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Arrow New York store, Noida – India

1c1c Arrow New York store Noida 07 Arrow New York store, Noida – India

The customer is bound to feel that the brand has great subtlety and finesse

c 28c headquarters by Archohm Studio Noid Arrow New York store, Noida – India

Basic design of the wall panels has been inspired from the N/Y buildings glass window panes by doing away with channels and slat wall. More of ceiling and floor has been used for the fixture placement to make the store more dynamic giving the option to transpose the floor units means that a variety of display configurations are now possible in accordance with the requirements of the merchandise.

Arrow New York store Noida 03 Arrow New York store, Noida – India

By creating drama through powerful visual merchandising statements and impactful use of backlit visual in the lounge area which looks like a scene in New York City the store always looks fresh and novel. The attention to detail, selected materials and flexible fixture design all form part of the design philosophy. We also have plan to alter the backlit area into a real touch screen in which visual will change according to the mood/ climate outside, for ex. If outside it’s a bright sunny day visual in store will change to a relaxing gentle and soothing interiors of a building for giving the luxury and an element of surprise to the customers.

Arrow New York store Noida 02 Arrow New York store, Noida – India

The most important strategy followed in the store design was to use a fusion of different materials, excellent presentation, and precise communication and use them efficiently to deliver the correct customer experience for the store. Overall, the color palette was kept neutral with Black and white being the main color of the store and focal walls have been created at the center of the stores which are inside lit of which color can be changed according to season colors. Also dark glass used at the straight back of the store makes the store appear finer and open, we deliberately did not add mirror and make it more obvious.

Arrow flagship store Chandigarh India Arrow New York store, Noida – India

At the center of the store Accessory Display area has been created in which each shelf is lit from inside highlighting the accessories and also it is not a colossal fixture or a display unit in fact it a place to have a more co-ordinated look of ties, belts, socks, shoes etc.. CDU and Nesting tables displayed at the entrance of the store has been made with the interesting combination of material i.e. wood, leather and marble for displaying new arrivals and top highlights of the season.

03b4 Arrow New York store Noida 05 Arrow New York store, Noida – India

Façade has been inspired from the famous Brooklyn bridge of New York which has lot of metal and light used, windows has been kept minimalistic, very sharp and stylized. Trial rooms have been made very comfortable and cozy for letting the consumer have his OWN time with merchandise, in the floor of trial room glass is used beneath that is a NY skyline visual making it feel as if NY building are under your feet.



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Gummo office by i29, Amsterdam

Gummo office by i29 Amsterdam Gummo office by i29, Amsterdam

Traditionally, office projects can cost big bucks, so trying to keep the costs down for a space that isn’t going to be used long is a good idea. Another example of a temporary space is this one from Mode:lina.

Gummo office by i29 Amsterdam 07 Gummo office by i29, Amsterdam

The office below uses furniture purchased locally from secondhand shops, online, and items left from their previous space. Once sprayed and placed into the office, everything is placed into position against a white background giving the space a very interesting contrasting look.

Gummo office by i29 Amsterdam 04 Gummo office by i29, Amsterdam


Gummo office by i29 Amsterdam 03 Gummo office by i29, Amsterdam


Gummo office by i29 Amsterdam 02 Gummo office by i29, Amsterdam



 Gummo office by i29, Amsterdam


 Gummo office by i29, Amsterdam


Design: i29 interior architects
Photography: i29 interior architects

W New York City Hotel

Passionate and provocative, W New York is a vibrant New York City hotel retreat where fashion, food, music, and art excite your soul. Set in midtown Manhattan, the iconic W New York offers world travelers a soulful sanctuary on the pulse of New York City.

006827 04 Living Room Bar W New York City Hotel

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, our playful New York City hotel is a refreshing mix of high-tech hospitality and glamorous urban living. No matter what inspires you, W New York indulges your passion.

W hotel W New York City Hotel

Luxuriously comfortable and organically vibrant, our renovated rooms and suites immerse you in soothing colors and textures inspired by nature. Dive into W pillow-top beds, slip into a bubbly soak with Bliss bath products, mix a cocktail at the wet bar, stay connected with WiFi, and get sonic with our entertainment system.

W Downtown Hotel LivingRoom W New York City Hotel

W New York is 100% smoke free for your breathing pleasure.

restaurants bars w new york times square v114540 1600 W New York City Hotel

A refuge in the heart of Manhattan, our hip New York City hotel is close to all the best things to do in NYC including Grand Central Station, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, Times Square, Central Park, Empire State Building, Museum of Modern Art, Broadway Theater District, and Madison Square Garden. Discover exciting NYC shopping and dining steps away.

hotel W nyc W New York City Hotel


Whether hungry, thirsty, or flirty, our New York City hotel tempts you with hot cuisine and cool culture. Start your day with breakfast at one of our Manhattan restaurants. Toss a martini at Oasis Bar and slip into the seductive lounge at Whiskey Bar – the beat of NYC nightlife. Surrender your senses at Bliss® 49 Spa, energize at SWEAT® Fitness Center, and get inspired in innovative New York event spaces, with creative catering and advanced technology. See NYC in style with the Acura Experience.

amenities w new york v49095 1600 W New York City Hotel

Watch Video :




Pamplemousse Design

mansion ues2 Pamplemousse Design

It was in 2000 that inaugurated the project Pamplemousse in the city of New York. The founder, Delphine Krakoff, a French national, transmits a classic style full of subtle elegance, which is important to emphasize the broad knowledge in the decorative arts.

mansion ues5 Pamplemousse Design

The trends that we observe for all parts cover various periods since the eighteenth century (Louis XVI) to the contemporary design. The Pamplemousse has profound knowledge when it comes to furniture and decoration, but also the architectural and technical level of all projects. Attempts to bring to market a new dimension of this type of service.


mansion ues9 Pamplemousse Design

This interior design has the main role to help and assist customers to decorate their homes, incarnating sometimes their own customers in more complex projects and large-scale architectural.


Courtney Giles Interiors

courtney giles interiors 01 e1359474273825 Courtney Giles InteriorsCourtney Giles Interiors is a design firm which seeks to create modern and contemporary spaces but that express the personality of her customers.

The idea of this artist is to create a pleasant space with the latest trends but also the same times express the preferences of each customer. Spaces where we feel good and want to know every corner of this nest.

courtney giles interiors 02 Courtney Giles InteriorsA native of Alabama, Courtney, Allied Member of ASID studied Interior Design and has always been connected to the art world. Already had the opportunity to work on large projects and artists well known and famous. Maybe it was one of the reasons that made ​​her acquire so much sense for her work.

Her interiors are very sober and elegant, always with an elegant and sophisticated side. White and black are the colors that she uses most and give clean and elegant touch to her spaces.

courtney giles interiors 03 Courtney Giles InteriorsWhen she choose more other colors, the colors are always little shocking and always placed with harmony to no impact.

Whether traditional, glamorous, or contemporary, Courtney Giles creates enticing spaces her clients want to spend time in. And that today is the most important, help make a difference.

courtney giles interiors 04 Courtney Giles Interiors


Source: Courtney Giles

Unilever Switzerland Offices

Unilever, has adopted a similar, but more expansive workplace philosophy known as Agile Working – otherwise known as work from anywhere, whenever you want, as long as you get your work done.

Unilever office in Switzerland2 Unilever Switzerland Offices

Camenzind Evolution helped Unilever develop a workplace in Switzerland that is well-suited to their agile working goals. Camenzind has also completed project for Google in Moscow, Zurich, and Stockholm, as well as for Credit-Swisse.

lovely unilever office by camenzind evolution in switzerland Unilever Switzerland Offices

The design of the switzerland space is meant to give ample room for productivity in all forms; small and large meetings, individual work, collaborative projects, and teleconferencing. Teleconferencing has play an important role in maintaining face-to-face relationships throughout the company’s global workforce.

DIANA030 700x466 Unilever Switzerland Offices

As with hotdesking, employees in this agile work environment are not assigned specific workstations, which among other benefits can help reduce real estate overhead. In Unilever’s case, by around 40% .

DIANA022 Unilever Switzerland Offices

DIANA001 Unilever Switzerland Offices

The space’s bright colors and bold patterns give it a vibrant and living feeling, as opposed to many other stoic designs we’ve seen. Some of the conference spaces are adorned with company brands like Ragu, Omo, or Heartbrand, while other spaces are given company mottos for inspiration.

AOL Unilever Office 13 Unilever Switzerland Offices

2 Unilever Switzerland Offices


Bangkok Architect fair 2011– Diamond Art – Diamond Lounge

In Bangkok Architect fair 2011, Apostrophy’s favorable circumstances from our companion, Diamond Building Products Public Company, their product lines are ceramic, laminate, construction hardware and construction service in Thailand. Apostrophy’s role play for this project is “artist” for concept “Diamond Art – Diamond Lounge” 2011.

Diamond tile Pavilion by Apostrophys Bangkok  Bangkok Architect fair  2011– Diamond Art – Diamond Lounge

The reason of using Diamond Lounge space is to apply “HOW TO” of the “Purlin”, hardware for roofing,the highlight of their product launching this year. We transform its functional into the element of booth’s construction by “joint” the bent–angle of the purlin together.

Diamond Tile Mobile Pavilion Apostrophy’s plusMOOD 14  Bangkok Architect fair  2011– Diamond Art – Diamond Lounge

To describe the main structure, wall, huge lamp ceiling, it’s like we sketch the structure with clean white matt Purlin, appeared-shadow with the rhythmic of space & line of the structure, colour the pavilion with lighting, which we layered-hang LED PAR, fluorescent light box to create Lounge environment sense with our various programming pattern of lighting scene design, shown as dimension of Diamond Reflection.

Diamond Tile Mobile Pavilion Apostrophy’s plusMOOD 08  Bangkok Architect fair  2011– Diamond Art – Diamond Lounge

Diamond Pavilion Apostrophys plusMOOD 10  Bangkok Architect fair  2011– Diamond Art – Diamond Lounge

181938 10150097160019318 252086419317 6058563 3422880 n  Bangkok Architect fair  2011– Diamond Art – Diamond Lounge

180654 10150097159439318 252086419317 6058545 7844174 n  Bangkok Architect fair  2011– Diamond Art – Diamond Lounge

Interior Design with Modern Wallpapers

Apply wallpaper on the walls of the room is an interesting thing because motif wallpaper will be something that stands out in the room.

retro modern wallpaper 500x500 Interior Design with Modern Wallpapers

There are many wallpaper patterns are usually used as wall hangings, ranging from florals, stripes or patterns of unusual carvings. But sometimes we had difficulty in determining the motive, installation and maintenance of the wallpaper.

modern wallpaper decor 500x500 Interior Design with Modern Wallpapers

Omexco offer solutions to create a wallpaper in your room.

contemporary wallpaper design 1 Interior Design with Modern Wallpapers

There are some contemporary-style room pictures displayed on the site Omexco made a very trendy and environmentally friendly electric style wallpaper.

2 interior design with modern wallpapers Interior Design with Modern Wallpapers

1 interior design with modern wallpapers Interior Design with Modern Wallpapers


Christopher Maya

Classy and elegant, with a color twist are the main characteristics for Christopher’s works, one of the top 50 interior designers, rated by NY Spaces. Based in New York, he is constantly surprising his clients and peers, in a positive way, with his luxury and timeless appeal designs. The first step of his work is spent knowing the costumer his family and their needs . After that he begins is magic, inspired by Jean-Michel Frank, known for minimalist interiors decorated with plain-lined but sumptuous furniture made of luxury materials. Without a minimalist view as is main inspiration his designs are a blend of tailored, historically referenced, and well-integrated creations.

28 Christopher Maya

Maya began his design career as a set designer for print, television, and film. From there he moved into interior design, attending the Parsons School of Interior Design, while working for Jed Johnson. In 1998 Maya established his firm, and started his own path as tasteful, charming, and easy to work with designer.

113 Christopher Maya

Christopher Maya’s selected New York Apartments and Townhouses are elegant and have a earthy feeling so the artworks can shine throw. With perfect textile pieces, the rooms of the Manhattan maisonette, have a victorian look mixed with a swedish blue, in the living room, and a etnic african flavor blended with a moroccan style, red and brown color based, in the dinig room, giving this home a multicultural taste, that continues through  the master bedroom, with a asian patterned brown and blue dressed bed sprinkled with contemporary furniture, and family pieces required by the client.

47 Christopher Maya

And this is one of the many Christopher’s recipes, if we can call them that, that makes him a highly worthy and oftenly  recommended by his clients.


Decoration Empire

amsterdam2 05 Decoration Empire

This dutch brand has come to predominate over the years, through the great contrasts in trends and cultural combinations. The main objective of Decoration Empire is to create the ideal environment for each of their clients home. This brand develops projects in many different areas. In the “architecture”, with most classic trends more modern and always following the concept of the work for its design.

amsterdam2 01 Decoration Empire

In “interior decoration“, we find excellent quality and a great combination of art multinational. As regards the “arts and antiques”, this brand considers collecting a matter of taste for empire of the decor, which includes objects, chairs, paintings and works of art. One feature that enhances all environments is a mixture of different styles, cultures and countries around the intrinsic furnishings and decor.

antwerpen2 02 Decoration Empire

more 04 Decoration Empire

Dreamtime Design Australia

Dreamtime Australia Design is a Sydney based multi-disciplinary interior design studio with a firm and strong global focus.

dreamtime2 Dreamtime Design Australia

The company is led by its principal, Michael McCann ( he has created more than eighty hotels and has worked in over twelve countries and has the experience of designing for more than a hundred hotels before starting Dreamtime Australia Design in the year 1995) and provides superior and exclusive design services for his clients with the tailored design solutions of the highest calibre.

dreamtime3 Dreamtime Design Australia

Dreamtime Australia Design provide creative, cutting-edge design, developmental, operational and consulting services to restaurants, bars and clubs for owners, investors, hotel & resort developers and operators. Applies his unique creativity to the conceptualisation and design of spas, retail, office and residential developments.

dreamtime Dreamtime Design Australia

The décor and ambience of hotels and resorts are undergoing a lot of change. A comfortable and warm setting takes priority over other factors when it comes to the interiors of these places.

dreamtime4 Dreamtime Design Australia

Understanding consumer awareness and their taste, Dreamtime Australia Design offers unique designs to restaurants, night clubs, bars and so on.

Croma Design

These days the customer is increasingly demanding. He wants a fast and efficient service. Croma Designmakes the customer happy.

croma design 02 Croma DesignQuality service and an immediate solution are the goals of Croma Design. With a team structured, motivated and passionate about the work you do, make a Croma Design as a kind of help. Solve problems with attention, efficiency and professional response is the primary thought this company.

This company specializes in various services. Interior design, interior branding, space planning, design concept, furniture, artwork, finishes, textures are some of the service that this company provides.

croma design 03 Croma DesignCroma also has a service for construction of luxury kitchens, Croma Express. Through this service, seeks to create sophisticated and pleasant cuisine, totally different image of any functional kitchen. The best part is that they are available for any budget.

A company that is fully framed in the economy and consumer trends of today.

croma design 04 Croma Design

Source: Croma Design

The inspiring Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler is always up for the challenge.

imag1es  The inspiring Kelly Wearstler


The multifaceted designer Kelly Wearstler, combines refinement with awesome combinations of color and fantasy, presenting a vision far ahead, of glamour and modern, American style.

kelly wearstler interior design 19 e1356622323639  The inspiring Kelly Wearstler

This magnificent designer started his career in 1999 and since then has brought fantastic projects, and a fearless and farfetched vision with respect to everything involving Design.


Initial projects devised as the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hill’s Midcentury project among many others that dazzled critics and delighted guests.

kelly wearstler interior design 3 e1356622868420  The inspiring Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler, and commercial projects, are still and even more requested by  celebrities to develop projects to their residential homes.


Everyone loves how Kelly infuses her distinctive personal style into every room and always keeps you guessing.

Wearstler Sanderson 2012aa  The inspiring Kelly Wearstler

The versatility of this Designer is tremendous, and today already has 4 books released on Design, art and Modernism.

Her extensive list of qualities doesn’t stop: recently launched a collection of ready-to-wear, jewellery, Interior Accessories and even attended the opening of its boutique on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. (

Insatiable and revolted by nature, Wearstler wants to launch a line of wallpapers, project that is still in standby, but that soon will come to the industry.

It is a figure that moves very well in luxury world and that relies on the support of big names well known as: Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Selfridges.


Kelly 123Wearstler Neiman Marcus  The inspiring Kelly Wearstler


She launched last year its collection  of ready – to – wear, and this year was present in the NY Fashion Week Desgin.

Designing ready-to-wear clothing was the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted,” Wearstler said. “Learning fashion is like speaking another language.”

We have seen her works and projects been published in the magazines such as Elle Décor, Harper’s Bazaar, Architectural Digest, Financial Times, InStyle, Elle, Conde Nast Traveler, among others.

As if it wasn’t almost a super woman, in their free time, she enjoys sports and taking pictures for your blog.


She’s Truly inspirational.

Black & Spiro Interior Design

Capturing attention and love for its simplicity and originality, Anna Spiro attracted an audience of fans for her passion for beautiful things, without fear of patterns and colors, but mainly by assigning an enthusiasm and excitement to any piece of furniture or decoration. A sort of child’s play, but with adult maturity.

blackspiro1 Black & Spiro Interior Design

Its present in her work, her willingness to insert textiles with unusual colors and patterns, but that mixed that together suggest a warm and friendly environment. With passion for all that is beautiful, Anna Spiro makes a bedroom or a living room, an pleasent invitition to enter, by combining elements of flowers, vintage furniture and inherent joy.
Her taste for traditional and vintage, has added a desire to resurrect and recycle some old pieces, confining them new life and greater interest in terms of trends and fashion.

blackspiro2 Black & Spiro Interior Design

The recovery of the original parts of a home is a challenge for Anna Spiro, who likes to tackle challenges, giving yet another layer of meaning and emotional value to her projects.

blackspiro3 Black & Spiro Interior Design blackspiro4 Black & Spiro Interior Design

Elegant Home in La Planicie by Doblado Arquitectos

3 elegant home in la planicie by doblado arquitectos Elegant Home in La Planicie by Doblado Arquitectos


Now we are going to present about La Planicie Home by Doblado Arquitectos, Peru for you, i think this is a cool architecture model with great inspiration so you will get a lot of new ideas for your apartment. You can also apply those ideas quickly by browsing these pictures, the details of each design can be used for your demand.

1 elegant home in la planicie by doblado arquitectos Elegant Home in La Planicie by Doblado Arquitectos

Doblado Arquitectos a San Isidro-based design studio has designed the House in La Planicie. Completed in 2011 the two-storey contemporary house can be found in La Planicie, La Molina, Lima, Peru.

2 elegant home in la planicie by doblado arquitectos Elegant Home in La Planicie by Doblado Arquitectos

Lima based practice Doblado Arquitectos designed the La Planicie House located in Lima, Peru. This 258 square meter elegant contemporary home has an attention-grabbing feature which is the indoor/ outdoor pool somewhat separated by a glass wall.

1 contemporary home by rick shean Elegant Home in La Planicie by Doblado Arquitectos

This 258 square meter elegant contemporary home has an attention-grabbing feature which is the indoor/ outdoor pool somewhat separated by a glass wall.