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What does it feel like to fly over planet Earth?

Planet Space

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Helsinki fonts for free

I made this super thin and super dark weight of my Helsinki typeface and its for free!
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What A Character

The website whatacharacter is an attempt to present typefaces in a new and interesting way. By showing individual characters in big size, the focus is on the beauty of the outlines and their details, rather than on the entire alphabet. Of course, you can see the rest of the characters as well …
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Daphne Script

This gentle script by Georg Salden is full of grace and vitality. The richness of ideas appear particularly in the curved capital characters. Lower case letters have curved elements primarily at the ascender and descender parts. Daphne Script contains in addition alternate characters and numerous other OpenType features.

Visit this Microsite to see more of this beautiful typeface.


Type family Marat Sans

Marat Sans is a new typeface by Ludwig Übele. It is a clean but lively sans serif typeface which combines Rational and Humanist ideas in a very practical way. It is characterized by both, strong personality and excellent legibility. The entire family contains 27 styles and weights, including a wide range of OpenType features. Marat Sans is the perfect companion for Marat, a soft and elegant serif typeface. Marat and Marat Sans are well-suited for a wide range of versatile tasks.

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Rolls typeface

Rolls is a typeface by Georg Salden. It belongs to the Eurostile font style, which was created in the seventies by Aldo Novarese. All the usually round letter parts are here converted into straight lines with short corner curves. They thereby acquire an inward openness. To the exterior, however, the verticals follow one after the other, which was already regarded as nicely ornamental, though less reader-friendly, in the broken typefaces of the Middle Ages. In the case of Rolls, some letters were given greater definition by means serifs rather than corner curves. It is rather like a semi-sans-serif and is spaced very tight.

What’s really interesting is the rather calligraphic italic, which forms a great contrast to the angular upright. Salden himself said that Rolls is one of his few typefaces that also can be slanted automatically. But only this gentle and zestful italic unfolds its charm.

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New Polo fonts

Polo Eng

The great Polo typeface by Georg Salden has now eight narrow fonts.

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Videon Typeface

This poster shows Videon, an experimental typeface which consists of only straight lines. In smaller font sizes, Videon is amazingly legible, and in larger font sizes it is a real eye-catcher. The poster shows the entire story of Utopia by Thomas Morus in its original latin version.

Check out this special site.

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Daphne typeface by Georg Salden

Daphne typeface by Georg Salden

Wonderful typeface with lots of calligraphic swashes and numerous alternate glyphs.

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