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For Remembrance Day, Breathtaking Photos of Poppy Fields

In a tribute to fallen soldiers, Alan Ranger has captured stunning photographs of blood-red poppy fields at Blackstone Farm nature reserve in Bewdley, Worcestershire.

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Teddy Bear Has Smartphone Dock for a Heart

The Japanese Cocolo Bear comes complete with a smartphone dock embedded right into its torso, where the heart would be. Continue Reading on Enpundit

‘Chasing Ice’ Captures the Earth’s Vanishing Glaciers

Stunning photos and video from Chasing Ice, a documentary that tells the story of one man’s mission to gather the scary, yet undeniable photographic evidence of our changing planet.

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Virtual Holographic Display Tool for Designers

With zSpace, objects appear in open space, with full colour and high resolution. They appear realistically solid and can be directly manipulated as if they were real physical objects simply by using a stylus.

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Finally, The Umbrella Gets a Makeover

Conventional umbrellas are designed with only rain drops in mind, completely ignoring the effect that wind has on the direction that rain falls. The Rain Shield completely redesigns the every day umbrella, making it far more practical and functional.

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Russian Street Artist Makes Faces Out Of Old Buildings

Russian street artist Nikita Nomerz makes old buildings come alive by painting facial features on the façade.

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Paintings by Innes McDougall

Glasgow-based artist Innes McDougall has created these fantastic paintings. See more of Innes Paintings on Enpundit

Instagram Launches Web Profiles, Looks A Lot Like Facebook

In a big move for social networking, Instagram has launched their own web profiles for viewing users photographs on the web.

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iBaby Home Ultrasound Device

Jung Jun Hwang has designed the iBaby, a home ultrasound device that connects to your iPhone and captures ultrasound images of your unborn baby.

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BioLite Stove

The BioLite is a portable device that features a USB port allowing you to conveniently charge your phone and other electronics without needing to connect to an outlet.

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Antique Typewriters Converted to Keyboards

The typewriter simply connects to your computer via USB, and yes, it still writes beautifully on paper if you’d prefer to use it the old fashioned way. See the full post (more photos) on Enpundit

If Fonts Were Cats

A collection of sixteen popular fonts and the cats that clearly inspired them. See the full post on Enpundit

Hidden Mural Reveals Itself When it Rains

When it rains, the image of an oak tree appears on the brick wall of an old synagogue in Hartford, Connecticut.

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A Record Player That Turns Your Drawings Into Music…Cool!

The Dyskograf Record Player translates drawings made using a felt tip pen into a musical sequence.

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Cool Model Portraits by Sandra Jawad

London-based illustrator Sandra Jawad has created this cool series of portraits, featuring the models in black-and-white and their clothing in color.

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