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All posts by martinapresto

Mira Ruido

Mira Ruido is an illustrator and collage artist Basque. Hes collages are dreamlike, beautiful and grotesque.

astronaut 650x446 Mira Ruido



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Kris Kuksi

Kris Kuksi is an American artist in the genre of Fantastic Realism.

q18 650x513 Kris Kuksi

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Raccoon Nook

Raccoon Nook is an illustrator and designer that mixes American souls, time travel and ethereal colors.

 Raccoon Nook

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Luigi Ghirri

The MAXXI in Rome is hosting a retrospective of photographer Luigi Ghirri think in pictures – Icons Landscape Architecture.

Luigi Ghirri plage Ravenne 1972 650x847 Luigi Ghirri

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Abelardo Morell – Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura is a photographic project by the artist Abelardo Morell, a series of shots taken in a dark room or changing environments.

Manhattan2 650x529 Abelardo Morell – Camera Obscura

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Kylie Woon – Surreal-ity

Surreal-ity is a photographic project by the artist Kylie Woon, dreamlike images and self-portraits.

surreal ity kylie woon 09 Kylie Woon – Surreal ity

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Egor Shapovalov

Egor Shapovalov is a young Russian photographer whose work is guided by imagination and symmetry.

egorshapovalov 1 650x647 Egor Shapovalov

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Scott Newett

Scott Newett is an australian commercial photographer and has managed to develop a unique style: hyper-real.

cars soldier 010 1 650x867 Scott Newett

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Dr. Ink – Maniac Division

Dr. Ink is a group formed by six of the best cartoonists around.

smarrito 650x410 Dr. Ink – Maniac Division

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Sonia Rentsch – Harm Less

Artist Sonia Rentsch in Harm Less recreates weapons from organic materials.

harm less weapons made from organic objects by sonia retsch 04 Sonia Rentsch – Harm Less

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Philipp Götze – Stairs

Stairs is the photographic series by Philipp Götze, one who likes to get in the buildings of others, with more or less plausible excuses and photograph stairs.

Perfect shapes of the Spiral Stairs 1 650x487 Philipp Götze   Stairs

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Jonathan Bartlett

Jonathan Bartlett is an American illustrator who has worked and appeared everywhere, from the walls of the subway in New York City, the home furniture, fashion shoots, and the pages of magazines around the world.

image1 650x481 Jonathan Bartlett

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Juan Carlos Paz aka Bakea

Juan Carlos Paz aka Bakea is a Spanish illustrator and designer who has created a series of works in which integrates illustrated and colored monsters.

juan carlos paz aka bakea 02 650x650 Juan Carlos Paz aka Bakea

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Rosa Verloop – Nylon sculputers

Dutch artist Rosa Verloop has created these fantastic nylon sculptures.

verloop 01v2 650x778 Rosa Verloop – Nylon sculputers

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Remo Lienhard aka Wes21

The works by Swiss artist Remo Lienhard aka Wes21 are detailed and often depict a kind of dystopian future.

wes21 8 Remo Lienhard aka Wes21

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