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Win-It Wednesday – Week #1 at iDidaFUNNY

We’ve decided to start doing giveaways to our loyal readers every Wednesday.  WIN-IT Wednesday will take place every Wednesday and will end at 3pm EST on Friday.  We will announce the winner on our Facebook fan page. To kick off our new tradition, we will be giving away an awesome Camera Lens Travel Mug.


Google’s New Campus in Tel Aviv

The Swiss design team Camenzind Evolution was responsible for this masterpiece and has design other notable Google offices in the past.  The office opened in December and features 490 workspaces.

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Star Wars Ladies Tunic Tanks



Be the envy of all your Star War friends.  Look geeky and sexy at the same time.

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Morninghead – Start your day off with a BANG

These guys have come up with a great idea.  Who doesn’t love morninghead!!

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Looking to ad a little humor to your cubicle? The iBlink allow you to attach blinking “goggly” eyes to anything that is flat and will work with a suction cup. Add a little flair to the office or great for a party at your house. The blinking is activated by motion. Fun and cool.
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Coolest Business Cards EVER

Some LEGO employees get LEGO minifig business cards! This is a very unique way to get your brand out. The minifigs are designed to look like them.

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Powerbreather Sealed Snorkel

Swimming laps without having to ome up for air. With the Powerbreather Sealed Snorkel you can keep your head down which not only reduces neck fatigue but will help you have more productive training sessions. This thing is like something you would expect from James Bond but in reality the idea is quite simple. The valves keep water out of the breathing system while allowing fresh and spent air to escape.

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