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Everyday Watch: 1 Timepiece, 10 Variations, 365 Days a Year


The Everyday Watch is a premium 10 piece collection with innovative, easy-change straps that retails for the price of one. The whole design of the product was crowd-sourced, taking into account the input of over 3000 people.

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Steve Jobs Online Memorial

Rememberum celebrates the anniversary of Apple Computer’s incorporation by releasing an online memorial for Steve Jobs in the Mac System 1 GUI.

Covering Jobs’ early life to his final stint at Apple, the site includes seven folders and over 50 clickable icons that pop up outlining key moments throughout his life.

Developed by Rememberum, a new website that empowers people to seamlessly create beautiful, permanent online memorials to celebrate their loved ones.

Valentine’s Day Interactive Microsite – LuvNotes

LuvNotes by Piccsy is an interactive microsite featuring the perfect notes to give to your special somebody on the day when it matters the most. Cycle through all the options to find one you like, share it, and make her feel great.

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Recite – Turn a Quote into a Masterpiece includes almost 50 dynamic typographic templates enabling you to quickly create inspirational visual quotes and greeting/christmas cards, or take any other boring text and make it beautiful.

Turn a Quote into a Masterpiece, with Recite (

Everything You Need to Know About Design on the Web

Everything You Need to Know About Design on the Web is exactly what it sounds like. A microsite full of resources, inspiration, and all things design!

Piccsy Helps You Discover the Images You Love

Piccsy Helps You Discover the Images You Love

Create a custom image feed in less than 30 seconds.

Whether you’re interested in architecture, animals, or advertising, Piccsy’s beautifully curated images will keep you inspired.

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Moxy Creative – Touristique

Moxy Creative House presents Touristique, a collection of five illustrated posters highlighting some of the most famous metropolitan architecture in the world. Illustrated by Glenn Michael.

New York, London, Paris, Toronto, and Amsterdam are all represented and five more cities are scheduled for release soon.

At only $30 per print, the series makes a fantastic purchase for locals, tourists, or holidays gifts for your special someone.

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EveryGuyed x Moxy Creative House Present ‘Treachery of Style’

There are certain items that, over time, take on a special significance well beyond that of the material object itself. Taking inspiration from Belgian artist Rene Margritte’s ‘The Treachery of Images’, we had creative director of Moxy Creative House Glenn Michael expand on the notion of representation from not only a visual standpoint, but a cultural one as well.

With items like the bike from E.T., Air Jordans, & Michael Jackson’s rhinestone glove, there’s a deeper significance beyond the sum of their parts; one that, although hard to quantify, remains an undeniable aspect of how we perceive them.

Check out the full series of Treachery of Style over here.

Mo Data: The EveryGuyed Guide to the Stache

Every guy has a reason for growing a ‘stache at some point in his life. Whether it’s to get into a strip club, buy some beer, or just mimic your mustacheo’d boss – letting the old soup-strainer grow out is a time-honored part of a man’s life.

Still, this isn’t the 70′s, and the mustache has become somewhat of a misunderstood facial feature. Does your mustache make you appear more distinguished… or like a registered sex offender?

Check out the full infographic on EveryGuyed.

Father’s Day Fails: EveryGuyed’s Guide to Being a Better Son

Generations of Father’s have been dealt a bad hand when it comes to ‘Father’s Day’. While your mother brought you into this world & fawned over you, your father was saddled with telling you what you did wrong, and why the ensuing punishment was going to hurt him more than it hurt you.

Here’s a helpful infographic from EveryGuyed comparing the gifts we give our dads, and what they really want!

Vizualize.Me – Visualize your resume in one-click

Vizualize.Me – turn your boring LinkedIn profile into a beautiful infographic in one-click!

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The White Knight / Black Hat Guide

EveryGuyed x Moxy Creative present The White Knight / Black Hat Guide to mastering the aesthetic of good & evil.

The only thing better than a comic book is a free comic book, which makes May 7th – better known to all the hero’s & villains out there as ‘Free Comic Book Day’ – one to highlight on your X-Men calendar.

To celebrate EveryGuyed and Moxy Creative asked one of our trusty caped crusaders, James Alexander Mathers, to illustrate these go-to guides.

Whether you’re going all MacGyver with a paperclip & an elastic band, or getting busy training your unholy army of flying monkeys, just follow these simple steps & before you know it you’ll be saving that damsel, or destroying the earth!

Beauty of Destruction by Taylor Hinds

Taylor Hinds takes a photographic journey through what she calls the “beautifully tragic ruins” of Detroit, Michigan, in this photo series entitled ‘Beauty of Destruction.’ Abandoned, decaying or just plain run-down, Hinds’s photos show the appeal that remains among some the city’s buildings and attractions, despite years of neglect.

More photos at Definitive Touch.

Fragments of Light by Agnese Eva Montecchi

Agenese Eva Montecchi seeks the light illuminating people’s daily lives in this photo series she calls ‘Fragments of Light.’ A small light cast through the darkness, sunshine peaking through the clouds, and breathtaking views that serve as their own inspirational sources of light are documented here.

More photos at Definitive Touch.

Cloud Cover by Robert Bentley Harrison

Robert Bentley Harrison focuses up above for these photos taken in the Karoo semi-desert region of South Africa, in a series he calls Cloud Cover. The black and white photos dramatically depict the contrast of light and dark which cover the environment of this distinct geographic location.

More photos at Definitive Touch.