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subwing large 650x803 Subwing

Experience the sensation of flying under water. Glide through the water like a dolphin, do thrilling spins and turns, or just relax on the surface.

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Solo Shelter

solo shelter 5 owls large 650x444 Solo Shelter

Cutting-edge design, premium materials, and expert craftsmanship best describe the Solo Shelter. Key features include: two doors, plenty of space for your pack and gear inside, room to sit-up and read, and the canopy easily rotates down for unobstructed viewing of the stars! It is highly versatile to meet the toughest demands from backpacking to truck camping, rafting, motorcycle touring, hunting, fishing, the beach, and more.

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Philips Pasta Maker

philips pasta maker large 650x703 Philips Pasta Maker

Fresh homemade pasta is yours in 15 minutes or less. The Philips Pasta Maker does it all – just add your ingredients. The machine takes care of the mixing and kneading, then automatically senses when to begin extrusion. Four discs are included for a variety of pasta shapes. With pasta making so easy, you can have fun trying flavorful dough additions such as herbs, spinach and beets.

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BO18 Nightclub Beirut

b018 nightclub beirut large 650x619 BO18 Nightclub Beirut

Located at the north-eastern entrance of Beirut, B018 is an amazing Nightclub designed by Bernard Khoury. Shaped like a coffin, B018 is set in what looks like an old bomb shelter, and the highlight of the night is the incredible retractable roof which gives a night-time view of the stars and city lights.

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orbitkey large 650x444 Orbitkey

Orbitkey revolutionizes key carrying. It’s super stylish, quiet, organised, scratch free and infinitely customizable! Orbitkey transforms your cluster of keys to a neatly organized stack. You can arrange keys in your order of preference, which will help you locate the right key quickly and effortlessly.

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Dopper Steel Water Bottle

dopper steel water bottle large 650x678 Dopper Steel Water Bottle

The Dopper Steel is a tough, robust, and sleek design water bottle and cup in one that keeps you hydrated during all your city trips, outdoor adventures, long days at work and relaxing hours at home.

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Oris Aquis Depth Gauge

oris aquis depth gauge large 650x841 Oris Aquis Depth Gauge

Renowned for producing specialist diving watches, Oris is proud to introduce the Oris Aquis Depth Gauge. At the forefront of mechanical watch innovation, Oris has harnessed its knowledge, expertise and craftsmanship to produce the first divers watch which measures depth by allowing water to enter the timepiece. This patented timepiece is the first of its kind to measure depth using a unique gauge built into the sapphire crystal, which allows water to enter the watch.

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Bike Design Project | by Oregon Manifest

bike design project origen manifest large 650x444 Bike Design Project | by Oregon Manifest

The Bike Design Project is an independent innovation platform for the urban utility bike. Oregon Manifest partnered high-level design firms with American bicycle craftsmen to collaboratively develop the next-wave urban bike. Five teams from five cycling-centric cities are competing to concept, create and champion their unique vision of tomorrow’s bicycle for the everyday rider. The results will redefine the category and have the potential to reshape urban mobility itself.

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WORX Aerocart

worx aerocart large 650x444 WORX Aerocart

It’s an 8-in-1 all-purpose lifter, carrier & mover that lightens every load. The two oversized, balanced wheels make a back-breaking 300lb load feel more like 25lbs. The Aerocart also converts into a powerful dolly using a fulcrum to easily move large potted plants, boulders and even a trailer!

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Good To-Go Gourmet Meals

good to go gourmet meals large Good To Go Gourmet Meals

Good To-Go make healthy, gourmet, quality meals that are conveniently dehydrated for anyone on-the-go to enjoy!

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Eyeglass Case | by Tanner Goods

tanner goods eyeglass case large 650x444 Eyeglass Case | by Tanner Goods

Inspired by the late 1960s-era US Army standard-issue case, Tanner Goods have created a simple, functional and elegant case.

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Mountain Athletics | by The North Face

the north face mountain athletics large 650x444 Mountain Athletics | by The North Face

Train with purpose in these activity-based, goal-specific strength and conditioning programs that get you ready for your backcountry skiing, rock climbing, or ultrarunning objectives.

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Topo X Howler Klettersack 15L

topo howler klettersack large 650x444 Topo X Howler Klettersack 15L

Howler Bros teamed up with Topo Designs to bring you this Howler edition of their classic Klettersack 15L pack. For the 15L they took their classic Klettersack, kept all the durability, functionality and good looks and scaled it down to create a more compact everyday hauler. The Howler edition includes a breathable mesh back, durable Horween leather base, d-ring for attaching a landing net and completed it with the recognizable Howler Brothers colors and patch.

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Folklore Surfboards

folklore surfboards Folklore Surfboards

FLKR Surf create these wonderful surfboards from their workshop in Brooklyn NY. The hand-crafted works of art feature a clean minimal design and are made to order…

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Bluetooth Enabled Footwear, by Lechal

lechal bluetooth enabled footwear large 650x433 Bluetooth Enabled Footwear, by Lechal

Lechal, is the world’s first interactive haptic feedback footwear company. Lechal makes Insoles and shoes with vibratory feedback and can buzz your left or right foot to let you know which direction you should turn.

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