the Netherlands that is making water access clean and sustainable in developing countries.


You can twist each bottle into three separate pieces, even making a convenient drinking cup for those sips that you want to take a little more elegantly.

Dopper water bottles are also available in blue and orange on Designed Good, where you can read the full story of how they’re making a difference.


DIY Brooklyn Assembly Kit Lets You Make a Pillow – With Any Map Stitched On

Brooklyn Assembly Kits are the answer to the question: Where did all the gifts with meaning go? The crafty genius behind them founded Brooklyn Assembly Kits on the principle that people should be able to make things with their hands – and that that process should be accessible. They are available on Designed Good all week.

We love her pillow kit in particular because it lets you hand-stitch a pillow for whichever map location you like. She made one for her friends with a map of the location where they got married. You can choose any location — all you have to do is send a map to her and she’ll send you the pattern (instructions are on the Designed Good page).

The materials in the kits are all natural and completely made in the USA.

For all versions of the Brooklyn Assembly Kits this week, you can check out the full line on Designed Good.

Edible Gifts: All-Natural Designer Goodness in Hipster Granola

Designed Good is featuring a new kind of design this week: well-designed edibles. San Franola Granola is a San Francisco-based company that makes all-natural, healthy, hand-roasted granola…all in the kind of packaging that reminds you of why you thought San Francisco was so hipster in the first place. It’s the perfect edible gift this season.

Indeed, their granola is made of all-natural, largely-local ingredients and has higher fiber, higher protein, and less sugar than other leading brands. It’s true: their plain variety has just 7 grams of sugar but 11 grams of protein and 25% of your daily fiber. We think Matt gave quite a believable rationale for this: “We keep our eater’s best interests in mind because it’s the right thing to do, and because we eat San Franola everyday also!”

If the nutritional content is star-quality, the process itself is also awesome. They’re the only company that hand-roasts its granola instead of baking it – hand-roasting allows the heat to distribute more evenly over the ingredients for a hyper-flavored experience. “You should taste almonds, cinnamon, and molasses in every bite, and it will be richer and more robust than simple oats and sugar,” Matt said.

According to Matt, San Franola isn’t a granola company – they’re a lifestyle brand that makes granola. “We want to change the world by making healthy eating more fun and accessible,” Matt told us. It’s a big idea that packs a bite.

San Franola Granola is on sale at Designed Good all week. Check out the story behind the founders on their site.

Handcrafted Ballet Flats Support Artists’ Communities in Guatemala

The shoes that are available at Designed Good this week are about more than artisanal footwear – they’re about empowering artists and designers while preserving the handicraft traditions of Central America.

The Mayan Store, which is a design center in Guatemala that works with artists and designers who know these traditional techniques, has partnered with 250 artisans so far.

The Mayan Store chooses their artist communities with purpose. Their artists come from communities with extreme poverty; The Mayan Store provides them with jobs and a market for their work. Every partnership is fair trade, so they pay their partners fair wages according to their output.

The flats are all available at special member prices this week on Designed Good, a marketplace that features products that blend design and social responsibility.

Hand-Stitched Soccer Balls Support Fair-Wage Workers and Youth Development

This week, Designed Good is featuring fair trade soccer balls by Senda Athletics – an inspiring social enterprise that is adding a whole new socially-conscious edge to the ball you use in practice or in games. They are hand-stitched by fair wage workers in Pakistan who make the balls in a clean, healthy environment that also subsidizes affordable food and medicine. They are on sale at Designed Good through Monday, November 26.

Senda Founder Santiago Halty’s story began way before his trip to Pakistan last summer, during his childhood in Argentina, where people live and breathe soccer. He played soccer throughout his childhood, and was perceptive enough to realize that the game was a huge part of the highly challenging act of growing up – soccer gave him and the other kids on their team confidence, discipline, and an outlet for fun.

That’s why Senda partners with nonprofits like Soccer Without Borders and BORP to provide equipment, training, and sports curricula to people in the U.S. and around the world.


DIY Stitch the Stars Calendar Kit Brings Glow-in-the-Dark Sky to Your Room

Designed Good’s latest sale features designer Heather Lins, who has created something you can purchase now for a whole lot of recurring fun in 2013.

The Stitch the Stars calendar kit includes 12 separate cards that allow you to stitch a constellation for each month. The 2013 kit is made of recycled card stock, and the embroidery floss that comes with it is glow-in-the-dark. We could say it will save the electric energy used in your night light, but the real benefit is definitely in the fun involved.

The Calendar Kits are screen printed in Orlando, FL and Heather assembles them personally. She is responsible for the creation of the calendars from start to finish, demonstrating that there doesn’t have to be a big gap between the design process and manufacturing.

We think the Stitch the Stars Calendar Kit is exciting because it allows you to participate in design. We love designers, but they shouldn’t have all the fun. Heather chose a constellation theme because she loves scientific motifs in general.

The calendar kit is available on Designed Good for the next week.

Cold Winters Call for Hot Lunches: The Thermo-Pot


The next time you feel like you have to pack a lunch for work, don’t feel like you have to be satisfied with a cold sandwich. Thermo-pot is an example of design that isn’t just sleek, but problem-solving.

Designed Good is featuring the thermo-pot this week, giving people the chance to eat delicious things all the time. The thermo-pot is a stainless steel vessel with a cork top and an custom-designed interior that keeps food warm for 5 hours.

Black+Blum designs objects for better living – and a more sustainable future. Who knows what we could accomplish without all of the styrofoam takeout boxes holding us back?

Thermo-pots are available on Designed Good until November 15.

Entertaining for Election Returns? Try Socially-Conscious Table Art

It might be too late to place a Designed Good order for your election-viewing party tonight, but the WudPlate and Tray series might at least be the perfect gift to console yourself if you’re not pleased with the results…

Designed Good is featuring this series of handcrafted trays and plates ideal for home entertaining or holiday decoration. Each plate and tray is also fired in a solar-powered kiln – a pretty socially-responsible way to spread some holiday good will.

Plus, the wood is sealed with eco-friendly food-safe oil. No matter who comes out on top in the election, whoever scores these plates is definitely winning. They’re available on Designed Good until November 15.

Herb Garden BBQ: Better Grilling through Design

Who says sustainability isn’t fun? Designed Good is featuring a series of products this week that put a modern twist on what it means to be eco-friendly. The  hot-pot bbq below, designed by London duo Black+Blum, conceals a stainless steel grill inside a terracotta pot – with real space for an herb garden on the top. You can literally season the food you’re grilling with herbs you grew on top of the bbq.


This kind of design is exciting because it pushes the envelope: there’s a lot of talk (and rightfully so) about eating local. The more fun ways we have to incorporate sustainable living into our daily routine, the more we can begin to shift our mindset about sustainable eating and environmentally-friendly living.

You can read more about Black+Blum and products like their hot pot bbq here.


MiiR Water Bottle Makes Drinking Water Safer…Across the World.

MiiR is a water bottle that is designed for maximum impact. With the rise of sustainable alternatives to the Dasani bottles you see everywhere, it’s easy to think that reusable water bottles are just a more inconvenient way to drink water. For the next 10 days, Designed Good is selling these bottles and and telling the story of how they’re making a difference.

But MiiR bottles have two extra bonuses: they make drinking water safer for you and also donate $1 to give 1 person clean water access for one year.

Their innovative design features a curved edges that prevent bacteria buildup, a one-twist lock top that keeps unwanted particles out of your drink, and is BPA and toxin-free. Plus, the entire bottle is 100% recyclable.

Through the one4one initiative, each bottle helps fund water projects. So far, MiiR has partnered with Charity:Water and One Day’s Wages to bring clean water access to 70,000 people through 9 projects.

The bottles above are completely customizable through Designed Good: You can drink water from this safe stainless-steel bottle in any color you like.

It only takes one water bottle purchase to provide clean water to someone for a year through water projects that build wells, design water systems, and train people everywhere to keep pipes and wells in working shape.