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1OR2 by April and May + Norm Architects


1OR2 is a minimalist house located in The Netherlands, designed by April and May + Norm Architects. The store opened in September this year and Norm Architects have taken care of the design of the 1OR2 cafe where an open structure and a Japanese/Scandinavian feeling were the key words in the design process. In the cafe one can experience all the products of Menu and sit down to enjoy some delicious coffee and chocolates.
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Clinica da Vila by Duarte Caldas


Clinica da Vila is a minimalist house located in Ericeira, Portugal, designed by Duarte Caldas. The project consists of the refurbishment of an existing shop in downtown Ericeira into a Dentist Clinic for a young doctor. The concept was developed around a fresh and comfortable aesthetic of the space. DCA developed the planning alterations of the interior space, designed all fixed furniture and developed the light design.
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Trees and Rocks by Martín Azúa

‘Trees and Rocks’ is a minimalist design created by Spain-based designer Martín Azúa. A wooden table which incorporates some veined marble discs in the central part. The discs have a practical function: they highlight the center of the table and make it more resistant to heat and scratches. The rounded rectangular shape of the table allows a more dynamic relationship among the guests who are not opposite each other as in parallel sides tables. Continue »

Mozart by Tsubasai Wahashi

‘Mozart’ is a minimalist interior located in Kobe, Japan, designed by Tsubasai Wahashi. The space is relaxed and airy, characterized by inset ambient lighting, matched with white walls and wooden accents. The medical facility is designed to provide a sense of comfort and safety during the patrons’ stay. The large space allows patients to mingle or partake in the private lounges. Continue »

Patch by Christian Reyes

‘Patch’ is a minimalist design created by Spain-based designer Christian Reyes. Patch is a new concept of paper dispensery that is characterized by its original and natural combination of materials that utilize a simple system of replacing towelettes. The container is made of beech wood with a water clear-coat finish, along with a textured skin as a cover with an elastic band to hold them together. Continue »

Tram by Thomas Feichtner

Tram is a minimalist design created by Austria-based designer Thomas Feichtner. Feichtner’s concept is strongly inspired by the company’s time-honored production processes: first by the company’s own plant for the production of seat shells from molded wood, and second by its longstanding factory for the production of classic bentwood. The intention was to unite the methods used to produce bentwood and molded wood for the first time in a single product, thus building a bridge between traditional and contemporary furniture design. Continue »

RW Concrete Church by NAMELESS Architecture

RW Concrete Church is a minimalist house located in South Korea, designed by NAMELESS Architecture. RW Concrete Church is located in Byeollae, a newly developed district near northeast Seoul, Korea. It evokes a feeling, not of a city already completed, but a building on a new landscape somewhere between nature and artificiality, or between creation and extinction. The church, which will be a part of the new urban fabric, is concretized through a flow of consecutive spaces based on simple shape, single physical properties and programs. Continue »

House 1 by Isurunath Pramitha Associates

House 1 is a minimalist house located in Sri Lanka, designed by Isurunath Pramitha Associates. Unassuming and minimalist in its principles, this quintessentially cube-like abode sets a criterion for the conception of seamless space in a constrained urban environment. During the daytime the house exudes simplicity and is modest in appearance. At night, however, the house is transformed into an urban “lantern” emitting subtle light; the illuminated interior becomes visible to the outside through intricately treated fenestration. This duality confers an element of drama on the building. Stylistically, however, the house reflects neither the organic nor the vernacular tradition but is a logical response to climate and urban setting. Continue »

Berra by Lucien Gumy

Berra is a minimalist design created by Switzerland-based designer Lucien Gumy. Berra is a paper holder made of solid oak wood and depends on gravity. Wooden counterweights loosely placed on a sloped wooden base slide by their own weight. Simply stick your papers or postcards in-between the counterweights and gravity will hold them in place. The name Berra refers to a Swiss mountain that experienced a landslide, which reminded the designer of the functionality of this paper holder. Continue »

Collar Lamp by Jordi Lopez Aguilo

Collar Lamp is a minimalist design created by Spain-based designer Jordi Lopez Aguilo. Collar is a lamp, which unites simple Scandinavian design with Spanish elegance. The organic shape of the lampshade reflects a pleasant, diffuse light into the room. The lamp consists of three parts; a base, an LED-bulb, and a lampshade. Continue »

Residence in Lugano by Volpatohatz


Residence in Lugano is a minimalist house located in Lugano, Switzerland, designed by Volpatohatz. A private client commissioned VOLPATOHATZ to add another level and fully renovate an existing villa from the 60’s situated on the hills overlooking the centre of Lugano, Switzerland. The client’s brief required a new stair and a lift connecting three levels with some internal adjustments to accommodate new sleeping arrangements on the ground level and the main bedroom with a large en-suite; walk-in robe and small office on the second level.
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Raft by kaschkasch


Raft is a minimalist design created by Germany-based designer kaschkasch. The inspiration for raft – as the name suggests – is a wooden raft with its round timber. Due to its round shape, the shelf has a fascinating haptics or rather look. The bookend can be perfectly connected to the shape of the round timber.
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Yi by Michael Young

Yi is a minimalist design created by Hong Kong-based designer Michael Young. The chair was designed for mass-distribution purposes, and can be stacked with the seat removed. The designer’s inspiration came mainly from Hans Wegner, a furniture designer specializing in wood.
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Slit House by EASTERN design office

Slit House is a minimalist house located in Shiga, Japan, designed by EASTERN design office. The slits that form across the facade all correlate to lighting during specific times of the day. For instance, at one point, the sunlight reflects through the slit causing the light to form a V shape toward the corridor. In as little as ten minutes, the geometry formed by the light changes into something different entirely. As the day slowly turns to night, the light penetrating through the slits wither little by little.
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House in Daizawa by Nobuo Araki

House in Daizawa is a minimalist house located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Nobuo Araki. Situated in a calm residential area of Setagaya, Tokyo, the rectangular house faces southward, with a garden at the rear. Several meters in front of the house, a concrete wall has been constructed to provide sufficient privacy to the glass-façade house, while retaining a sense of openness.
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